Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Eyeko and GOSH - how not to be bored by pink..

I had a nude nail and some other nails. I can't remember what they were doing to annoy me but they had to be brought into line.

Dull pic. In both senses.
The nude nail is the one on the right. Eyeko Nude.
The others are Eyeko Petite. But as pretty as it was I had to mess with it. Anyway I'd put a few coats on and it was a bit bubbly. And there may have been dog hairs. Did I TELL you about that dog?


Oo, you little cutie-pies. 

GOSH Rainbow on middle and little.
Attitudes Oyster Pearl on ring.
You may not love this. I do.
A word to the wise. Get GOSH Rainbow. Don't say I never give you any good advice.

The accent nail yesterday didn't work either so the red jelly was replaced with blue foil. This works better and yet...
The blue nail is China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea.
Which has led me to a moment of illumination. It is this.
Blues don't suit me.
Consequently there will be a cluster (what is the collective noun) of polishes up for grabs. Should I do a blog sale. Or would you prefer a giveaway? I think I can guess! Ebay?

OK, if there is to be a giveaway can we begin with a survey, please?

A Your fave blue?
B A suggestion for the collective noun for polishes/varnishes (what you will).

Some of the polishes are likely to be:
China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea    (cue my habitual expression of disgust at the beverage-abomination that is known as iced tea)
BB Couture Sea of Cortez
Barielle Falling Star 

There will be about 20.

So - A and B, if you'd be so kind.



  1. A: turquoise :)

    B: I personally like a bevy of nailpolishes. Although a murder of them would be more accurate. How about a gaggle?

    I'm making a trip to the post office tomorrow. ^^

    By the way, sadly, they don't seem to be making the Green Jelly anymore. I'll still hop by a few shops to check but I'll send out the rest first. :(

    And I know know not to send you any blues ^^

  2. Gosh Rainbow makes everything look extra nice :)

    Wait, which questions are we supposed to answer? Haha the ones in this post or the ones at the top? I'll just do both!

    1 Your fave pink polish? I know pink can be considered beneath the notice of the serious nail-fanatic sometimes.
    I love Sugar High by China Glaze, it's got a nice blue-ish undertone to it and I love the formula too.

    2 The polish you most looked forward to but disappointed you in reality.
    Ooh uhm... Probably the Konad special polishes, they were rank and such a bugger to work with, I much prefer using regular polish with Konad.

    3 The best contest/competition/whatever that you have ever won. Gave you the most pleasure - not necessarily the greatest in financial terms.
    I won some Nicky Clarke hair straighteners on Cosmetic Candy's blog last year which was fantastic because my straighteners had just stopped working about a week before - I was an avid poker-straight fan then!

    4 For what polish, if any, would you (or have you) paid over £15? I don't know what that is in your currency!
    Illamasqua Prism, if I hadn't have got it for free! ;P

    5 Tell me about your pets or thoughts on pets.
    I've got a German shepherd, her name's Bella. She'll be 7 in September. I used to have two cats as well but they both had to be put down last year for different reasons, sadly. One of them was older than me, my parents had her before I was born :)

    6 Do you have a charity you particularly favour? What is it?
    There's a lot of charities that do excellent work but personally I'm not really involved with any. I used to donate half my pocket money each month to the RSPCA when I was little. :3

    7 Say something positive about yourself.
    I'm happy with my weight and my curves. Not many girls, especially ones my age, can say that!

    8 I have a slight preoccupation with the letters that one has to enter to verify a comment. Here are some recent favourites: entub, normip, sestorta. Do you take any notice of these? Do you have any that have made you laugh? What do you think /sestorta/ might mean????
    Hahaha I get some REALLY funny ones sometimes! I've had 'puke' before, and 'bumtick'. If I get a really funny one as I leave a comment, I normally leave another comment to let the blogger know ;P best one I ever had was scrotum.

    9 Is mental health a subject that concerns you?
    Somewhat - it's not personally affected anyone close to me but I know it's a heartbreaking issue.

    10 Say something positive about your workplace.
    I don't have one at the moment, sadly :(

    A Your fave blue?
    At the moment, I think it's Sleek Turquoise. It's not reeeally turqoise, I'd certainly be more inclined to describe it as blue. Also fond of Nailgirls Blue #2!

    B A suggestion for the collective noun for polishes/varnishes (what you will).
    How about a parliament? That's the collective noun for owls, dontcha know! A parliament of polishes, 'cause we're all smart ladies really even if our main hobby is prettifying out nails! Or, a pride of polishes?

  3. GF: Thanks, m'dear! Hope you like yours! A murder of polishes. If I invest in too many more I'm going to be appearing in the press as a murder victim. Think the OH will flip!
    Leanne: Awesome as always.The 10 qq enter you in the giveaway. Scrotum. Ho hum. What is it with hair-straighteners and you young things? I so do not understand. Pink with blue is always good. I love alliteration. A parliament of polishes. Yes, I can see that.

  4. Blues don't suit you? Now I'm wondering if they don't suit me either and I just haven't noticed yet.

    A) Orly La Playa

    B) A peloton of polishes, because like bike racers, they travel in a pack but a few are always slipping out of the group and being replaced by others.

  5. I never even heard of that Orly. Must look it up.
    Peloton. That's really rather good. What a daft profession that is - bike racing. Must be so boring! And you can't eat, have to take steroids, stare at bony bottoms all day, get big calves and puny chests. Tut.
    I'm sure blue suits everyone else, KarenD. It's just me.

  6. a) I love navy blues and royal blues (can't chose which particular one because I can't stop buying them ^^

    b)Multiplication- because my stash multiplies over night without me knowing it ;)

  7. Oh, aP!
    Classic nail-addict denial. You must face up to this. It's you. Your polish-habit is now pathological. I can help you with this. I can counsel you. ;o)

    Maybe I should try royal blue. Perhaps that's the answer.

  8. Ooooh I do love rainbow! Maybe we should start an official fan club!?

    A: MUA SHADE 2!! Look at my latest post - it's a beaut!

    B: I like a flourish of polishes

  9. I am going to get Rainbow, I need to!!

    A) My favourite blue is one I got from Sephora called Curaçao, it's an almost-turquoise, very bright!

    B) I think it should be called a Swatch of Polishes, for obvious reasons :D

  10. Flourish and swatch. Both good.
    Rebecca: Sephora! How d'you get that??? Eek.
    Tilly: I know. And 5 seconds after you posted so did another blogger! Same polish. Looks jolly good on you. And her.

  11. Rainbow always looks lovely, whether on it's own or over a polish!

    I really like the Attitudes Oyster Pearl in the first picture, I'm a sucker for frosty shades :)

    A) I love dark blues, I used to always wear a metallic royal blue even though it stained my hands for days! But at the moment I like the light pastel/sky blues, I want to pick up the models own feeling blue. Reminds me of the sky, if the rain clouds ever move!
    B) I think it should be a clink of polishes, like the noise of the glass bottles as I rummage through trying to pick one :D

  12. A clink! Mine make more of a dull thud. You have more musical polishes, I think.

  13. you should, or maybe just do a "play date" with our polishes and see if they really do multiply themselves ;)

  14. A play date with polishes. Visions of rather sinister horror film. Silly me.