Friday, 18 June 2010

FingerPaints - Meet Me At The Met - grey - DotD

My 1st FP
Silver Diva chose this for me for our swap

2 coats. This is great! Grey CAN be boring. This one isn't.
It has hints of blue and olive in some lights. It has shimmer and stuff.
It glides on easily-peasily.
Finger Paints has made a strong start in my book. I have 2 more to try.

Under halogen.

This is a quality polish. Different looks in different lights.
Twinkle ain't goin' nowhere (index). And why should it?

DotD demonstrating depression and male solidarity.

Fellow on the left had been exiled to the bottom of the garden (not by me - I'm a softie) on account of having got filthy and having been hosed down and being wringing wet. Fellow on the right joined him in a protest against human harshness. All very sad and pitiful.

Now the tag.

5 facts.
Oh, and watch yer backs because I'm still thinking about whom else to tag. It may be YOU.

Rebekah tagged me. (For the love of nails...)
1. I didn't learn to swim until I was nearly 30 because I'm a scaredy-cat and hated water.
2. I didn't find out I was pregnant with Child 1 until 24 weeks. Call myself an educated woman. Ha!
3. During my Grade 3 piano exam the examiner groped my ample frontage. I got a Distinction. In one of the sections he gave me 21 out of 20!!!
4. I have sacralisation of the 5th lumbar vertebra (stiff lower back).
5. I don't have wisdom teeth.

I tag Bethanie if she reads this. 5 factoids, please.

And for "What's in your bag?" I tag Susie.



  1. That poor pooch looks right dejected!
    Loving the polish and the fascinating facts.
    Enjoy (is that the right word?) the footie!

  2. We ought to win tonight. Surely!?? Say it will be so, Vix.

  3. This is a really interesting grey. Kind of slatey/charcoal looking. And LOL to number 3, although I hope he asked for your permission first!?

  4. That's a lovely grey and matches your sparkly finger really well! :)
    Such cute doggies too! Those little faces making you feel guilty!

  5. Tilly: No, he just groped me. I was so shocked! I must have been 12 or 13. Just carried on playing.
    Gemx: Grey is such an easy colour to wear. This is an instant go-to polish. Spaniels are good at "sad". Their speciality.

  6. Nice grey it looks good with the sparkly-ness :) I will post it later with some footy nails :)