Saturday, 11 August 2012

I am the 'Eddie the Eagle' of nail art! *

Behold. I will prove it.

* Eddie Edwards who came last in the Olympic ski-jump in 1988 but was widely feted for being a good egg. For anyone who isn't British and wonders why this is admirable I shall explain. He was a chubby little chap from the noted snowsport resort of Stroud (!) who had to wear glasses all the time due to being very long-sighted and these invariable got fogged up in the cold air meaning he couldn't see. Despite this he persisted and consequently gained great admiration and respect from those of us Brits who do love an underdog. That's probably all of us. Yes?

  • It's the wrong kind of blue for a kick-off (Nubar Hydrangea)
  • The silver on the index finger turned out pink and I have no idea why!
  • The gold is the wrong gold (Barry M)
  • So much wrong with it I can't go on
  • However in the spirit of British jolly-well-done-anyway-ness I have awarded myself a gold medal with the accompaniment of a traditional British Diamond Jubilee headband rather than a little bunch of flowers
Feel free to congratulate/commiserate/condemn!

Happy Olympics-Nearly-Over to you all!



  1. Oh my god, jolly-well-done-anyway-ness, I love it! Nothing wrong with the mani, it's great. Off to read more about Eddie!!

  2. I'm actually quite liking this mani on you...