Monday, 20 August 2012

The 100 many polishes is TOO many?

I'm going to have a blog sale starting next week: Tuesday August 28th at 5pm. May include any or all of these....

I'm very interested in a movement called 'Labour Behind The Label'. I'm always banging on about ethical buying and decent pay and conditions for workers. One of their campaigns is '6 items or less'. Here's an example of one of their recent campaigns - you choose 6 items of top clothing for Lent (40 days). Shoes and accessories are extra and not limited but the core 6 could be: 2 tops, jumper, skirt, trousers, dress. Quite a few fashion bloggers have done this. Yes, you can wash them but those are your 6 items. Live with it if you can! And I'm going to try this soon. Rags is one such blogger who has done this and she links to others. For the actual website.

So on the reducing consumption theme - could I get by with a core collection of only 100 polishes? Should I? I think I just may try it and eliminate everything else from my stash. Could end up being a VERY big blog sale!

Is there anything you'd like me to include in the sale that you've seen me blog about? What's the absolute minimum you could get away with in polish or lippie or tops?


  1. I have managed just fine with far fewer than 100 polishes for long stretches of time, so I know it can be done. Right now, though, I would be very sad to let go of so many of my pretties. :)

  2. Yes, for over a year I managed to keep under 100 polishes. I've been trying to clear out for a blog sale and it's not been going well though. I console myself with the fact that painting my nails is my alternative to getting through a bottle of wine each evening!