Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Diamonds are for toes.

Mavala Pure Diamond
  • Yes, they're toes
  • Toes are not hideous
  • Toes are lovely
  • Hope I don't have to put them away again too soon
  • Please read the poem and note that the toes have the last word!

    An Exchange between the Fingers and the Toes

    By John Fuller
    Cramped, you are hardly anything but fidgets.   
    We, active, differentiate the digits:
    Whilst you are merely little toe and big
    (Or, in the nursery, some futile pig)
    Through vital use as pincers there has come   
    Distinction of the finger and the thumb;
    Lacking a knuckle you have sadly missed   
    Our meaningful translation to a fist;
    And only by the curling of that joint
    Could the firm index come to have a point.   
    You cannot punch or demonstrate or hold   
    And therefore cannot write or pluck or mould:   
    Indeed, it seems deficiency in art
    Alone would prove you the inferior part.

    Not so, my friends. Our clumsy innocence   
    And your deft sin is the main difference   
    Between the body’s near extremities.
    Please do not think that we intend to please:   
    Shut in the dark, we once were free like you.   
    Though you enslaved us, are you not slaves, too?   
    Our early balance caused your later guilt,   
    Erect, of finding out how we were built.   
    Your murders and discoveries compile   
    A history of the crime of being agile,
    And we it is who save you when you fight   
    Against the odds: you cannot take to flight.   
    Despite your fabrications and your cunning,   
    The deepest instinct is expressed in running.

Dear innocent little toes who never did anyone any harm!


  1. beautiful from top to bottom you are. you have such pretty feet! and this is inspiring me for my pedi for my week end away

    p.s and amen to the following

    Toes are not hideous
    Toes are not hideous
    Toes are not hideous
    Toes are not hideous
    Toes are not hideous
    Toes are not hideous
    Toes are not hideous

    i am sick to death of people who seem to have a phobia about toes

    recently i saw some tweet (arguments always start on twitter, lol) saying 'i dont care about how pretty a polish is, i do not want to see in your blog'. <-- angers me so much. it's this sort of statement which makes people feel self conscious about their feet :( like we don't have enough to feel self conscious about :( xx

  2. I love toes! And you have very enviably lovely toes :) I love love love feet, I think they are wonderful and sadly un-celebrated in the beauty world. And Diamond toes are such a fab idea, yours look amazing!!! xxx