Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My new obsession.....

Ever seen a Dr Who fabric before? No?

Raccoons. Unutterably cute.
  • I may have mentioned I've got into Pinterest.
  • So I'm expanding my portfolio.......well, adding to my boards.
  • Absurdly I have now developed an obsession with fabric prints!
  • I darn holes in my tights and socks and that's IT as regards my sewing skills. HATE sewing.
  • Not ever going to buy any fabric or make anything. Just like looking.
  • I never even wear prints! See how daft this is?


  1. It's my obsession too! You should take a look a my boards :)

  2. I like the rad fabrics - great nail art inspiration (:

  3. Lol, its funny some of things we sit & look at on the net for no reason. But why not? Of its what you enjoy then carry on enjoying it x :-)

  4. Love the racocons! I will have to go have a look at your boards.