Thursday, 1 September 2011

Catrice Dirty Berry - you have to love that name...

I nearly didn't get this one. The air-con in the shop was such a blessed relief that I couldn't concentrate on the cosmetics. But I'm jolly glad I took a better look. 2 coats of very subtle holo. And it applies like a dream. The kind of dream with meadows and a gentle stream - not the dream I usually have about school or exams or being in a room with someone lurking outside or doing the same thing over and over and over again. 

Catrice is a super brand. Really cheap. Round the £2 mark. Watch out for this in Croatia (if you ever go - I love it there) and Central Europe and wherever else it's sold. I like the bottle design and everything about Catrice.



  1. I'm going back to school tommorow :( WAH

    I tweeted you.

    This is a pretty polish.

    How was your holiday, btw?

  2. Dreams with meadows are always wonderful, and this color is divine! So jealous

  3. I love this one too, pretty and unusual - win

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  5. I never tried this shade on my nails. But your nails looks very pretty in this shade. I really liked it.