Friday, 31 August 2012

3 more parcels posted!

 Proofs of posting. Could this be your package? Expect it Monday/Tuesday? All UK addresses today.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blog sale news...

1. First proof of today's posting! I think the ladies to whom these parcels are addressed can see enough of their addresses to be reassured BUT nobody else will be able to identify them. That's the theory!

2. There are plenty of polishes still available.

3. I can invoice you if you have already ordered and would prefer it OR...

4. Go to paypal and pay ja  _  latham at hot mail dot com and choose Personal and take it from there.

5. Have a nice day, everyone. It's my birthday. #GETTINGaBIToldNOW


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blog sale

CG (all standard sizes are £2) + an Illamasqua
Cowardly Lyin, Soft Sienna Silks, 1st Mate, Classic Camel, Pelican Grey, Mistletoe Kisses, Illamasqua Bacterium £3, mini CGs all £1.50 - CG in the City, Urban Night, Midtown Magic, Ahoy, Skyscraper, 1st Mate, Life Preserver

Nails Inc all £2
Chester Terrace, Hays Mews, Augustus St, Barnsbury Rd, Kingly St, Drury Lane, The Hurlingham, Battersea Power Station, Captivating Selfridges

Models Own all £1.50
Sterling Silver, Blue Moon, Lemon Meringue New, Champagne New, Green Flash, Lili's Pink, Baby Blues New, Champagne

OPI all £2.50
William Tell, Not Really Waitress New, Going Ape-ricot, Rising Star, Rally Pretty Pink, Tapas This, Red Shatter, Overexposed South Beach, Samoan Sand

OPI MPJ (£4) and Too Hot To Hold 'Em Pink £2.50 + 4 OPI minis (green, 2 white, black) for £3 Nails Inc minis ( red creme and gold) for £2, Orly Purple Pleather £2, Jessica Victorian Crush £2

Urban Decay (all £1.50) Brick House, Twisted, green silvery foil, LD Petites minis set of 4 £5, Max Factor Fantasy Fire - 2 of them left at £1.50 each

OK, I just ran out of patience and time. Here's a list of the rest. Some of them are new but I've priced them all as used. That means only ever swatched once. So essentially they are new except where indicated. I'm sure I have featured many on my own blog but you could maybe google anything you are curious about?

Price bands
A £2 B£1.50 C£1
  1. Essie  Minty Candy Apple A
  2. Essie Lily Pond A
  3. Essie Ruby Slippers 80% full C
  4. Essie mini Bossa Nova C
  5. Essie Braziliant A
  6. Color Club Slow Jam A
  7. Color Club Groove Thang A
  8. Color Club Electronica A
  9. Color Club 4 minis - black white green red (from a Christmas set) £4
  10. Misa Disco Queen A
  11. Misa High Waist Hue B
  12. Misa Ghetto Fabulous B
  13. Illamasqua (unnamed red) jelly/creme C
  14. Nubar Blue Hydrangea A
  15. Nubar Vaso A
  16. Nubar Tan Me 80% C
  17. Nubar Hot Yellow A
  18. Nubar Petunia Sparkle 90% B
  19. Nubar Verde A
  20. Nubar Wildlife A
  21. BB Couture Love Drunk A (If you don't have BB Couture then you SHOULD)
  22. BB Ravager A
  23. BB Eve A
  24. BB Spellbound A
  25. BB Joker
  26. BB Kelly's Green A
  27. BB Impact Driver A
  28. BB Studio 54 A
  29. BB Tuxedo Night A
  30. BB Santa's Sak A
  31. BB Bullfighter A
  32. Cult Nails Let Me Fly A
  33. Cult Swanbourne A
  34. Cult In A Trance A
  35. Cult Living Water A
  36. GOSH Holographic (original and new) £4
  37. GOSH Silver Star B
  38. GOSH Rainbow A (flakies)
  39. Sally Hansen Spectrum B
  40. Sally Hansen DVD B
  41. Sally Hansen Mudslide B
  42. Sally Hansen 2 nail art pens red and silver £3
  43. Nars Bohemia £5
  44. Claire's Dream Catcher A
  45. Hard Candy Hick A (these are fairly HTF)
  46. Hard Candy Erogenous A
  47. Hard Candy Cosmic A (has the plastic ring with it)
  48. Leighton Denny Diamond Ivory £3
  49. LD Diamond Rose £3
  50. LD 4 minis Natural White, Steel Appeal, Provocactive and Miss Behavin' (red white blue black) £5
  51. 3 Kiss nail art paint stripers black white silver for £3
  52. Nox Twilight Citrus A
  53. Nox Wine & Dine A
  54. Nox Talon A
  55. Revlon Street Wear Burnt B
  56. Butter London Rosie Lee £2.50
  57. Finger Paints I've Been Framed A
  58. Diamond Cosmetics Blue Diamonds B
  59. DC Diamond's Diamonds B
  60. DC Amethyst & Diamonds B
  61. DC Pink Flaminglo C
  62. L'Oreal Coral Starfish B
  63. L'Oreal Yellow Seahorse B
  64. Barielle Swizzle Stix A
  65. Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast A
  66. OK, these (from 66 to 78) are all Barielles - Gelt Me To The Party A
  67. Cashmere Or Loose Me A
  68. Aura Angora A
  69. Slate Of Affairs A
  70. Beaches & Dreams A
  71. Sailors Delight A
  72. Lemondrops A
  73. Blossom A
  74. Falling Star £3
  75. Expressive A
  76. Belly Dance A
  77. Polished Princess A
  78. Make It A Latte A
  79. Ciate My Fair Lady C
  80. Pop Beauty Nail Glam Violetta B
  81. Pop Beauty NG Eleven C
  82. Pop Beauty NG Twenty Seven C
  83. Pop Beauty NG Sparkly B
  84. Pop Beauty NG fine red glitter C
  85. Barry M Dusky Mauve x 2 A
  86. Barry M Mint Green A
  87. Barry M Green Glitter C
T & Cs
  • Paypal only (prefer to be paid as 'friend' to avoid fees but I can't force you!)
  • Will post anywhere in the world but check with me for postage costs first if you're out of the UK and I'll personalise a quote for you
  • I'll post no later than 2 days after being paid
  • I'll get proof of posting ( bog-standard 2nd class) OR you can request 'signed for' if you email me
  • Any questions now or ever email me on
  • P&P in the UK is £1.50 for 1 item - sorry it's so expensive but blame the Royal Mail - but add 35p for each additional item
  • They'll be in proper padded bags 
  • State what you want in the comments box. First come, first served. My paypal is linked to the email address above. If you're UK and you are happy with standard postage then just pay and I'll send out to you. If your paypal ID is wildly different from your blogging ID please let me know so I can match you up.
  • Hope I've covered everything!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Tomorrow 5pm - don't forget!

100+ polishes for sale!

  • Paypal only (prefer to be paid as 'friend' to avoid fees but I can't force you!)
  • Anywhere in the world but check with me for postage costs first if you're out of the UK and I'll personalise a quote for you
  • In the UK I'll publish different postage rates for bulk purchases
  • I'll post no later than 2 days after being paid
  • I'll get proof of posting ( bog-standard 2nd class) OR you can request 'signed for' if you email me
  • Any questions now or ever email me on

Monday, 20 August 2012

The 100 many polishes is TOO many?

I'm going to have a blog sale starting next week: Tuesday August 28th at 5pm. May include any or all of these....

I'm very interested in a movement called 'Labour Behind The Label'. I'm always banging on about ethical buying and decent pay and conditions for workers. One of their campaigns is '6 items or less'. Here's an example of one of their recent campaigns - you choose 6 items of top clothing for Lent (40 days). Shoes and accessories are extra and not limited but the core 6 could be: 2 tops, jumper, skirt, trousers, dress. Quite a few fashion bloggers have done this. Yes, you can wash them but those are your 6 items. Live with it if you can! And I'm going to try this soon. Rags is one such blogger who has done this and she links to others. For the actual website.

So on the reducing consumption theme - could I get by with a core collection of only 100 polishes? Should I? I think I just may try it and eliminate everything else from my stash. Could end up being a VERY big blog sale!

Is there anything you'd like me to include in the sale that you've seen me blog about? What's the absolute minimum you could get away with in polish or lippie or tops?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Oldies but goodies....

Oldies - Jessica tints RH (which confusingly I have put on the left) and Bourjois Prune Virtuelle LH  (sadly discontinued as it is slightly holo and rather good)
  • Why are gradients nearly always top to bottom and hardly ever side to side?
  • BLOGSALE NEWS: The blogsale will appear here Tuesday 28.08.2012 at about 5pm - taking me ages to sort out and I'm going to Iceland on the 23rd so I'd better wait until I get back - there will be about 150 polishes
  • I had toyed with the idea of doing it over a few days as there are so many but I feel that for budgeting purposes and P&P calculations it's better to do it all in one go 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

When black is not the new black - or even the OLD black

Lancome Piha Black with Catrice Prismatics on little finger with Flormar 004 on ring, 002 on middle and 001 on index
  • In short - layering over black (2 coats)
  • These Multidimensions are now £2.24 each plus P&P for a 12ml bottle
  • Well worth it
  • It's a Turkish brand - ever tried it?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Let the (blog sale) fun and games begin! (Soon...)

I have to photograph the beggars first!

There have to be at least 150 here...
  • From Orly to OPI
  • From Bourjois to BB Couture
  • Fromm Essie to Nubar via Illamasqua and Leighton Denny
  • I'll give you notice - about 3 days
  • It'll be payment via paypal
  • Anywhere in the world - if out of the UK then email me for a P&P quote, please
  • I'll get proof of posting but if you want 'signed for' then please request it
  • Phew - better get busy taking pix and pricing them up....

Monday, 13 August 2012

See the lovely silvery glass fleck?

Lancome Piha Black
  • No. Me neither!
  • Not on the nail anyway - in the BOTTLE for sure but on the nail? Nah.
  • It's a lovely glossy polish and nearly opaque in a single coat
  • BUT....
Not selling it though as I need a black and I quite like this one. Unless anyone desperately wants it. But why would you when the fleck that's so seductive in the bottle fails to materialise on the nail? But I have seen swatches where it works better than I have managed to achieve.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Oo, look at the muck in 'ere!

Gradient with 3 Jessica tints/jellies
  • Sorting my stash for keep/blogsale/carboot
  • Put the jellies in the blog sale box but may have changed my mind
  • Saw a gradient with some newish American Apparel polishes (sheers as they call them) and wanted to try it so here it is
  • I like it
  • Many bottles haven't been used in years - hence the dust!
  • Have ordered 4 of the American Apparel when I meant to have stopped polish purchases - doh!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I am the 'Eddie the Eagle' of nail art! *

Behold. I will prove it.

* Eddie Edwards who came last in the Olympic ski-jump in 1988 but was widely feted for being a good egg. For anyone who isn't British and wonders why this is admirable I shall explain. He was a chubby little chap from the noted snowsport resort of Stroud (!) who had to wear glasses all the time due to being very long-sighted and these invariable got fogged up in the cold air meaning he couldn't see. Despite this he persisted and consequently gained great admiration and respect from those of us Brits who do love an underdog. That's probably all of us. Yes?

  • It's the wrong kind of blue for a kick-off (Nubar Hydrangea)
  • The silver on the index finger turned out pink and I have no idea why!
  • The gold is the wrong gold (Barry M)
  • So much wrong with it I can't go on
  • However in the spirit of British jolly-well-done-anyway-ness I have awarded myself a gold medal with the accompaniment of a traditional British Diamond Jubilee headband rather than a little bunch of flowers
Feel free to congratulate/commiserate/condemn!

Happy Olympics-Nearly-Over to you all!


Friday, 10 August 2012

Bring me sunshine!

And lo - the sun shone!

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours (probably called Popcorn) + a zhoosh of Flormar 001
  • The scratches and dings are my fault as I rushed out shopping too soon after application
  • For a yellow I reckon it would be fine in 3 coats and that's not at all bad for a yellow
  • Especially for cheap polish
  • Of course these probably wouldn't be cheap if upscaled to 15ml bottles
  • But you know what I mean
  • Running rings round myself now!
  • A suitable polish for a bright day

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Now that's what I call a quality polish!

Smooth Sailing 2 coats
  • I love this
  • The index finger is actually Barielle Slate of Affairs with CG Fairy Dust due to me making a mess with SS and I think the Barielle will deserve its own post in due course so I won't say any more about it
  • I always come late to collections because I wait for them to be reduced
  • Very rarely do I buy anything current because I'm so damned tight
What about you? Get all the latest polishes as they are released OR do the canny-shopper thing?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Silver spoon - with which I was not born...

The star-thing is an old spoon - or WAS!
  • Recycle
  • Reuse (never know which is which)
  • Had the date of daughter 2's wedding engraved on this piece
  • Made from a vintage silver spoon - old forks are used this way too
  • Added couple of 'silver' cheapo stretch bracelets - one with leather thongs plus 'coin' plus heart
  • Sourced from ebay (cheapies) + indie artisan-jeweller 
  • Back in the day I would never have put tat with better quality but those days are gone!
  • Actually my father was quite comfortably placed when I was very little but those days too were quickly gone - he wasn't good with money
You from a privileged background (the proverbial 'born with a silver spoon' if any readers don't know the saying) or not so much?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I'm a forensic scientist...

Blah de blah original dirty French + 1. Hypnotize me and 2. Let Me Fly
  • In my head I so am!
  • As I suspect is everyone else who reads crime fiction or watches junk TV
  • To tidy up my dirty French from the other day I added some Cult layering
  • And looked and thought 'Eeeeew, I bet corpses look a bit like this! Maybe.'
  • Like I said - I'm no forensic scientist (in this life)
  • It looks like a fascinating job but it's probably really dull IRL
YOUR dream job?

Monday, 6 August 2012

I like blue hydrangeas the best!

Blue Hydrangea
  • I'd wanted this for a long time
  • The shimmer doesn't come across though so I added Flormar 001 to enhance it
  • It was a streaky nightmare and that's another reason for the Flormar
  • But it's a pretty polish and not too lobster-claw-inducing
What pastel blues are easy to apply w/out streaks? D'you know of any?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dirty French my way...

Jessica Skin Deep + Cult Living Water + some mattificaciousness
  • Read a post entitled 'Dirty French'
  • Had nude nails so thought I'd muck them up a bit
  • Dare I say it looks better IRL?
  • Apologies for cuticles - don't think I've bothered with them over the hols
  • The diagonal is quite deliberate btw
I am on 6 week holiday now. Another 4 left. How much do you have in the way of hols? Would you like 6 weeks or would you get bored?



Saturday, 4 August 2012

Grenadine Tonic - queen of cocktails

Bourjois 1 seconde gloss Gel + OPI Red Shatter
  • Fair to say I didn't cover the tips properly
  • Day I got back from Hrvatska (Croatia) and had to replace old mani
  • Yes, it's a jelly and the jelly-haters outnumber the jelly-lovers (I think)
  • It's neither orange nor red and I can't say I like it - it'll be a quid in the forthcoming blogsale
  • But I DO like cocktails - why have I never drunk cocktails before!!!!
  • Really developed a pash for them this hols - especially those with grenadine/apricot/blackcurrant
  • The barman in our fave Croatian bar was coked up to the max, I swear - maybe that's what made the cocktails so good......
  • Can't remember the cocktail names - it was allegedly a Cuban-style bar so all the names were themed
  • But I can remember liking the results
1 To cocktail or not to cocktail?
2 What to try and what to avoid?


Friday, 3 August 2012

B's 1st birthday...

I just love this grand-daughter of mine.
Enough said.
Except my grandson is a sweetie-tweetie-pudding-pie.
And - if your own kids are driving you crazy these holidays just hang on in there until the grandchildren arrive! It's worth it! ;o)


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Brooch: the subject....

(Ya see what I did there?)

An angelic cow with a halo and a harp! I think it's a harp. Who cares? It's cute!

My ebay brooches
  • For someone who doesn't wear brooches I just bought a lot of brooches
  • All pre-loved
  • The angel is for my mother - I always buy her angel-related stuff these days
  • Felt I needed a brooch or brooches to jazz up my wedding outfit (which was pretty low-key) hence the bunch of brooches
  • Did you know that 'angel' means messenger in the original Greek?
  • The cow and the 'dog' were 99p bargains
  • The others were a lot (a technical auction lot kind of lot) of bits'n'bobs
Are you a brooch-person?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

This is me...

  • Except I'm not quite so good-looking obviously but...
  • I am British like the fella above (tick)
  • I am also hugely indifferent to the bleepin' Olympics (tick)
Put it like this - a coupla chicks who like little boats did fast boating and a bloke who likes bikes is going to ride very fast round London or somewhere and may ride a bit faster than some other geezers. In addition some women who balance on things and jumping about a bit did balancing and jumping about. WHY am I not ecstatic about this unlike (allegedly) the rest of the 59, 999, 999 citizens of these isles? WHY?

It must be wonderful to be so outstandingly good at something even if it isn't especially useful or creative but . . .well done to them for training really hard and all that but . . . has it not all got a bit out of hand? What with the cheating (badminton), the weeping (fencing), the taunting (twitter), the ludicrous amounts of money wasted spent on the whole enterprise?

The Olympics leave me cold these days. I can rouse the odd spark of enthusiasm and interest (though it hasn't happened yet) for some events - usually if an underdog excels (SO British) - but it really leaves me distinctly underwhelmed.

What about YOU?


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Phew! Safely married....

  • Daughter 2 duly matched.
  • With the aid of some paper bags in her clutch to prevent hyper-ventilation!
  • Could she have BEEN more nervous? No.
  • Hope everyone was well pleased with the event.
  • I am emphatically a 'scuttle into the registry office, drag a couple of strangers off the street to be witnesses and dart out again' and so is she but she overcame her nerves to do it for her husband and his family.
  • Well done to all concerned!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The wedding...dah da dahhhhhh...more stuff....

Hairy Growler Jewellery
  • A silver bangle fashioned from an old silver spoon!
  • I am all in favour of recycling so I love the work Hairy Growler is doing with old forks and spoons
  • So comfortable to wear
  • Has the wedding date engraved on the interior
  • Cool, huh? (don't burst my bubble!)
  • Came in a lovely hessian bag with a sprinkle of stars

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Possible wedding mani...

Photographed on location. In my basin. (!)

Gold and silver basically with the reverse pattern on the other hand
  • I'm probably wearing red and black or grey and black
  • I need a jumble of 'jewels' - not sure why
  • Maybe for something to fiddle with as I shall be agitated
  • Daughter 2 weds this Friday
  • She's dreading it and wobbling big-time (not because she doesn't want to be married but because she hates being in the spotlight)
  • I am SUPER-dreading it because I hate dressing formally and there'll be my ex-husband et al plus I'm a miserable old git who hates weddings and parties
  • OR I might wear the dress below - wish it was happening on a beach somewhere and I could wear a vest and shorts!!!!!

Am I really the only woman in the world who thinks a big wedding is a waste of money?

I actually might wear this by Klass with a load of bling and high heels - I've worn it once and it's easy enough to throw on         

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Magic lingers on....

Take a mani and extend it by adding Accessorize Magic and generic silver tips

2 Bourjois polishes + Accessorize Magic

  • I really hadn't the time to be messing with a fresh mani
  • I tried MF Fantasy Fire first but it was barely noticeable so I broke out the Accessorize (which I thoroughly recommend)
  • Lasted a long time-  this mani - once I'd applied silver to the tips to negate tipwear

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Magenta? Fuchsia? Probably not raspberry...

Bourjois 1 seconde 13 and 14 (Rainbow Apparition)
  • More Bourjois
  • An oldie - 13 - the magenta shimmer
  • 14 is one of the new 'gel' polishes
  • 2 coats is enough
  • Loving Bourjois at the moment
  • I did find I got tipwear quickly on this but my nails are longer than usual so perhaps it's the actual nail-length rather than the polish

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Now hang on just 1 second!

I so badly want a polish that dries in 1 second. Don't we all. But these ain't it. I'm guessing paint technology will never achieve that.

1 second to apply - that's what they mean, of course. It takes me longer though because I'm useless not very good with my hands.

03 the nude and 04 the taupe
  • These are 2 coats.
  • Great coverage and all-round excellent quality.
  • Those with good eyesight can probably read the names. A few years ago I could have too!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

They said I'm tight.

Oops. I'm a bit deaf. They actually said that I "like tights". And they weren't wrong.
1 floral pattern purple 2 fishnet (always good) 3 Union Jack in beige'n'brown 4 footless with frills 5 snakeskin-ish? 6 stars 7 patterned only the photo doesn't show it 8 a plummy version of 1
  • A cull from Sainsbury's and Boundary Mills. Actually there are stacks more!
  • Sainsbury's have these on sale right by the till where I simply cannot resist buying them.
  • I guess that's their point.
  • Well, they surely do know their victims customers if I'm anything to go by.
  • And as I seem to be popping into Sainsbury's on a near-daily basis this could prove expensive!
  • But they keep fishing more out from the warehouse. Drat.
Your favourite hosiery?

Friday, 6 July 2012


  • This is generally known as a 'saran wrap mani' to our US cousins. (Clingfilm to us. Or in this case, and somewhat even less glamorously, a sandwich bag. Which I shall reuse and reuse.)
  • Using 4 polishes. See below. Plus gold tips.
  • The neon Violetta dried so fast though that I hardly had time to dab it off! I would recommend caution with neons.
  • Remarkably easy.
  • Can look a bit too much like a boring shatter effect so I added the yellow to 2 fingers and I think that's an improvement.
Barielle Lemondrops + Kinetics Coral Sea + Nail Glam Violetta + Bourjois Coral Magique

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

If you were to say to me (2)...

...that I should have layered this over another polish I wouldn't disagree. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Bourjois 1 seconde Gel Rainbow Apparition 3 coats
  • The photo really doesn't do it justice though - to use the vernacular, it "stinks"
  • IRL it's brighter in a mauve/pink way - this does not sound particularly attractive but it is!
  • Obviously I need to re-swatch this because it is actually rather a good product
  • Smooth and blingy is always superior to 'grittery' - and this is smooth and spangly (aka spooth/smangly?)
  • I recommend that you (if you were to purchase this) DO layer it over something else

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

If you were to say to me... (1)

....this needs 3 coats rather than 2, I'd be slightly inclined to agree. But only after I had looked at the pix.

Bourjois 1 seconde Corail Magique 2 coats
  • I have a similar coral by Kinetics but that's not as easily available so....
  • I won 5 Bourjois 1 seconde Gel polishes in a giveaway plus the magic remover - hurrah!
  • This is a lovely coral and the fan brush is quick and easy to use
  • The magic remover isn't (IMO) as fabulous as many other bloggers have declared but it is certainly better than the Sally Hansen alternative which predates it

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dream? More like a nightmare....

Barielle 'Beaches and Dreams' 3 coats + Technics Carnival
  • I loved the Barielle when I first got it but it has done (in just a few weeks) what Barielles seem to do so often - separated out in the bottle - not happy
  • It didn't apply nearly as well this time - I remember liking it a lot on the first occasion - not happy
  • And the Carnival glitter isn't even ...erm..."glittery" - unless glitter is just fragments of ...erm... stuff in a bottle - yep, you guessed it - not happy
  • Words have failed me quite conspicuously today - it's all so damned pathetically useless

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shining Water

Cult Nails Living Water 3 coats + Essie Shine of the Times
  • Excellent Cult quality as always (got this for $5 in a Cult sale and even with P&P you have to say it was a bargain) - blackened tealish with green and blue fine sparkles
  • The Essie flakies come up as burnished coppery-green over the Cult
  • The effect is somewhat otherworldly as it flashes when you move your fingers and changes dramatically in the sunshine
  • Or just a little like verdigris which is an effect I adore

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Guess the polishes (2) - the Philippine crocodile mani

2 coats

  • Easy to guess the black
  • But the other one? It's readily available on the High Street so you'll have seen it in the UK unless your town is tiny - and maybe even then.....
This is what you get if you google 'golden crocodile'
So what are the 2 polishes?

Congrats to those who got OPI Rally Pretty Pink with Red Shatter....


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Guess the polishes (1) (no prize - sorry)

2 thickish coats
  • 2 polishes used
  • What are they?
  • There is a clue in small print below but I think it is fairly obvious
  • No prize but there may be a giveaway or competition in the near future

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What to wear to daughter 2's wedding? The drama unfolds...

M&S rope wedges
  • £25 which I don't think is bad - not made in China
  • So I have the shoes now
  • But as to the rest of it? *head in hands*
  • I am a shorts and vest woman
  • I don't even WANT to look smart/sophisticated/stylish etc etc - that's just not me
  • Daughter actively wants me to wear shorts so I think I will but I hate shopping - even for funky shorts
  • Hate looking at myself in the mirror
  • I think most women love the opportunity to dress up but I'm not one of them
That's my motto!


Monday, 25 June 2012

If you should see a crocodile... Or maybe stand still? No, run. I think that's probably correct.
Barry M Croc Effect + Cult Nails In A Trance
  • Don't know why this BM doesn't get more love - it's so easy and so glossy
  • LCN do croc polishes in brown and red btw but they are much more expensive
  • Shatters? Nah. But this I really LOVE.
  • The Cult polish is impeccably behaved as Cults almost always are - 2 or 3 coats - I've seen swatches where this reveals lots of varied, colourful shimmer but perhaps we need Californian sunshine for that - it's a long way from home, after all....

Sunday, 24 June 2012

People are odd.

  • As a joke I cut up some tights and made these things because I nearly always wear fingerless gloves at work and especially since the weather has been so cold and mis.
  • Colleagues thought they were great and that I am talented. Are they mad?
  • Remove scissors from drawer. Make 4 cuts. Done.
  • I am the laziest, least crafty person EVAH!
  • Actually I did add a stitch to make the 'thumb-hole'.
  • So that's a total of 5 minutes. Hard work!
  • I feel like Miss Havisham.
  • OH says I look like Queen Victoria. OH does not like this.
  • I do.
  • I am getting into steampunk and I think these are 'steampunky'.
  • I may/should add embellishments such as silver thread or beads.
  • Will also repeat with different colour tights.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Step out of the shower!

Accessorize 3D Dream
  • It was all a dream! - If you are old enough you'll know of the infamous 'Dallas' series 9 which turned out to have all been a dream! A plot device to allow 'Bobby' to return from the dead. Pam had just dreamed the whole of Season 9 and she awakes to see her husband emerge from the shower. So everything's OK. Hmph. Indeed. I think I'd stopped watching it by then.
  • 3 coats of nail polish above - name of polish 'Dream'
  • Total topcoat thirst-monster unless you positively relish having nails covered with something the texture of sandpaper
  • Wouldn't change a thing though because it's a great colour!
  • It's easily available and it's not expensive - give it a whirl
  • But do be prepared for monstrous trouble removing it - set aside a couple of hours