Tuesday, 8 May 2012


One I won. Not one I'm host(ess)ing. Sorry.

And there was more!

Thanks to Leanne at Do Not Refreeze. I so needed brushes and I just wasn't going to buy any because I'm relentlessly cheap like that.

Leanne invited suggestions for nailart and I thought album covers! Specifically this one (see below). Such a shame vinyl is dead because the covers were works of art. (Cue a series of fave album covers.)

You do know this one? I imagine some of you don't predate mp3 so 39 years ago may be a bit of a streeeeeeeeeeeetch...
Lucky me, eh?
Favourite album cover?



  1. Yay! Hope you're enjoying everything :) the brushes are fantastic aren't they? I have the same ones but with different handles, the 'eco' version with bamboo handles and recycled metal ferrules. Lovely and soft :)

    I actually think yours was my favourite prize bundle, I champion every single product in there!

    As for the DSOTM cover, if there's anyone who doesn't recognise it they should suffer harsh punishment. I'm a tender 20 years old and I easily know all the classic album covers.

  2. Congratulations on your win! We still have some albums in our house--back in my & Mr. Karen's formative years, that's how you got music. :)

  3. The orly nail polish colour looks pretty. Congratulations for winning.