Saturday, 21 July 2012

Phew! Safely married....

  • Daughter 2 duly matched.
  • With the aid of some paper bags in her clutch to prevent hyper-ventilation!
  • Could she have BEEN more nervous? No.
  • Hope everyone was well pleased with the event.
  • I am emphatically a 'scuttle into the registry office, drag a couple of strangers off the street to be witnesses and dart out again' and so is she but she overcame her nerves to do it for her husband and his family.
  • Well done to all concerned!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The wedding...dah da dahhhhhh...more stuff....

Hairy Growler Jewellery
  • A silver bangle fashioned from an old silver spoon!
  • I am all in favour of recycling so I love the work Hairy Growler is doing with old forks and spoons
  • So comfortable to wear
  • Has the wedding date engraved on the interior
  • Cool, huh? (don't burst my bubble!)
  • Came in a lovely hessian bag with a sprinkle of stars

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Possible wedding mani...

Photographed on location. In my basin. (!)

Gold and silver basically with the reverse pattern on the other hand
  • I'm probably wearing red and black or grey and black
  • I need a jumble of 'jewels' - not sure why
  • Maybe for something to fiddle with as I shall be agitated
  • Daughter 2 weds this Friday
  • She's dreading it and wobbling big-time (not because she doesn't want to be married but because she hates being in the spotlight)
  • I am SUPER-dreading it because I hate dressing formally and there'll be my ex-husband et al plus I'm a miserable old git who hates weddings and parties
  • OR I might wear the dress below - wish it was happening on a beach somewhere and I could wear a vest and shorts!!!!!

Am I really the only woman in the world who thinks a big wedding is a waste of money?

I actually might wear this by Klass with a load of bling and high heels - I've worn it once and it's easy enough to throw on         

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Magic lingers on....

Take a mani and extend it by adding Accessorize Magic and generic silver tips

2 Bourjois polishes + Accessorize Magic

  • I really hadn't the time to be messing with a fresh mani
  • I tried MF Fantasy Fire first but it was barely noticeable so I broke out the Accessorize (which I thoroughly recommend)
  • Lasted a long time-  this mani - once I'd applied silver to the tips to negate tipwear

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Magenta? Fuchsia? Probably not raspberry...

Bourjois 1 seconde 13 and 14 (Rainbow Apparition)
  • More Bourjois
  • An oldie - 13 - the magenta shimmer
  • 14 is one of the new 'gel' polishes
  • 2 coats is enough
  • Loving Bourjois at the moment
  • I did find I got tipwear quickly on this but my nails are longer than usual so perhaps it's the actual nail-length rather than the polish

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Now hang on just 1 second!

I so badly want a polish that dries in 1 second. Don't we all. But these ain't it. I'm guessing paint technology will never achieve that.

1 second to apply - that's what they mean, of course. It takes me longer though because I'm useless not very good with my hands.

03 the nude and 04 the taupe
  • These are 2 coats.
  • Great coverage and all-round excellent quality.
  • Those with good eyesight can probably read the names. A few years ago I could have too!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

They said I'm tight.

Oops. I'm a bit deaf. They actually said that I "like tights". And they weren't wrong.
1 floral pattern purple 2 fishnet (always good) 3 Union Jack in beige'n'brown 4 footless with frills 5 snakeskin-ish? 6 stars 7 patterned only the photo doesn't show it 8 a plummy version of 1
  • A cull from Sainsbury's and Boundary Mills. Actually there are stacks more!
  • Sainsbury's have these on sale right by the till where I simply cannot resist buying them.
  • I guess that's their point.
  • Well, they surely do know their victims customers if I'm anything to go by.
  • And as I seem to be popping into Sainsbury's on a near-daily basis this could prove expensive!
  • But they keep fishing more out from the warehouse. Drat.
Your favourite hosiery?

Friday, 6 July 2012


  • This is generally known as a 'saran wrap mani' to our US cousins. (Clingfilm to us. Or in this case, and somewhat even less glamorously, a sandwich bag. Which I shall reuse and reuse.)
  • Using 4 polishes. See below. Plus gold tips.
  • The neon Violetta dried so fast though that I hardly had time to dab it off! I would recommend caution with neons.
  • Remarkably easy.
  • Can look a bit too much like a boring shatter effect so I added the yellow to 2 fingers and I think that's an improvement.
Barielle Lemondrops + Kinetics Coral Sea + Nail Glam Violetta + Bourjois Coral Magique

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

If you were to say to me (2)...

...that I should have layered this over another polish I wouldn't disagree. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Bourjois 1 seconde Gel Rainbow Apparition 3 coats
  • The photo really doesn't do it justice though - to use the vernacular, it "stinks"
  • IRL it's brighter in a mauve/pink way - this does not sound particularly attractive but it is!
  • Obviously I need to re-swatch this because it is actually rather a good product
  • Smooth and blingy is always superior to 'grittery' - and this is smooth and spangly (aka spooth/smangly?)
  • I recommend that you (if you were to purchase this) DO layer it over something else

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

If you were to say to me... (1)

....this needs 3 coats rather than 2, I'd be slightly inclined to agree. But only after I had looked at the pix.

Bourjois 1 seconde Corail Magique 2 coats
  • I have a similar coral by Kinetics but that's not as easily available so....
  • I won 5 Bourjois 1 seconde Gel polishes in a giveaway plus the magic remover - hurrah!
  • This is a lovely coral and the fan brush is quick and easy to use
  • The magic remover isn't (IMO) as fabulous as many other bloggers have declared but it is certainly better than the Sally Hansen alternative which predates it

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dream? More like a nightmare....

Barielle 'Beaches and Dreams' 3 coats + Technics Carnival
  • I loved the Barielle when I first got it but it has done (in just a few weeks) what Barielles seem to do so often - separated out in the bottle - not happy
  • It didn't apply nearly as well this time - I remember liking it a lot on the first occasion - not happy
  • And the Carnival glitter isn't even ...erm..."glittery" - unless glitter is just fragments of ...erm... stuff in a bottle - yep, you guessed it - not happy
  • Words have failed me quite conspicuously today - it's all so damned pathetically useless