Tuesday, 1 June 2010

BB Couture - Impact Driver - Incognito

REPORT on my BB experiment w/out base and top coats
Removed the pink and green very reluctantly
After 2/3 days had tipwear
1 chip on a thumbnail but that was due to a slight peel beneath and was easily remedied

Verdict: you can afford to dispense with the base and top coats with BB Couture (as claimed), moreover BB doesn't always cooperate well with other products so it also safer not to take the risk and go commando

As a consequence I decided to forego the usual preparations again today (and it's easier for lazy slobs like me)

The blue is ID and the other one is Incognito
Both from the men's range
ID has 3 coats
Incognito 4 but could take more (don't moan - how long does it take to wipe a brush over a nail?)
Very easy to apply, very thin, very streaky unless you put more polish on the brush (not rocket-science, is it?)
They have a matte-ish (satin) quality and are the first polishes from the men's collection for me - but not *fiendish cackle* the last...

MORE details

This is my attempt to show the oil-slick mauve/violet/pink aspect of this grey (?) polish
Simply unique

I am harping on about Incognito and took many a pic to display what the naked eye can perceive but no luck...I mean, can you glimpse a special something in this pic (middle finger)? No?  Bah. Well, go google some better photos - and there are certainly better swatches out there. This particular colour was only released a couple of weeks ago so there aren't many examples of it but they are all sharper than mine!
Impact Driver is tremendous too. It has particles. Not glitter. Particles. BB is the only brand I know that makes these innovative finishes. There's no sun here but I know they have more to give and they are more colourful than they look here.

This has been very frustrating trying to capture these! Boo.

Got my Barielle quartet. NOT brilliantly packaged. Nor were they the first time I purchased from them. Why skimp on that?

Stuck in the house and waiting for the rain to cease before parading my dogs.
 Do you think muddy/dirty colours are OK or do you hanker after brights? Answers on a postcard, please.



  1. Ohh shimmery! Good news about the experiment! I don't know if I can wean myself off basecoat though...don't want to risk staining!

  2. I find it hard not to wear base coat but my nails are already stained so it's too late for me! I just need it as a "key" for the colour and to even out some of my most canyon-like ridges.

  3. I really like those colours, I bet it looks gorgeous in the sunshine, if we ever see any again!

  4. I am going to have to get better shots. Sunshine tomorrow!

  5. Even without sunshine, those look gorgeous! I've so far resisted getting any BBC men's, but I know that won't last.

    Edited to add that my verification word was "bresca", which sounds like a not particularly tasty extension of the Fresca soda product line.

  6. Thanks, Karen! Get them! Only so I don't feel so bad about being so extravagant! That's not fair though...You shouldn't buy them. No.

  7. I stopped using a base coat like a year ago. I'm supper lazy, lol! I love the look of the BB for men polishes.

  8. Go on the website at Overall Beauty for the collection. My manis would never last w/out this coat that coat the other coat...

  9. oh that impact driver is already on my wish list but i want it now

  10. Peripatetic, what IS that animal in your pic? I haven't seen anything like it.