Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blue Duck

Accent is Essence Choose Me! + Maybelline Bleu Canard (3 coats all round)
  • Bleu Canard - blue duck - must be French for 'teal'
  • The English name 'Turquoise Green' is unspeakably dull - why even bother?
  • Annoys the heck out of me that Essence isn't on sale in the UK - they sell it widely over the Channel and in the US (I think) - so why not here?
  • Moreover (can you hear my teeth gnashing?) they refuse to sell online because they reckon they're low-cost products and people therefore wouldn't want to pay postage!
  • Let ME decide how much I want to spend and what on, thank YOU very much

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

And thy name shall be seafoam...

Day 3 - so the wear is OK
  • Special FX Fickles don't have names
  • Pale green shimmer ain't anyone's favourite much but this is really pretty and good quality
  • It is probably the least effective at colour-changing of the 4 or so I have
  • Hey, it's done a job for a few days of covering my nails when I haven't had a clue what to do with them - I couldn't leave the house with naked nails, after all!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My new obsession.....

Ever seen a Dr Who fabric before? No?

Raccoons. Unutterably cute.
  • I may have mentioned I've got into Pinterest.
  • So I'm expanding my portfolio.......well, adding to my boards.
  • Absurdly I have now developed an obsession with fabric prints!
  • I darn holes in my tights and socks and that's IT as regards my sewing skills. HATE sewing.
  • Not ever going to buy any fabric or make anything. Just like looking.
  • I never even wear prints! See how daft this is?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Dull jade...

Dull as in not bright/shiny...

Mavala Aquamarine + a layer of FlorMary Quartz 066 + Orly Matte Top
  • The FlorMar further subdues the Mavala whilst adding shimmer
  • The Orly just soothes and smoothes and satins (anything can be a verb these days)
  • The FlorMar is running down now and I can't see it on the website *eeeeeeeeeek*
  • I like this - I find it delicately pretty
  • Seem to have some horrid tip shrinkage - this I put down to Seche Vite which (as I think we all know) does not always play nicely with the other children

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Photo 1 dipped fingertips in cool water
Photo 2 on a warm day
FX Fickles with CG White Cap
  • An obscure-ish brand Special FX Fickles (16 colour-changing polishes of which I have about 4)
  • This one doesn't change radically and especially not in the hot weather we're having at the moment which isn't lending itself to colour-change
  • When really warm it's similar to Pic 2 but more 'nude'/neutral - then graduating through peach until...
  • Pic 1 shows the blush pink that's visible under colder conditions
  • I prettified it with some White Cap as it was less than hugely exciting as a nude and a teensy weensy tad streaky at 2 coats (but not very) and am now reasonably pleased with it
  • All the Fickles are paler at warm temperatures and darken as it cools

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Sleek Pout Paints - Mauve Over and Peachy Keen
  • Been trying to do nail gradients without success
  • Managed a bit of a lip gradient by accident/mistake
  • Quite like it
  • It's easier than doing your nails!
  • Got no foundation on so excuse pores the size of lunar craters!
  • Or d'you think this smacks too much of 80s lipliner #fashionFAUXpas?

Friday, 25 May 2012

Brazilian corals

Nubar Cozumel Coral, Barry M Coral, L'Oreal Coral Starfish , Essie Braziliant
  • So sunny today - so coral was an obvious choice
  • 2 coats per nail for a fair test
  • Nubar is cloudy/jelly/milky/muted - love it, my favourite
  • Barry M - highly pigmented, safe, darkish (but seems to have got pinged...)
  • L'Oreal - orange with gold shimmer
  • Essie - shows a definite pink shimmer in the bottle which you don't see on the nail unless you hurt your eyes squinting!
Am pretty sure coral is a shade that suits everyone. Would you agree? Do you dislike it? Have you a favourite?

I long to get RBL Starfish Patrick. Mainly for the name!


Thursday, 24 May 2012


I didn't dare show the cuticles...

CG White Cap, Topshop White Witch, Nox Twilight Talon, 2true Shade 2 Fast Dry (plus some OPI white)
  • Another fail
  • The gold shimmer in White Cap really makes it 'not a white at all' - verging on nicotine-yellow - so the OPI white mini was needed again
  • Jubilee manis will be everywhere in the next couple of weeks, I predict (pretty much a no-brainer)
  • You going for a red/white/blue this May/June?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Diamonds are for toes.

Mavala Pure Diamond
  • Yes, they're toes
  • Toes are not hideous
  • Toes are lovely
  • Hope I don't have to put them away again too soon
  • Please read the poem and note that the toes have the last word!

    An Exchange between the Fingers and the Toes

    By John Fuller
    Cramped, you are hardly anything but fidgets.   
    We, active, differentiate the digits:
    Whilst you are merely little toe and big
    (Or, in the nursery, some futile pig)
    Through vital use as pincers there has come   
    Distinction of the finger and the thumb;
    Lacking a knuckle you have sadly missed   
    Our meaningful translation to a fist;
    And only by the curling of that joint
    Could the firm index come to have a point.   
    You cannot punch or demonstrate or hold   
    And therefore cannot write or pluck or mould:   
    Indeed, it seems deficiency in art
    Alone would prove you the inferior part.

    Not so, my friends. Our clumsy innocence   
    And your deft sin is the main difference   
    Between the body’s near extremities.
    Please do not think that we intend to please:   
    Shut in the dark, we once were free like you.   
    Though you enslaved us, are you not slaves, too?   
    Our early balance caused your later guilt,   
    Erect, of finding out how we were built.   
    Your murders and discoveries compile   
    A history of the crime of being agile,
    And we it is who save you when you fight   
    Against the odds: you cannot take to flight.   
    Despite your fabrications and your cunning,   
    The deepest instinct is expressed in running.

Dear innocent little toes who never did anyone any harm!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jubijelly glitter sandwich

Color Club mini, OPI mini, FlorMar 066, FlorMar 001, Revlon Royal, Jessica Red Tint
  • Hm....
  • The glitter just looks like I've got a fungal infection or something
  • It was silver glitter which is more appropriate to a 25th Jubilee and that was 1977 so maybe that's where I went wrong...yeah, right
  • Maybe 35 years ago this would have looked OK (not it really wouldn't)
  • Had to use so many variations of white there must be a squillion layers on there 
  • And how come I can't file my nails square? I always end up with a dip in the middle!!! *hopeless*
I'm going to keep trying until I get a credible Jubilee mani. This is odd because I'm more of a republican (not in the American sense, I'd like to point out) than a monarchist but the Queen's a decent enough old bird. I don't begrudge her a long life and an unblemished career.


Monday, 21 May 2012

What's with the nuditude?

Ciate My Fair Lady + Calvin Klein Barefoot + NYC Carrie'd Away + FlorMar True Color 002
  • All polishes applied over the 2true Fast Dry 11 from a coupla days ago
  • Some of my favourite nudes
  • Holding the CK (sadly discontinued)
  • The Ciate and the NYC are very alike and horribly thin on their own - thus cannot be recommended
I like it even better with Orly Matte Top even though my skin is in ghastly condition despite my treating it SO nicely - grrr! - also forgive tipwear


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sally sprinkles snappily

Sally Hansen Snappy Sprinkles over Jessica Born 2 Pansy - this is such a mess - and a bit of Eye Candy flakies too
  • A mess
  • But a charming mess
  • A hot mess
  • A bit bonkers of a bonkers mess
  • Hey, the SH cost me a coupla quid from the Post Office
  • Sorry for the nasty tipwear

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Have I been duped?

Mavala 154 Aquamarine - 3 coats - after 24 hours of wear
  • Not really serious about this...(as in - it hasn't ruined my life if this polish isn't an exact dupe)
  • Temptalia has a 'dupe list' and this Mavala is rated as a 100% dupe for Chanel Jade
  • Now I would never buy the aforementioned Chanel so I can't make a direct comparison so it's not for me to rate the rating!
  • But the Mavala is a very pretty colour
  • Of all the 'jades' I have it's by far the most flattering
  • It's exceptionally pretty and the usual fantastic Mavala quality
  • Do check out the dupe list though if you're brave enough (why does it require nerve and courage?) BECAUSE.....da da daaaaaaaah
  • One caveat about the dupe list - most of the dupes aren't available in the UK anyway so you just end up being even more frustrated because you've now doubled the number of polishes you'd really rather like but can't obtain
What do you most lust after polish-wise?

Friday, 18 May 2012

In the mood for nude?

2true Shade 11 - What a mess I made - sorry.....
  • Liloo alerted me to this so I dashed down to Superdrug this morning as I was a bit sick of my glitter brights
  • 3 for 2 so I got two of these plus a rhinestones set for £3.98 - not bad
  • 2 coats - the Fast Dry range never needs more than 2 coats - I have all of them - they're great
  • New flat brush? OK, if you say so but, had you not told me, I wouldn't have noticed
  • Doesn't give me lobster claws which is a result
  • I like it

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is this kitsch?

Behold 3 'bracelets'. My post is about the middle one.
  • Got this from the British Heart Foundation shop in town. The shop is very bright and clean and has some good stuff. They had a few of these so I imagine they are part of their limited new (not 2nd-hand) ranges.
  • The stretchy bracelet has a lovely heavy feel to it. Like haematite. £2.99.
  • Upon it are applied colourful transfers.
  • Hence my question.
  • Transfers of Jesus, Mary, angels and (what looks like) a mediaeval Pope.
  • Very bright transfers.
  • I call this kitsch.
  • Would you agree?
  • I'm not a Catholic. I'm a Quaker.
  • I hesitated about buying it but I'm not sure why. Aesthetically I like it very much so why the reservations?
  • What d'you think?
  • Does the religious iconography make it something one should ponder about before buying?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy dance...

Sherbet Fizz - the brand is Solutions by hive
  • Was browsing online for some Orly Matte Top (on index finger above) and found this - yeah, baby!
  • There was the usual (possibly utterly misleading) indication of colour by way of a circle - I'm sure you know the kind of thing I mean
  • Took the plunge anyway as it was £4.50 including P&P
  • Result? Mucho pleased with self for finding this
  • In the sun it is brighter and superglitzy
  • 2 coats and the finish isn't overly gritty - doesn't need megabuckets of topcoat
  • The company is a supplier of equipment to salons with a sideline in producing some skincare items and a few polishes
  • Very impressed

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Oh, no! The seaweed is poisonous! Don't eat the seaweed!

Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed
  • Maria had another flash sale on Saturday so there'll be 3 more of these babies winging their way to me - hurrah
  • 3 coats of this 
  • Index finger mattified
  • I think this is limited edition
  • It deserves to become iconic/legendary as I think the quality is superlative and the colour would probably suit any skintone
  • It's certainly worth keeping up with Cult as the colours are unique, the service is impeccable and Maria doesn't rip you off with the postage from the US
  • Bloody brilliant!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Eye Candy London Lights

My new favourite flakies £6 over Jessica Rolling Rose

  • They flash silvery blue - that's why I like these so much
  • Plus point 2 -they're far the biggest shards in any flakie polish I possess
  • Plus point 3 - they're much more '3D' than others - feel watery (in a good way) and floaty - they have depth
  • The other two I have are GOSH Rainbow and Nubar 2010 which are much more orange
  • I'm sure the lights of London cast a nasty sodium glare (if truth be told)
  • But this is Jubilympics 2012 and we have to pretend everything's just peachy in the good ol' UK
I would heartily recommend this. Most heartily


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ne'er cast a *clout...

...'til (the) may is out...
  • Not 'May' in my view - 'may'
  • The may = the hawthorn blossom
  • So - stick to your warmer togs until you see the hawthorn (may) blossom in bloom
  • NOT necessarily keep muffled up until 1st June
  • *Old English for clothing/cloth/clothes
That is my interpretation and I'm sticking to it. It was jolly warm and sunny when I took this photo so that proves it. Ha! But at school a friend's mother kept her in winter uniform until June regardless of the weather. I'd get into summer dresses as soon as I could.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Roses are red. No, they're not. Not always...or even usually....

Sun! Actual sunshine! Rolling Rose from Jessica's 'Heavy Petals' collection. And below in artificial light.

This is called 'The Wedgwood Rose' from David Austin in Shropshire - none of my favourite roses are red!
  • Kelly of Vampy Varnish says she got this shade perfect in 3 coats - I am not so accomplished in the art of painting as Kelly and even at 4 it's streaky
  • Love the colour
  • Don't think it suits me but I don't care - it's achingly pretty
  • Got a Barielle (Sailors Delight) that I might try as undercoat next time
  • From the current 'Heavy Petals' collection - love that name

Friday, 11 May 2012

Since when was 'pansy' a verb?

Jessica Born 2 Pansy - 4 coats

  • It isn't a verb. End OF. Silly, silly name.
  • 4 coats - which is 1 too many tbh
  • Kelly of Vampy Varnish got this perfect in 3 coats - this proves I'm no Kelly - so maybe it's my fault and not the polish
  • I just love it with a precious great love even at 4 coats
  • Such a pretty colour - no regrets

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Aubergine - Royal William

Bad cuticles - sorry...One bit of mattification.

  • OPI William Tell (as yesterday) with 1 coat of Revlon Royal.
  • RR is the best blue ever. I trust we are united on that. #JUSTsaying Don't feel free to disagree!
  • This is now too blue to be actual aubergine but it's no longer wine/damson/plum. I'm happy.
So - do you know of a GENUINE aubergine?


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tell me, dear William!

When 2 thick coats simply are not enough! OPI William Tell blah blah blah - with mattification - index finger worked out by far the best
  • One of my prize polishes from Leanne - hurrah!
  • Love the colour
  • Now I want a genuine aubergine - this however is definitely damson/brown/wine - I want something very similar but with a blue cast to it
  • Streaky - 3 solid coats required (but I didn't do that because I wasn't paying attention)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


One I won. Not one I'm host(ess)ing. Sorry.

And there was more!

Thanks to Leanne at Do Not Refreeze. I so needed brushes and I just wasn't going to buy any because I'm relentlessly cheap like that.

Leanne invited suggestions for nailart and I thought album covers! Specifically this one (see below). Such a shame vinyl is dead because the covers were works of art. (Cue a series of fave album covers.)

You do know this one? I imagine some of you don't predate mp3 so 39 years ago may be a bit of a streeeeeeeeeeeetch...
Lucky me, eh?
Favourite album cover?


Monday, 7 May 2012

Doesn't it annoy you....?

Because it does ME!

Can you name all the brands?

  • My polishes aren't stored so much as littered.
  • I have huge clusters all over the house.
  • I then look for something specific and it's so much easier when you can derive some information from the bottle tops - logo or actual NAME or something distinctive! Otherwise it's a sea of black plastic.
  • Why don't ALL companies do this?
  • How annoying is it when there are just dozens of black or silver tops? So boring and so uninformative.
  • What distinctive brands have I missed? With clearly identifiable tops?


Column 1 China Glaze and QRS
Column 2 Jessica and Orly
Column 3 Borghese and OPI
Column 4 Color Club and CQ
Column 5 Essie and Misa
Column 6 Mavala and NYC

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Illamasqua - do they need the younger model to sell stuff or would the older lady alone just 'frighten the horses'?

"If you’re someone who has never let age define you, or you know someone who fits that description, please get in touch. We know you’re not ready to blend in – and why should you be? All we need is one recent photograph of yourself, or the person you’re nominating, plus a sentence on your relationship with make-up. You will need to be available to take part in the shoot in London on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May 2012."

So. This is Illamasqua's current campaign for faces to feature in their advertising.
  • I'm 56 and don't regard myself as old or past it and thought I might enter a photo.
  • Neither do I regard myself as a beauty - nor ever have been - just someone who likes fripperies and colour!
  • I couldn't even attend the shoot if I were chosen so I'd just be doing it for my own amusement.
  1. Would you, will you or have you already entered this?
  2. How would you 'style' yourself for a single photo?
  3. How old are you?
  4. I have some new items and I was thinking black, pink and silver and vaguely piratical as I have a headband I'd probably wear. (Btw I know pirates are somewhat passe atm.)
  5. Illamasqua are also seeking joint entries. With whom might you like to enter as a pair to show two generations? Doesn't have to be female btw.
  6. Or do you think it's ridiculous and only young model-types sell cosmetics?
  7. Is there a cut-off age for cosmetics modelling? If so - what age?

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Eye Candy Graphite

From Sainsburgerswurgers
  • It was £6 or £8 (can't remember) and that's a crucial difference because
  • At the lower price I'd perhaps recommend it
  • For the higher figure I'd forget this and opt for Jessica Smoky Feather
  • Two thick coats - it drags if you don't load the brush but that's fairly standard for this foily finish
  • Doesn't have the pink and blue particles that the Jessica has - hence my preference for the Jessica
  • Clearly this is easier to obtain
  • If you're looking for a Chanel Graphite dupe then this looks (from perusal of online swatches) fairly good
You checked out this brand yet?
NB I had a small chip after 24 hours which does not bode well....

Friday, 4 May 2012


CQ Slate
  • 'Slate' only on the basis that slate is actually a deep, dark teal colour. Which it isn't. Ho hum.
  • 50p from the Post Office because it had got leaked upon! Bargain box bliss...
  • 2 coats though one careful coat might suffice
  • I have 2 CQ polishes. They are bloomin' good quality.
  • A few shades are available from Cosmetics Fairy but it's a Walmart /RiteAid brand from the US and generally impossible to find here - shame
  • Absolute nightmare to photograph 
  • I don't have anything quite like this but I'm sure you peeps do
  • This works out much darker on the nail than in bottle - decidedly odd

It really isn't as dark as it seems - I am loving this - for a plain creme it's got quite a bit of complexity


Thursday, 3 May 2012

What a lovely name!

L'Oreal Yellow Seahorse
  • another Post Office find
  • 3 coats
  • didn't look streaky when I did it but it turns out it is in fact a bit streaky when I scrutinise it more closely
  • good for a yellow - really good
But not as good as THIS!
Is he (?) not just outstandingly gorgeous!!!

  • Best yellow?
  • Do you wear yellow clothes? (I don't.)
  • Do you wear yellow accessories? (I don't).
  • Do you have yellow furnishings?
  • Would you have a yellow car?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Blog sale - EASY blog sale...HELP!

Please help. I want to do a blog sale. I've done it before. I've assembled the bottles, photographed them, edited the photos, listed the polishes....You know how it goes.

I have dozens and dozens and dozens to sell!
This is but the very tip of the iceberg.

If you've ever held one you'll know it takes forEVAH to prepare the post. UNLESS I am doing it wrong.

So what is the speediest and most efficient way of blogselling a lot of polish? Can anyone help me? Is it OK to just list them without photos on the basis that you peeps largely know what they're like and could google them if you don't? Or ask me for more information/a photo?

Most of my higher-end stuff has gone over ebay so the prices will be LOW.  I'm not selling them because I don't like them. I just have far too many now and so many dupes or near-dupes.

What advice do you have for me to enable me not to spend many hours of my life on this, please? Or should I just bite the bullet and do it the old-fashioned way?

Thank you

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Smoky Feather? *shakes head in bewilderment at daft name*

OK, mani 2 from my spa half-day.

Jessica Smoky Feather

This is the alleged Chanel Graphite dupe.  2 coats. The only Chanel I ever wanted was Jade but I'd never buy it. Silly money.

Daft name for a thoroughly glorious polish. I don't care about trends or following fashion but I do know a good polish when I see it. This is one that appears different in varying environmental conditions and is superb quality. Smoky Feather? Why? Sounds like a native American Indian but it's from the Peacock Queen collection. Er, that'd be a peaHEN btw. The peaCOCK is the fella. PeaHEN is the female!! Doh. And I do know OPI do way dafter polish names.

I shall be extending the wear of this by assiduously topcoating it daily. So that's 2 Jessica polishes on my hitlist. Good thing I've been paid. But then I want to buy daughter 2 some earrings. Grandson's 4th birthday is soon (but we have his present already). Wedding outfit for me. Mini-break? More spa-time? Better start saving!


The latest new thing? Do you
A want the latest polish to see what the deal is and hang the expense
B want the latest polish but in cheaper form to stay on-trend
C wait until the fuss dies down and then reassess once you've read plenty of reviews
D only get it if you really, really like it and even then resent the price
E never get seduced by hype
F franken it