Thursday, 3 June 2010

My entry to the Bling Challenge on PHD - Polish Hoarder Disorder

That's it really..

Mine isn't really bling-y enough but I don't have the bits'n'bobs. I'll submit it anyway. There's no prize. Do you do any of these? This is the first one I've "entered". I wouldn't dare enter a genuine competition as my nail art is 7 kinds of potato-peelings.

Hey, it's a good way to fill a post though. Get other people to provide the pix!

I used the target colours but it doesn't sing Bling!

Oh, flubber dub. Never mind.

The bare bones..

Short nails don't lend themselves to this kind of artistry. I'm try to kid myself here.
I'll close with the inevitable parting words. Are you ready??

It looks better in real life...



  1. I applaud you for attempting the challenge! I've yet to do any nail art challenges, as I've barely done any nail art at all. I hope to change that soon. I did submit my "mannequin hands" to All Lacquered Up and admit that was fun to see my hand in her blog.

  2. Well done, they look great! I really like the blue sparkles on silver and the gold sparkly bits :)

  3. Thanks.
    I can't call it nailart as there were no brushes involved but...

  4. I actually think this looks rad! You did an awesome job (: