Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sally Hansen - Fairy Dust Pink - The magical range - a holo

I do love a good holo. And a good cup of tea. But that's another story.

2 coats.
Halogen lighting. I have found that my bathroom is an excellent venue for photography.

Began with the hair-tearingout-inducing drag and bald spots associated with every holo in existence.
This happens with most holos and I have to re-remember every time how to apply the stuff.
Lots of polish on the nail is the solution. Lots. It's all plain sailing from that point.

What a pretty bottle. Such cute packaging.
BUT - and you know the problem - what the blue blazes does the polish look like inside?
I HATE it when the companies do this.
But no matter. It was cheap. Ebay. Discontinued. The holo effect is strong so I don't much care about the colour. Luckily I like it but the opaque bottle is a daft idea.
This is more lavender than pink but WTF. It has aspects of blue and is different in varying conditions. It's also quite reflective and has a slight mirror-finish.

Notice anything?
Yes, I've been de-digitated.
Removed the old stuff and there was a split. A SPLIT. Right down the middle.
That nail has gone on holiday for a week to recover. Crete, I think it said. I've never been.

I think my next post is going to encompass either footwear for summer OR eyeliner.

Please vote for your preference now.

Happy dreary day


  1. Good god, that's pretty! Walsall market has a cosmetics stall often heaving with Sally Hansen, I'll have to look for this one on friday.
    Hope the nail has a great break and remembers to send you a postcard.
    As an eyeliner obsessive I'm voting for option 4, please! But your take on anything's gonna be equally brilliant.

  2. That's a very pretty color!
    BTW, Glitter Gal holos apply without the 'hair-tearingout-inducing drag and bald spots'lol. & if one brand can do it, so can the others(its high time they did).

  3. Thanks, Rhea. I never even heard of Glitter Gal. Better go a-googling.

  4. That is really really lovely! I love me a good holo :D I don't know anywhere near me that I can get Sally Hansen polishes - I can get the base coats and stuff in Superdrug but not actual polishes!

  5. I checked this on ebay and these are now about ten quid including P&P from the US. Way too much obviously. I bet they were originally a couple of dollars. I betcha.
    TJ Hughes has a bunch of SH but not good ones.
    Ebay is best. You just have to do a daily trawl and wait until you strike lucky.
    The HDs are great as well though I don't have any. They used to do some great chromes.

  6. Heu hunny, just found your blog after you commented on mine hehe. Love it... always looking for new nail blogs to follow. Might aswell enter your comp while Im here eh? haha. Hope Im doing this right and just commenting on a recent post. If not you can slap me!

    1 Your fave pink polish? My fave pink (at the mo) is China Glaze Strawberry Fields. Oh wait... or is it Strawberry Smooth Hmmmm forgot ha! and my stash is upstairs.

    2 The polish you most looked forward to but disappointed you in reality. I was actually quite excited about China Glaze Peechy Keen, but it just didn't work for me :(

    3 The best contest/competition/whatever that you have ever won. Gave you the most pleasure - not necessarily the greatest in financial terms. Im not really looking when it comes to winning comps, but I have been lucky with blog comps... and every single one of them that Ive won, made me seriously over the moon!

    4 For what polish, if any, would you (or have you) paid over £15? I don't know what that is in your currency! I so wish I would have Bought Chanel Jade. Kind of not the right answer :( but I wish I would have got it.

    5 Tell me about your pets or thoughts on pets. Ive got 4 cats. Sly, Jax, Kiara and Bell. Love every single one of them so much. They've all got their own little unique personalities and make me and the kids laugh so much.

    6 Do you have a charity you particularly favour? What is it? Obviously the NSPCC being a mother and all.

    7 Say something positive about yourself. Erm.... *thinking* ........... *still thinking* bugger it, can't think of anything :(

    8 I have a slight preoccupation with the letters that one has to enter to verify a comment. Here are some recent favourites: entub, normip, sestorta. Do you take any notice of these? Do you have any that have made you laugh? What do you think /sestorta/ might mean???? Oh Im always going on about these on Twitter. Ive had some right funny one, they seem to be getting longer aswell! As for Sestora I havn't got the foggiest! haha.

    9 Is mental health a subject that concerns you? It is yeah, as I have a few members of my family who suffer with mental health problems.

    10 Say something positive about your workplace. Well Im a stay at home mummy, so its fantastic being with my youngest and watching him grow, back to workies as soon as he starts nursery though. Sigh..... lol.

    All done! I actually really enjoyed answering them. Really made a difference to all the other comps.


  7. I just had to come back and tell you wehat word verification I got then!

    "eyfolo" Lmao.... I follow! and I do now too! That was just freaky.


  8. Thanks, Jo.
    Chanel Jade is totally the right answer.
    eyfolo - ha!
    Ducking out of the "say something positive about you" question is NOT an option. But as it's you I'll help you out. Very glamorous woman and devoted mother.

  9. very pretty colour, I love the hint of pink and lilac it has :o)

  10. Pretty! I just got my first SH Magical in a swap but haven't have a chance to try it yet.

    I vote 2--I love shoes as well as nail polish.

  11. It's a tie between eyeliner and shoes. Any other votes?

  12. *has a serious case of the giggles* I hope your digit is having a nice vacation in Crete! XD Will it remember to shop for polish while there?

    Love the Fairy Dust, you reminded me I have one of those pesky gold bottles I bought off of ebay. I can never remember what color it is because of that opaque bottle...I'll have to hunt it down!

    Ummm...I vote shoes!

  13. Wow, that is a gorgeous polish. I wish I could have one too. Oh, I hope it's OK if I post my giveaway entry here, :)

    1 Your fave pink polish? I really don't like pink, but nevertheless I have one pink nail polish in my tiny stash that is my favorite. It's a drugstore brand she #427. It's a pink holo and I love it.

    2. I looked forward to Barry M's Spring Green, but when I got it was nothing like swatches I managed to find. It was a big flop.

    3. I've never really won anything, but back then, when I was still practicing swimming any personal best was a win for me.

    4. I've never paid more than 15 pounds on a nail polish. Yet. Maybe a Chanel if it's something special.

    5. I don't have pets, never had them and probably never will. I'm just not a pet person. (I would have a pet that doesn't need to be fed and doesn't take too much of your time).

    6. I don't have a charity that I favor. I'm not a very trustful person and if I can't be sure where exactly my donation will do, I don't donate.

    7. That's a hard one. I think I have pretty nails. Prettier than my friends have.

    8. I do notice them, bit never remember them. I have no idea. The last five letters /torta/ in my language means cake. :)

    9. Sometimes. But all the great people are a little crazy. (Alice in Wonderland)

    10. I work on a pool, so what's not to like about that?

    My blog:
    I'm from Slovenia, which is in EU. :)

  14. I love this holo, it looks gorgeous on you!

  15. Lol. You're so funny! I'm thinking of going to crete soon...maybe I'll see your missing digit there! I vote SHOES!!! Also love this pink and I never understand why Sally hansen does really puts me off buying any.

  16. Thanks, everyone.
    I'm not sure it WAS Crete. Could have been Corsica, Cephalonia??

    This SH would suit everyone. I think it's the halogen lighting flattering my skintone...

    Pippa:So you're a serious Slovenian swimmer! And it's true that the best people are somewhat mad. You're in the giveaway!

  17. How pretty!

    Your blog posts have mae me laugh! I only stumbled accross it tonight- linnking from the daily nail!

    I have just painted English Flags on my nails ready for 2morro's world cup game haha - Im not very good at painting my nails at the best of times but thought i would make an effort - for England you understand ;P

    They will be on my blog after the weekend! :D

    Have a good one!

    Sal xXx