Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Barry M Silver Cascade + Bourjois Paillettes Disco + Barry M Hexograms + Rebecca's giveaway from Nails Etc

Where do I start??

I know I was claiming yesterday to be sophisticated and un-Katie-Price but I do like me a bit of bling. The Nail Glam nails are going strong so there is only one thing to be done. Bling on bling layering.

Subtle or what?
I know I'll regret it come the removal day but that day may be a long time a-coming. Once you've got glitter you've GOT glitter.

Who would've thought that 3 seemingly innocuous polishes could result in such a glitz-fest?

They look fairly harmless, would you not say???

Now take a look at this. See below...

From Rebecca. It's NYC West Village. I took it out of the colossal box and thought - OK, black, yep...
Jumping Jehosophat, it jolly well isn't!!!!
This is Rebecca whose giveaway I won.

Here she is. She looks frightfully posh and lovely, I think. I'm guessing classical concert. The interval? Something choral? Bach? She'll tell me if I'm wrong.

Also in the box? Another 15 polishes! 

I took pix of all 16 but thought I'd get into trouble posting loadsa photos. I'm lucky enough to have a Mac but when I log onto the blogs when at work (rubbish PCs probably a squillion years old) I realise how many decades you have to sit waiting for pix to load and how likely it is that the brain will spontaneously combust from sheer aggravation.

Still searching for that elusive easy-going yellow. Will this be the one? It's a bit shimmery so maybe....just maybe...

Favourite flavour ice-cream?
And what does Button Moon mean - if anything?

A demain
Jenn ee/bah/gum fur


  1. More pictures, please; I can wait! I'm not patient for a lot of things but on nail blogs I like lots of photos (as long as they're not all the same as each other).

  2. Rebecca does look rather posh and lovely!
    I've got that yellow polish, sadly it looks like I'm a 40-a-day roll up affectionado and I'm not, honest.
    Liking the Rimmel 60 Seconds polish.
    Oh yeah, I'm a freak and cannot stand ice cream.

  3. More pictures pleaseee :) I bought the 2 asda ones for my friend and she likes them :) I have the rimmel, it's quite good and has a mega wide brush. The Barry M Holographic Hexograms my brother bought me and its really lovely but a major pain in the butt to remove. Aaaaaaaaaand i think button moon is some sort of tv show ?

  4. KarenD: More pix tomorrow.
    Vix: Maybe I shall layer that polish over a something else. Not like ice-cream. How very can you NOT?
    Veg: Can you elaborate on the TV show? I'd better google it. We don't have an Asda in these here parts so I was very glad to get these.

  5. Wow! You can't get much more sparkly than that! You'll have to sleep with your fingers in remover though! Still, it looks fab, so it's worth it! :)
    As for ice-cream I love mint flavour, if it has chocolate chips in it, all the better.
    I loved Button Moon when I was little, I think I still have some eps on VHS, with Mr and Mrs Spoon and their children who was a teaspoon!

  6. Those glitters look great on you! Gorgeous!

  7. I'm not posh! :p That was a cocktail party in final year of uni in Durham castle :D I did go to a lot of classical concerts though. Glad you like the polishes, looking forward to seeing pics. Button Moon was a kids show in the 80s! I think the polish is the colour of one of the characters.

  8. You are a bad influence on me, Jen! I already have to fight against my instincts to wear the most vulgarly blingy possible polishes at all times, but you make it downright impossible to resist. Love NYC West Village--the color really does seem to suit the place.

  9. I must research Button Moon now. It sounds so sweet.

    Actually that's a challenge for the nail polish industry - manufacture glitters that don't stick to the nail like leeches to Bogart in the African Queen.

  10. Very pretty. :)
    Hey would won the question challenge giveaway thingy you did?
    I LOVE lots of photos. :)