Saturday, 23 June 2012

Step out of the shower!

Accessorize 3D Dream
  • It was all a dream! - If you are old enough you'll know of the infamous 'Dallas' series 9 which turned out to have all been a dream! A plot device to allow 'Bobby' to return from the dead. Pam had just dreamed the whole of Season 9 and she awakes to see her husband emerge from the shower. So everything's OK. Hmph. Indeed. I think I'd stopped watching it by then.
  • 3 coats of nail polish above - name of polish 'Dream'
  • Total topcoat thirst-monster unless you positively relish having nails covered with something the texture of sandpaper
  • Wouldn't change a thing though because it's a great colour!
  • It's easily available and it's not expensive - give it a whirl
  • But do be prepared for monstrous trouble removing it - set aside a couple of hours

1 comment:

  1. i am old enough to remember that scene and i even remember that there was steam out of that shower. i cant tell you how much i watched after that or if, like you, i stopped watching it after that ludicrous moment.
    Your dream looks better than mine.
    and yes, how monstrous is this to remove.
    maybe they should have called it nightmare after all haha

    liloo/@tsunimee xx