Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Layering with Bourjois 1 Seconde

I am liking my Sinful Mint Apple, BB Couture Bassins Bleu II and Nicole SotP far too much to change them today.

So here's one I prepared earlier.

And again

I loved the Essie Mauve-ing Along (still maintain that it's totally misnamed) so dearly that I didn't want to rid myself of it so added the Bourjois. The Bourjois has only a number to distinguish it from any other Bourjois but surely it deserves a splendid title! Bourjois are without exception (almost) great polishes. Can't they have some crackin' names bestowed upon them? For a small fee I'd do it. I would!

I layered with something that isn't GOSH Rainbow. How out-there is that?


  • I've resuscitated my CG Fairy Dust with my big bottle of Restore so that's back in service.
  • I found CG Cowardly Lyin' for £2.35 in the Sally shop yesterday. Wouldn't have bought it for any more than that but it was on its own! Like a foundling. Abandoned. Lonely. Neglected. Just shoved in a box with some lotions and potions. What was I to do? I've just put that over 3 nails of Mint Apple and it hasn't spoiled it so Cowardly is now elevated to the status of go-to layering polish.

Do you think £20 per week (hence £80 per month) is way too much or just about OK? I may go cold-turkey sometime. Can't do it yet. *shivers in horror at thought of no-buy*

How much do you put into your pastimes? Maybe not in figures - more a percentage of your income? Are you disciplined or impulsive?


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Nicole by OPI Star of the Party

My first Nicole (ebay). I won't say so much a bargain but very reasonable at 3 polishes for less than a fiver each including P&P.

The bottle is distinctive but NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Like a truncated chess piece or a boot adapted to a foot with dismembered toes! Or a rather unorthodox cricket bat.
Very awkward for the small of paw such as myself to manage. Hmph.

2 coats was plenty.
Why is there not more blog-love for this polish, I'd like to know? Does it have as yet unrevealed malignant properties? It dries fast. It has great coverage. Strong colour. Lots of flash. Blah de blah. I mean to say - look at the damson-y goodness in that bottle. It doesn't smell unpleasant. So why is it not more popular? The ways of men! (And women).

Mine not to reason why however.....

And I got my first bottle of Seche Restore today to thin a couple of my older polishes. Makes me feel almost serious about the subject.

If it could Restore/thin me to my 1987 state then it WOULD be a miracle product. There's no cautionary note on the bottle to advise me not to drink it! I shall have to update my spending-sidebar to reflect today's purchases. Gloom.


Monday, 28 June 2010

Sinful Colors Mint Apple + BB Couture Bassins Bleu II

Got the Mint Apple from Silver Diva over at Nail-ing Life Online in a swap
Coz I specifically asked for it
And for once
For once!
It is actually as delightful as hoped
It has sparkle, it has inner beauty...

None of this - Oh, they're a wonderful squad man-for-man, far superior to the Germans, just you wait, they'll make mincemeat of the opposition, Premier League players, best in the world! - nonsense.

No, this is a polish that promises fabulosity and DELIVERS. Hear that, S Gerrard? DELIVERS! No empty boasts.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. Not that I feel duped by the hype at all.

The accent nail is my beloved Bassins Bleu (why not Bleus so the adjective agrees with the plural noun?) and is quite a surprise because they look a lot closer in the bottle than on the ongle. You can see here, yes? But in the final analysis *hums Final Countdown* it's far darker.

Do I think mint has had its chips? No. Not in this house. It's a new classic. That's my final word on the matter.

It's hot. I made a worse mess than usual. I seek pardon.


Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Cherry award...

It is my pleasurable duty to select 5 Cherry award-winners...

Thank you to Karen of Frazzle and Aniploish for nominating me and I now hereby confer this honour upon-----

OK, hold it there because I have to explain a bit. I could have picked dozens of blogs because I read dozens every day and I wouldn't do that if I didn't love them so I had to have me some selection criteria. I still could have chosen more than 5 though.... 

The criteria were:
  • young (opposite of me who am old)
  • British (or living in Britain because I am speaking primarily to a British readership)
  • blogs with exclusively or a fair bit of nail-content
  • I like them

So I tag -

Rebecca of Nails Etc

Tilly of Matilda's Manis

  1. Please copy the award onto your blog.
  2. Thank me in the most ingratiating way possible!
  3. Select another 5 recipients.
  4. Include a pic that means something to you.
  5. Write 5 positive comments about yourself.
Here's a pic

This is my lovely grandson on my knee last August (my 54th birthday!).

5 positives
  1. I'm a lot more tolerant these days
  2. I am making a success of my marriage (having not been a great wife on 2 previous occasions)
  3. I think people at work enjoy working with me - I do try to brighten the day!
To be honest 3 is good going for me. I used to be such a judgemental, conceited b!tch. I'm rather chuffed to have thought of 3 genuinely good points.

Over to you, my little cherry-dumplings!


Essie + a puzzle/Hokey cokey karaoke and let the dog see the rabbit...

Here's an Essie

Got it for £3.50. Didn't much like it in the bottle. 3 coats. LOVE it on. L O V E   I T.

Here's the puzzle!
A recent Rimmel polish was called Coralicious because it was coral-coloured. That's my opening example. Other polishes with the colour in the name are: Ruby Pumps, Red Stallion, Blue Moon.

So what did Essie call THIS?
What colour family do you think this belongs to?

I want you to guess by posting a comment, if you feel so inclined.
But the answer (the actual moniker by which this is marketed) can be found below. Highlight the supposedly blank area and you will see what it's called. 

Mauve-ing Along

Now you can call me a blind old bat with the colour sense of a mole in a hole but I really don't think that this polish can be called mauve. But what do you think?
I'm going to post my 5 Cherry tag blogger/folk/peeps later today and an Illamasqua question.


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Models Own Blue Moon + Dusty Mauve

See above
Boots expert  nail ridge filler
Misa Breakneck
Use of Mac iPhoto to edit major imperfections

1 Apply ridge filler
2 Apply 1st coat of polish
3 Apply 2nd coat
4 Apply further coat (if necessary according to taste)
5 Wait 5 minutes before applying topcoat
6 Evaluate

Very pretty. Moon is a blue foil. Not unique but easy to apply and a typical foil
Mauve -  on the nail a soft grey but in the bottle more complex (see below)

Extension activity (sorry, I've lapsed into teacher-ese)
Very pretty but I messed up with a coupla dents'n'dings so the ol' Fairy Dust had to come to the rescue.

Voila. My most-used and rapidly thickening polish.
I am far too tight to buy a bottle of Seche Restore and I know not to thin it  (attempt to anyway) with remover so have you any budget tips for me, please?

Or I shall be very sad.......
I don't want my Fairy Dust to die! Help my Fairy Dust to live, I beg you!

Tatty bye

Friday, 25 June 2010

Models Own haul - gang of 5

Less than 48 hours
Free P&P
You'd better hope Eng-er-land beat Germany on Sunday if you want 20% off a little bundle of beauties under the Models Own "Surely that sorry bunch'll never win anything so we can offer loads of discounts to punters safe in the knowledge that we won't have to make good on our promise" WE SUPPORT ENGLAND campaign.

Cr@ppy pic of:
Dusty Mauve
Nude Beige
Pink Lady
Blue Moon

These look way better IRL.
I'm going to pick 2 now to do a mani with but won't post until tomorrow.
Short of time today, I fear.

KarenD of Frazzle and Aniploish ( me with one of these - for which I thank her.

I have to nominate 5 others and I'm going to devote some time to that before launching in. I also have to write about 5 other things but more of that anon.

OK, I can't leave you without a pic so for a LAUGH (a LAUGH) I am posting my beyond-feeble isn't-this-the-lamest-nailart-ever photo of my cherry blossom effort from February (?).

Actually that blue looks OK but the alleged flower (!) is beyond words cruddy.
Just shows I have more confidence now. I had about 2 followers when I did this and didn't dare expose it to public view but ........well, it's in the public domain. Oh, and the cuticles and.......

Bet Karen wouldn't have tagged me if she'd seen THAT!

Vow to self - must do better.

Onwards and upwards

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rimmel 60 seconds Coralicious

That was an easy title....

The Orly yellow was...yellow. No, actually it wasn't. It was very green-leaning. So now that I have a yellow I can move on. It's not the greatest yellow but it's OK. I got one.

Had to go though. Aha, thought I, coral!!!
Now then - what is coral exactly? I wouldn't know it if I stubbed my toe on it anyway.
But what makes a coral polish coral?

If you get something called Coralicious you think you must be there or thereabouts. But what about that shades that aren't called Coral Delight, Coral Surprise or Don't forget to coral me.....?

Cor, I really like this. It goes well with the blue accent. 2 coats but I added a 3rd for some bizarre reason. No top coat on this. A really easy polish to work with. Not streaky.

I luuuuuuuuuuuurve the little, fat brush. Little and fat is good and I should know!!! The brush is a lot stubbier than it look on the cap.

I'm going to have to get some more in this range.

BUT I still don't know what coral is. I mean - this is orangey red. Yes?

One pic seems insufficient so..

Bullfinches from the bottom of our garden.
Do THEY have coral breasts?
Do you have any thoughts on coral?


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

MODELS OWN - 25% discount!!! Free P&P

Remember the deal? England wins a match and for 24 hours you get the discount...

I just ordered 5 for £12.79 including P&P.

Plus they seem to have some new colours. Now these may have been around a while but they are new to me and may just be new to you.

Go now. Go.

Code is

Never say I'm not good to you....

Orly Peridot Courage + Finger Paints Blissfully Blue + more Nails Etc haul

Got home. No post. Upstairs to first landing.
What's this?
Torn paper. Bubble wrap.
That'll be my nail varnish then.
Thanks, dog 3.

I only had one Orly. Now I have 3. Admittedly 2 are somewhat butchered about the rubber handle but hi de hi.
This is Peridot Courage. My b'day is in August and this is one of the "months" range.
3 coats. It's OK. It's yellow. Well, it's a rather greenish yellow and it isn't as foully streaky as most yellows so I'm not displeased.
The accent is the Finger Paints I got from Silver Diva and that went on well for a pastel creme. I think the trick with these is to use a lot of polish and let it settle onto the nail.

Can you see the green? Yes?
It's just not substantial enough so I may China Glaze Fairy Dust it or find a way to zhuzh it up.

Little devil had a good chew at this cap. It's one of the best caps out there and he desecrates it for me. Grrr.

More pix from Rebecca's giveaway as requested. My first/sole Ciate!!!
Isn't the orange MO pretty?

Atrocious shot of the NYC West Village making it look black (see yesterday).

Do they not look heart-rendingly cute?

Which polishes have the best/worst caps?
Orly = best
Nails Inc = worst (they are so big for my puddy-paws)

Hot day. Headache.
We got through to the next round of the WC. Hurrah.

Yes, but we scored an astronomical 2 goals in 3 games and have had to acknowledge that the US has a better side than we do. And (not criticising England now) I am appalled by the play-acting that's going on. It always has but it's so blatant now. All that "Ref, my face! He kicked me in the face. He has obliterated my face, ref!" rubbish. Get 'em off!

Evenin' all

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Barry M Silver Cascade + Bourjois Paillettes Disco + Barry M Hexograms + Rebecca's giveaway from Nails Etc

Where do I start??

I know I was claiming yesterday to be sophisticated and un-Katie-Price but I do like me a bit of bling. The Nail Glam nails are going strong so there is only one thing to be done. Bling on bling layering.

Subtle or what?
I know I'll regret it come the removal day but that day may be a long time a-coming. Once you've got glitter you've GOT glitter.

Who would've thought that 3 seemingly innocuous polishes could result in such a glitz-fest?

They look fairly harmless, would you not say???

Now take a look at this. See below...

From Rebecca. It's NYC West Village. I took it out of the colossal box and thought - OK, black, yep...
Jumping Jehosophat, it jolly well isn't!!!!
This is Rebecca whose giveaway I won.

Here she is. She looks frightfully posh and lovely, I think. I'm guessing classical concert. The interval? Something choral? Bach? She'll tell me if I'm wrong.

Also in the box? Another 15 polishes! 

I took pix of all 16 but thought I'd get into trouble posting loadsa photos. I'm lucky enough to have a Mac but when I log onto the blogs when at work (rubbish PCs probably a squillion years old) I realise how many decades you have to sit waiting for pix to load and how likely it is that the brain will spontaneously combust from sheer aggravation.

Still searching for that elusive easy-going yellow. Will this be the one? It's a bit shimmery so maybe....just maybe...

Favourite flavour ice-cream?
And what does Button Moon mean - if anything?

A demain
Jenn ee/bah/gum fur

Monday, 21 June 2010

OPI Overexposed in South Beach + Diamond Cosmetics South Beach Pink + DotD

Not until I typed out the names that I realised the connection. South Beach.
South Beach where? Brighton? Skegness? Cleethorpes?

Must be Bournemouth, I think.

I was so impressed by the PPP from Diamond that I wanted to try another from the collection I got from ABOP.
2 coats of easy-going pink goodness. So that's more positive feedback for Diamond. I don't know how they do it for the price. It's not as if they are all tame colours and finishes. They do one of my all-time faves - Chainmail Charm. BIG respect to Diamond.
And the OPI's great too.
I have become thoroughly sick of flat pastel cremes but PPP and these pinks are bright. So I can't whinge about these. The odd finish is my fault. I washed my paws a bit too soon and I've messed it up a bit.

I couldn't do 2 hands of pink or people would think I was some kind of Katie-Price-alike but a single hand is cheering.

Silver Diva sent me the OPI after the naughty ebay-seller sold me a polish as Overexposed when it patently bl00dy wasn't!!! Lovely Silver Diva.


I removed the red-eye and it hasn't worked particularly well. This is our rescue dog. This colour cocker has a bad rep. for temperament and he bit me over the weekend. There's a marker on the gene that makes them that golden colour. It also makes them "flip". He knows he's in my bad books at the moment hence the soulful expression. I'm ignoring him. It won't last long. He's our dog and I mismanaged a situation when I know he's volatile. Ho hum. Silly me.

On with the jollity.

Talking of beaches, (yes, we were) what's your best beach or best beach memory?
I think mine was nude-bathing in Croatia. I hadn't done it before and it was soooooo liberating/refreshing.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Twinkle - glitter + DotD

Now I don't like to boast...(not a lot and not too often anyway)
But in buying this particular polish I scored a goal more spectacular than you have yet seen in World Cup 2010. This is a polish I haven't seen on the blogs. I venture to state this is the best glitter polish - bar none.


Yes, I've been wearing this on a single finger for days but today I decided it was worth a full 5 fingers! Nothing ever gets 10 whole fingers.
The forecast in these here parts is for sunshine for a few days and this will last a few days and more. I'm not going to test it to destruction as I'm within 16 years of my three score and ten so I'd better get a move on and use some of my untrieds. This is one of those "sorry-officer-I-didn't-mean-to-drive-in-the-back-of-that-Mini-only-I-was-gazing-at-my-nails" polishes. And then some.

And now for the DotD. The b!tch makes a return visit to the blog. She was very well-received on her first appearance.

She was asked to pose by the hall mats she had been trashing. She scratches at them because she likes the rough texture. It's a spaniel ear-drying technique. One descends the stairs to find the mats in a heap with a positively orgasmic spaniel rolling around. She sat for her photo but was distracted by one of the dog-chaps and is looking at him. She has been quite annoying on her walk today having disappeared twice and failed to respond to clear (and loud) instructions. Hm. She is however unspeakably adorable and one can't be cross with her for long - mostly because she would sulk and shun one and it isn't pleasant to be cold-shouldered by the dog!

Which polish distracts YOU from your driving? Rebecca only just passed her test so I hope she's taking PARTICULAR care to concentrate.   ;o)


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Diamonds Cosmetics Pelican Peak Purple and OPI A Grape Fit - purple cremes

I could have sworn it was Pelican BBBBBBeak but it isn't. It's PPPPPPeak. How did I get that so wrong? You see what you want to see....
Got the PPP from my ABOP giveaway "win". (see sidebar)

So I thought I'd have a go.
And then I thought: It's a pastel creme. I love the colour but it's going to behave fearfully badly. *gloom gloom*
I really want OPI A Grape Fit. I'll do that instead.
Rummaged for the OPI. Where IS it? Found it.
OMG it's really quite close to PPP. So let's try both. Have a comparison. I'm batty. I even thought they were dupe-ish at first. They are so NOT.
Couldn't open it at first - the OPI. A bit gummed up with old polish. One of the first bottles I bought when I got back into nail polish last September.

I have such a thing for purple. This was the in-colour when I was about 16 (c. 1971) and everything was purple velvet (not cars or obviously or bananas) and I loved it. I had a flower-sprigged Laura Ashley midi-dress. I had loads of stuff. Takes me back. Hawkwind. Silver Machine. 

This isn't hard. Which fingers are painted with which polish? Pic 1?
Oh, the Diamond was actually not a s0dding s0d at all. It was an easy 2 coats. Pleased I was!
I still love purple. I probably love it even more now.

The OPI is a great polish. There are loads like it. Done Out In Deco etc. I don't have them. I don't need them. Grape Fit is worth getting.

No dogs today. You'll have to provide your own pets. Sorry about that.


Friday, 18 June 2010

FingerPaints - Meet Me At The Met - grey - DotD

My 1st FP
Silver Diva chose this for me for our swap

2 coats. This is great! Grey CAN be boring. This one isn't.
It has hints of blue and olive in some lights. It has shimmer and stuff.
It glides on easily-peasily.
Finger Paints has made a strong start in my book. I have 2 more to try.

Under halogen.

This is a quality polish. Different looks in different lights.
Twinkle ain't goin' nowhere (index). And why should it?

DotD demonstrating depression and male solidarity.

Fellow on the left had been exiled to the bottom of the garden (not by me - I'm a softie) on account of having got filthy and having been hosed down and being wringing wet. Fellow on the right joined him in a protest against human harshness. All very sad and pitiful.

Now the tag.

5 facts.
Oh, and watch yer backs because I'm still thinking about whom else to tag. It may be YOU.

Rebekah tagged me. (For the love of nails...)
1. I didn't learn to swim until I was nearly 30 because I'm a scaredy-cat and hated water.
2. I didn't find out I was pregnant with Child 1 until 24 weeks. Call myself an educated woman. Ha!
3. During my Grade 3 piano exam the examiner groped my ample frontage. I got a Distinction. In one of the sections he gave me 21 out of 20!!!
4. I have sacralisation of the 5th lumbar vertebra (stiff lower back).
5. I don't have wisdom teeth.

I tag Bethanie if she reads this. 5 factoids, please.

And for "What's in your bag?" I tag Susie.


Tag a bag

I have such a lot to do.
First I will discharge an obligation (tag) to reveal details of my bag.
Tagged by Vix (Vintage Vixen). Too rushed to do a link at the mo.

This is my one and only bag. Recently acquired because I believe there to be little tea-leaves at large at my workplace. Usually I leave my wallet in the pocket of a jacket on the back of a chair. My mobile goes in the pocket of my shorts and that's me. But due to reports of things going missing I have had to take extreme action and get a bag. I HATE bags. I like to travel light.

In it. Some money. A wallet with a broken zip that Daughter 1 bought for me and I can't discard for that reason. Grubby tissue. Poo bags. Dogs, silly! Not for me. Sundry receipts. Cash. Less than £10. Mobile.


When I go out I go back to pockets. Bags just aren't me. I got a tinder pouch because it's small and I sling it over my body so I can't lose it. It's a lovely bag but I'm still not a bag-lady. Except in the sense that I'm scruffy.

Later - another tag (Rebekah). A DotD. Maybe even nails.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

GUEST DotD + ABOP win + Pop Beauty Radioactive

2 coats plus topcoat. Neon but doesn't dry especially matte. Matte-ish.
Well named. It is a positive screamer! 

It is a great deal brighter than this. With a blue shimmer in the bottle. That shimmer does translate to the nail in a fairly low-key way. I think you can detect a bit of the shimmer in the 1st pic. And maybe in the 2nd pic. Honestly I really am losing the plot here. It    has    blue    shimmer    full    stop. 

I never buy a whole collection of anything. No, I WON one! From "ANOTHER bottle of polish" (see sidebar). Plus a Finger Paints and a Dark Pleasures. I promise to tell you more but I'm so rushed!
Diamond Cosmetics are fab. Get them in the UK from BUT the range isn't as up-to-date as the US nailaholics have access to. And THANK YOU to ABOP.

GUEST DotD with a forthcoming DotD at the rear.
This gentleman is Australian. He comes to stay for a visit when his family make a return visit to the land at the bottom of the earth.
He is indomitably self-confident - not to say downright  bumptious. No jokes about Australians, please. They are very fine cricketers. Damn them!
This gentleman is getting on a bit but an example to us all in terms of optimism, spunk and energy.

More later if time permits.

Question of the day.
Do you watch Dr Who?
Was the Van Gogh episode a stinker or not? (Oops, just noticed that the card from ABOP isn't a Van Gogh - it's a Monet...)