Monday, 7 May 2012

Doesn't it annoy you....?

Because it does ME!

Can you name all the brands?

  • My polishes aren't stored so much as littered.
  • I have huge clusters all over the house.
  • I then look for something specific and it's so much easier when you can derive some information from the bottle tops - logo or actual NAME or something distinctive! Otherwise it's a sea of black plastic.
  • Why don't ALL companies do this?
  • How annoying is it when there are just dozens of black or silver tops? So boring and so uninformative.
  • What distinctive brands have I missed? With clearly identifiable tops?


Column 1 China Glaze and QRS
Column 2 Jessica and Orly
Column 3 Borghese and OPI
Column 4 Color Club and CQ
Column 5 Essie and Misa
Column 6 Mavala and NYC


  1. Nfu Oh, Zoya, and NOPI are all pretty distinctive too.

    1. I once had a Zoya. And one NOPI once. How I'd love Nfu Oh!