Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bourjois Effet Faux Ongles - Beige Sophistique AND Pop Beauty Nail Glam Twinkle

Phew! That's a lot of writing for the names of 2 polishes!

The Bourjois is new. As in new on the market. I saw this on Just Nice Things on Helen's super-long nails and just had to have it. It looks better on her but that doesn't mean I can't wear it.

It's some amazing, revolutionary, innovative, life-enhancing,  revelatory ....stuff.
It does apply beautifully, I must admit.
Whipped cream. 2 coats.
Look, if you want all the technical hype I'm not up to that.
It's from asos. The colour range is bor-ING! But I wanted a boring colour so that's OK. I got a bright red too and that looks as if it will be hot!
And asos is free P&P. More companies are going this way. I likey likey.

And I got 3 Pop Beauty Nail Glam. OMG, I am going to get more. I registered with them or something and got a discount. Even at £6 full price these are superlative. 2 coats. Not very gritty. They don't have a huge variety but I'm having them. Having them all, do you hear!!! Seem to be getting a bit crazed..

And in sunlight.

3 questions. 1 is not nail-related. You have to guess which one.
1 Your fave nude? If you have such a thing. The concept of nude polishes was anathema to me but a few weeks ago.
2 Best glitter?
3 Should that Green fellow be sacked as England goalie? How shocked were you by that error? I'm saying 100% appalled. I could have saved that with my bloomers round my ankles whilst whipping up a souffle and taking a 'phone call from my Mum.



  1. Ooo me likes, nice and subtle. Yeah ok... so it is a bit boring, but like you said you wanted a boring colour and knew it was going to be boring, so its all gravy baby!

    As for the goal, it was literally just fu*king shocking! My first words were "Oh dear".


  2. "It's all gravy baby." That's a keeper. I'll take that! Talking of keepers - does anyone know a good one?

  3. that glitter is a beauty! ;)

  4. Twinkle is also the name of one of our dogs. I think this brand is going to be a winner.

  5. 1. I don't have many nude polishes except a 'nail coloured' kinda pink for pale manicures to hide my stains! :p and the Nails Inc London which is nicer than I expected for a boring colour!
    2. That is a super glitter! I realised I only have a couple of glitters, I'm too much in love with GOSH Rainbow I think for it's sparkles.
    3. The world cup does not exist to me, though I think I'd watch it if you were in goal making souffles with bloomers on!

  6. No he shouldn't. It will wreck his England career.

  7. Gemx: I love Rainbow too. Might put that over the Eyeko Cosmic.
    Rebecca: I have to admit I don't follow football any more. Is Green the best goalie at present?

  8. verry nice and mega trendy colour for this summer

  9. I love the pop beauty one.... and I'm also curious about the new bourjois line... maybe not this particular color, but they've got an built in ridgefiller which is already a plus ;)

  10. Yes, I used a ridgefiller anyway because my nails are like the Rift Valley. But I can imagine most people wouldn't need that. Asos are doing free P&P so maybe get just one, aP? The Bourjois feeeeeels nice.

  11. Love the packaging of that Pop stuff, really retro!
    I don't get nude, isn't it just beige with a trendy name?
    Fave glitter? I haven't got any but I'm on the look out for that Sally Hansen stuff you were sporting a couple of days ago.
    I'm gutted for Green, my heart went out for him. Poor love, they are under huge pressure, and the ball shouldn't have been allowed to pass the halfway line in my opinion. 1-1 to the States? Pah! Things don't look promising, do they?

  12. wow!!! Pop Beauty Nail Glam Twinkle looks like china glaze fairy dust but more dense. I need to check out the website to buy it. please ship to canada.

    I can't really answer your first question.
    1. I don't do nudes..they just look ugly on me =(
    2. best glitter? ahhhhhhhhh. can I say china glaze atlantis? that's a glitter yes?
    3. YES YES YES........yes x10000

  13. Vix: Nude is beige. I suppose nude nails are a spin-off from the nude trend in clothes. It's an easy way of having nice nails when you can't think of a colour IMO.
    Shortnails: You got that right. I have Fairy Dust and the Pop IS like that but a proper polish and not a topcoat. Worth having.

    Football - I have decided to stick with Green. He won't do that again and we all make mistakes and the rest of them were decidedly average at best and I know nothing anyway and it was a dire fumble but we've all had dire fumbles in our time and I'm sorry for him too.

  14. The POP reminds me of Magic Attraction that I got the other day! So sparkly and gorgeous

    1. My fave nude is a Nails inc I got free with the diet coke promotion - London. Technically a bit beigy but my most nude colour that I've tried!

    2. My fave glitter at the moment is the other Color Club I bought the other day - Sexy Siren. I have it on my toes and it is soooo pretty. I honestly have about 3 glitters though and definately need more.

    3. It was terrible. I <3 David James though...get him in there for Friday! men in shorts :)


    Thank you again :) xx