Sunday, 17 June 2012

Why do I keep doing it? *facepalm*

Buying coral cremes? I don't need them.
Bourjois 10 day Shade 25
  • 3 coats - it was patchier than I'd hoped
  • The oil on my dry hands makes it look sparkly - it isn't
  • I found the brush (see the illustration on the handle?) very awkward round the cuticle area - didn't suit me at all - OK for the sides of the nail but difficult round the half-moon area
  • Nothing against this polish - I like it very much - but it was a pointless purchase and I deserve to beat myself up about it because it's wasteful to buy yet another coral - hey ho
  • Maybe slightly more pink IRL
  • In which case I absolve myself of blame as I thought I was getting a genuine pink

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