Friday, 22 June 2012

On trend? Moi?

No. Obviously.  I know nothing about trends except the droopy maxi dress is now back and I don't like it. I did maxis in 1973 and I've got over them.....Dresses, skirts, coats. Been there.

I would do more photos of my stunning wardrobe (ha!) but don't think OH will cooperate by acting as photographer as she thinks this blogging lark is a waste of time. Plus I have no full-length mirror so I can't easily photograph myself. Despite my advanced age I'm sure I'd be a fashion inspiration to many (ha again) - or give you all a cheap laugh. Whatever. 

My ebay upcycled shorts!
  • I'm vertically challenged so trousers are ALWAYS wrong on me, skirts OFTEN wrong length-wise.
  • Shorts can ALWAYS be made to work however.
  • Consequently I have dozens of pairs of shorts.
  • My latest pair. Upcycled with vintage lacy trim and pink braid!
  • I rarely wear denim but this fabric is soft and 'worn-in' and patterned I love it.
  • Excuse knobbly knees/cellulite etc.

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