Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shining Water

Cult Nails Living Water 3 coats + Essie Shine of the Times
  • Excellent Cult quality as always (got this for $5 in a Cult sale and even with P&P you have to say it was a bargain) - blackened tealish with green and blue fine sparkles
  • The Essie flakies come up as burnished coppery-green over the Cult
  • The effect is somewhat otherworldly as it flashes when you move your fingers and changes dramatically in the sunshine
  • Or just a little like verdigris which is an effect I adore

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Guess the polishes (2) - the Philippine crocodile mani

2 coats

  • Easy to guess the black
  • But the other one? It's readily available on the High Street so you'll have seen it in the UK unless your town is tiny - and maybe even then.....
This is what you get if you google 'golden crocodile'
So what are the 2 polishes?

Congrats to those who got OPI Rally Pretty Pink with Red Shatter....


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Guess the polishes (1) (no prize - sorry)

2 thickish coats
  • 2 polishes used
  • What are they?
  • There is a clue in small print below but I think it is fairly obvious
  • No prize but there may be a giveaway or competition in the near future

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What to wear to daughter 2's wedding? The drama unfolds...

M&S rope wedges
  • £25 which I don't think is bad - not made in China
  • So I have the shoes now
  • But as to the rest of it? *head in hands*
  • I am a shorts and vest woman
  • I don't even WANT to look smart/sophisticated/stylish etc etc - that's just not me
  • Daughter actively wants me to wear shorts so I think I will but I hate shopping - even for funky shorts
  • Hate looking at myself in the mirror
  • I think most women love the opportunity to dress up but I'm not one of them
That's my motto!


Monday, 25 June 2012

If you should see a crocodile... Or maybe stand still? No, run. I think that's probably correct.
Barry M Croc Effect + Cult Nails In A Trance
  • Don't know why this BM doesn't get more love - it's so easy and so glossy
  • LCN do croc polishes in brown and red btw but they are much more expensive
  • Shatters? Nah. But this I really LOVE.
  • The Cult polish is impeccably behaved as Cults almost always are - 2 or 3 coats - I've seen swatches where this reveals lots of varied, colourful shimmer but perhaps we need Californian sunshine for that - it's a long way from home, after all....

Sunday, 24 June 2012

People are odd.

  • As a joke I cut up some tights and made these things because I nearly always wear fingerless gloves at work and especially since the weather has been so cold and mis.
  • Colleagues thought they were great and that I am talented. Are they mad?
  • Remove scissors from drawer. Make 4 cuts. Done.
  • I am the laziest, least crafty person EVAH!
  • Actually I did add a stitch to make the 'thumb-hole'.
  • So that's a total of 5 minutes. Hard work!
  • I feel like Miss Havisham.
  • OH says I look like Queen Victoria. OH does not like this.
  • I do.
  • I am getting into steampunk and I think these are 'steampunky'.
  • I may/should add embellishments such as silver thread or beads.
  • Will also repeat with different colour tights.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Step out of the shower!

Accessorize 3D Dream
  • It was all a dream! - If you are old enough you'll know of the infamous 'Dallas' series 9 which turned out to have all been a dream! A plot device to allow 'Bobby' to return from the dead. Pam had just dreamed the whole of Season 9 and she awakes to see her husband emerge from the shower. So everything's OK. Hmph. Indeed. I think I'd stopped watching it by then.
  • 3 coats of nail polish above - name of polish 'Dream'
  • Total topcoat thirst-monster unless you positively relish having nails covered with something the texture of sandpaper
  • Wouldn't change a thing though because it's a great colour!
  • It's easily available and it's not expensive - give it a whirl
  • But do be prepared for monstrous trouble removing it - set aside a couple of hours

Friday, 22 June 2012

On trend? Moi?

No. Obviously.  I know nothing about trends except the droopy maxi dress is now back and I don't like it. I did maxis in 1973 and I've got over them.....Dresses, skirts, coats. Been there.

I would do more photos of my stunning wardrobe (ha!) but don't think OH will cooperate by acting as photographer as she thinks this blogging lark is a waste of time. Plus I have no full-length mirror so I can't easily photograph myself. Despite my advanced age I'm sure I'd be a fashion inspiration to many (ha again) - or give you all a cheap laugh. Whatever. 

My ebay upcycled shorts!
  • I'm vertically challenged so trousers are ALWAYS wrong on me, skirts OFTEN wrong length-wise.
  • Shorts can ALWAYS be made to work however.
  • Consequently I have dozens of pairs of shorts.
  • My latest pair. Upcycled with vintage lacy trim and pink braid!
  • I rarely wear denim but this fabric is soft and 'worn-in' and patterned I love it.
  • Excuse knobbly knees/cellulite etc.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

J'aime Bourjois...

Bourjois Lavande Esquisse - 1 seconde GEL
  • Heaven, I'm in heaven....*sing along now!*
  • 2 coats of pure, purple perfection (lilac, lavender)
  • And the brush - the brush is formidable! magnifique! super! (best French accent)
  • And glossy. SOOOOO glossy!
  • That's it. I'm getting back-up.
  • This kind of shade is one of my all-time favourites
  • My previous go-to was OPI A Grape Fit but this performs way better than the OPI
  • Note to self: Buy more of these GEL-texture polishes

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I feel so old. Do you? (Glitter Gal news...)

New packaging for GG
Just so we're clear - I LOVE GG nail polish. Got that? OK.

  • They leaked the new packaging on facebook.
  • There were many appreciative - nay, glowing - comments.
  • I fear I may have spoiled the party atmosphere however.
  • They asked for opinions so I gave mine.
  • Which was that I think it rather 70s, tacky (didn't use that precise word) and somewhat downmarket for what is (at least in the UK) not a cheap brand and also perhaps unappealing to consumers beyond their teens and twenties.
  • I didn't go back to see if I'd raised a firestorm because I'd said my bit and I was being honest rather than aiming to stimulate controversy (aka troll). Honestly, it looks really dated and trashy to me. I love their polish and wouldn't cease to buy it on account of the box but.....
BUT what are your thoughts on the packaging? AND could it be that this image appeals more to younger than more mature women? Have GG got their marketing right?

In short - do you like it and how old are you? I will attempt to devise a sociological hypothesis based on any comments I get - even if there are NO comments, ha!

In less than short - how would you describe the box and what demographic do you think it is aimed at?


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sparkly sparrows?

Are they not drab little birds? No.

And even if they were...

Let me tell you a true story.

Logged on to facebook just the other day. Found a random link/suggestion that sounded fun. "Sparkly sparrows." Looked. LIKED. Got a message almost at once that I was the 100th "liker" and would be sent a gift! Well, I was so thrilled I decided to buy an item as well as receive my gift. And very shortly afterwards I got my items! Sweet! I bought the earrings and the necklace was my gift. Now that's what I call good customer service. AND I went to a meeting today where it was admired!

Sits snugly against the neck which is excellent as the sparrow doesn't twist round but stays perfectly in position

House sparrows used to be very common. There's a children's hymn some of you may know: "There are hundreds and thousands, millions of sparrows...." I think they still are numerous in cities but I see very few where I live, right on the fringe between town and country. We do have many sparrowhawks here but they can't be solely responsible for the decline. Here endeth the ornithological lesson for today.

Breaking News! Sparrows on the verge of extinction in LONDON (of all places!) Saw this in the paper today. Shocked.


Monday, 18 June 2012

No such thing as magic.

Or is there? Ta da DA!
Accessorize Magic
  • Can't remember the price, sorry
  • 3 coats
  • Needs plenty of topcoat too - so plenty of product used overall
  • But is it worth it?
  • Hell, yes!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Why do I keep doing it? *facepalm*

Buying coral cremes? I don't need them.
Bourjois 10 day Shade 25
  • 3 coats - it was patchier than I'd hoped
  • The oil on my dry hands makes it look sparkly - it isn't
  • I found the brush (see the illustration on the handle?) very awkward round the cuticle area - didn't suit me at all - OK for the sides of the nail but difficult round the half-moon area
  • Nothing against this polish - I like it very much - but it was a pointless purchase and I deserve to beat myself up about it because it's wasteful to buy yet another coral - hey ho
  • Maybe slightly more pink IRL
  • In which case I absolve myself of blame as I thought I was getting a genuine pink

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Clashy clashy is on trend, right?

Not the way I do it, it isn't.

CG Trendsetter + Cult Nails Hypnotize Me

  • The Metro collection by CG had a lot of good colours
  • Nearly all of these have made it to my local Sally's clearance shelf for £3.86 per full-size bottle - hurrah
  • 3 coats - it's very thick but it levels nicely in the end - awkward call - 2 coats didn't seem quite enough but was worried 3 might never dry
  • I was just bored - that's why I put the Hypnotize over the top
  • Even I can see it's a horrid combination though
  • Couldn't work out how to remove blemish on middle finger with PicMonkey so superimposed Mr UhOh over the area

Friday, 15 June 2012

Run! Run like the wind.... Superdrug.

For Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter is on sale there for £5.99 rather than £7.99.

Revlon Lip Butter Raspberry Pie
  • And it is possessed of buttery goodness
  • It bestoweth softness upon the lips
  • It is highly-pigmented
  • It comes in a range of desirable colours
  • It is not unpleasantly squidgy like some lip products I can mention
  • It can be applied precisely even without a lipbrush
  • It is, in short, a classic product and you will be eternally wretched if you do not purchase it forthwith

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Moo ahhhh!

MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss Peach Shimmer
  • Prize from Leanne at DoNotRefreeze
  • Looks way better IRL
  • I agree with 95% of other bloggers - this burns like hell! - for 3 minutes only and then ceases
  • But it's good and it's cheap
  • PLUS I do think it has a plumping effect after wearing off
  • This was a hasty reapplication later in the day so ain't the world's best pic
  • NB I used it again today having primed my lips with plenty of foundation and it was terrific

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From Darwin to Diaz

Sundry bracelets
  • Button - freebie with nail polish
  • Lacy one - from lisaangel - dog and bowl - bowl has a bone in it and says DOG (great details!)
  • Big resin bangle from Traidcraft
After my previous outpouring of angst (and thanks for comments) another 'issue' post. OCD.

Allegedly Darwin and Diaz are both sufferers of it. I say 'sufferer' advisedly. When you know damned well you don't really need to wash your hands for the 27th time since breakfast but you just have to or else....or else.......Clearly something terrible will happen. Probably being overtaken by a swarm of giant microbes (contradiction in terms?) that will seal the external orifices whilst turning one green and purple and making one howl like a banshee...

So bracelets with cord/fabric/lace aren't very practical. Oddly enough they seem to get grubbier the more I wash my hands. They certainly don't like getting damp. They're not my faves though so I won't wear them much. Problem solved. The two fiddly/dainty ones have lobster-claw catches which are decidedly hard to handle. The bangle I just popped on momentarily but it's going to be a gift so I promptly removed it.

Actually I exaggerate my OCD so rein in your sympathy. What d'you mean? "Grow up and get over yourself, you'll get no sympathy from me!" ;o) I couldn't blame you if you were thinking that. OCD for friends and family of the afflicted is quite a cross to bear. My poor long-suffering ex. I used to be far worse but I do remember how it feels to be compelled to behave in a way I knew was irrational. Unfortunately daughter 2 seems to have inherited the gene but I have faith she'll grow out of it as I have (more or less).


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Why does everyone assume....?

Was reading a post on a blog about a beauty event today where the icebreaker for those attending was something like '... .....which celebrity man you'd most want to have with you on a desert island...'.

Er, I wouldn't want a man. I'm not that way inclined, thanks. Is it impossible for the organisers of such an event to imagine that gay women might use cosmetics? Are gay women all so damned ugly we hide behind the sofa crouched into a foetal mass with a bin bag to protect the sensitive from being appalled by our appearance? Is there a law that states gay women can't buy lipgloss? Or be invited to events where lipgloss is promoted? They couldn't have just said "man or woman"? Too much trouble?
Portia de Rossi - with cosmetics

Are all gay women mingers? I know you probably think this is a tedious subject and why do gay women harp on so much about alleged discrimination and prejudice when they live in the UK in 2012 and there are laws against homophobic attacks and it's not as if we are executed for it as men and women still are in other countries?
Not getting at benefit particularly. I do hope other companies are a bit more inclusive but I'm not holding my breath.

Ellen and Portia

Well, partly because I've had anonymous abuse and rubbish posted through my letter box. Partly because my kids had other kids follow them around shouting at them (and it wasn't a 'bad' area). I moved house. Partly because I get fed up with the assumption that I must be straight. I know most people aren't gay but we're not so rare that we ought to be completely ignored. Partly because I have to be careful not to out myself at work in case I offend someone and they then find they can't/won't work with me. Oh, even my new neighbours see fit to mention to their friends over drinks on their patio that they'd hate for their daughter to be gay. Loudly. Hey, it's better than the last place.

Vegetarians must get this too. "Oh, you don't eat meat?, I suppose I could rustle you up a mushroom .....". Mumble, stumble, make the vegetarian feel awkward for being so 'difficult'. Assumptions.

I know there are far greater injustices being perpetrated in this world. But, in the same way we try to stop ourselves assuming lawyers and doctors are male because in so supposing we do women (ourselves, our daughters) a disservice, could we try to allow gay people the opportunity not to make that troubling decision to either a/ be silent ("Well, I'd better not stick up my hand at this point and say I prefer women. Too embarrassing.") or b/ have to be militant standard-bearers for the gay community ("Hellooo! We're not all straight, you know!") by just assuming for once that there will almost certainly be some gay people at most events. Except maybe, I can't actually think of a gathering when you could be 100% sure everyone was straight.


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Which superhero?

Orly Emberstone + CG Life Preserver
  • If nail polishes WERE or COULD BE superheroes then the Orly certainly would be premier league heroic!
  • I'm no good on cartoons or comic characters but... Holy Hotness!
  • 2 coats
  • This was part of the huge prize from Leanne at Do Not Refreeze - this polish has to be in my all-time top 10, I reckon
  • I IMPLORE you to read her post on Urban Decay selling out their non-animal testing principles by deciding to manufacture and break into the market in China

Friday, 8 June 2012

Pretty but....

...not even remotely perfect.

M&S mini nail colour collection
  • £3.50 for the pack of 4 (see pic below) as it was an outlet shop
  • 3 coats each
  • Gave up with the yellow after 3
  • It's a very pretty yellow but I'm not doing 4 coats - more Lindsay Lohan than Liz Taylor in the scheme of things - just not worth it
  • The rankings are:
  1. the wishy-washy pearly blue which is quite unusual
  2. the soft orange
  3. the soft yellow (nice shade) TIES with the lavender (fair application but who hasn't got a squillion of these already?)
  • Not a massive success
  • Not a massive anything - nowhere on the packaging or bottles can I find the ml referred to - teensy weensy!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Don't coral me...

2true Fast Dry Shade 3
  • Coral comes in lots of different colours, doesn't it? Does it? Any marine biologists in da house?
  • So why do we always attach the name to orange-red?
  • Gah! I have peeling issues on 2 nails. #grumpyface- any advice, please?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Raven mad!

1. A range of Nails Inc currently available from Raven Cosmetics 2. L'Oreal polish 735 withOUT large cap for ease of application 3. With the large cap 4. Raven Cosmetics facebook photo


  •  Raven (from whom I've bought things many times before) put out a facebook invite for bloggers to review products and I responded so this is my first-ever 'freebie'
  • So I got this L'Oreal to review from Raven
  • An exceptional blackened-blue 2 coater!
  • Amazed that L'Oreal do that high-end thing where the large and unwieldy cap hides a smaller manageable handle! Never knew!
BUT it's really all about Raven as an etailer in my view rather than any specific item- so here's the lowdown
  • Excellent customer service - that's a must for me
  • Great facebook presence with news, updates and offers
  • Ever-changing stock so you need to keep checking
  • Nails Inc at excellent prices- there are some cracking ones on sale at the moment btw
  • OPI NYC Ballet mini set for £9.95
  • 15% off with a code (see top of the page)
  • Often has HTF items
  • A Clinique mini mascara for £2.95 - always get minis because you should really change your mascara quite often for ocular hygiene

Monday, 4 June 2012

Maybelline Turquoise Green (aka Bleu Canard) and The Edge Prague
  • I wanted something laid back and colourless BUT a friend had given me the Maybelline and I thought I should try it in order to be able to thank her so this is my compromise and a dreadful mistake it is too (conceptually, dontcha know)
  • Prague is insanely creamy - there's a layer of Seche on top but it's mental-glossy even without it! Sort of chocolatey and caramelly and yummy yummy
  • Good coverage of both polishes in 2 coats
  • Didn't realise I had a 'ding' on the index finger until I enlarged the photo - rats

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Fly - cult horror

Cult Nails Let Me Fly and a bit of Hypnotize Me on index
  • A bit of jiggling and dabbing and you can get away with 1 coat - top quality polish - this was 1.5
  • 'Like' Cult Nails on facebook and get notice of Maria's semi-flash sales
  • This was $5. Yep. ONLY $5.
  • Maria doesn't overcharge on P&P to the UK either. She's the dog's bits'n'bobs!
  • Do you buy from overseas or stick to what you can shop for in person?

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ethereal apparition...

Barielle Sneak a Peek
  • 3 coats - not patchy, flows beautifully
  • My name for it is way better than what Barielle called it IMO
  • It is neither white, nor grey, nor silver, it's just dreamily lovely
  • I think it's a vastly underrated polish in the blogosphere
  • Barielle are another company that have royally p!$$ed me off
  1. They had a UK online presence but the colours available were years behind what was available in the US, a very narrow range
  2. They packaged the bottles just jumbled in a bag so they'd break in the post!
  3. The colour 'swatches' online (snort of contempt) were the worst/least informative/most misleading I've ever seen
  4. They have now discontinued their UK business (few though the shades were)
  5. If they didn't produce some lovely colours and finishes it wouldn't matter a jot - but some of their output is really rather lovely - hugely exasperating

Friday, 1 June 2012

Russian silver...

Diamond Cosmetics Silver Brocade + Attitude Russian Coffee (2 coats)
  • I've used the Diamond a zillion times already - it did chip a bit after a couple of days
  • Is there anyone who doesn't like silver on their nails?
  • The Attitude polish is a lovely creamy, murky, browny-greyish-mauve, very glossy, highly reflective
  • Diamond is no longer available in the UK and their customer service when I contacted them was.....well, if they'd even bothered to reply that would have been something!....they didn't so regretfully I have to say **** 'em