Friday, 4 June 2010

A fail - Barielle - and a pass - Jessica

Context is all.
Yesterday I did the bling-thing on the LH so the RH had the much-anticipated Barielle Belly Dance. It was lovely - now my official fave taupe - but I couldn't see the pink iridescence as promised so I was frankly "meh" about it and (highly unusual for me because I hate waste) changed it after a couple of hours.

To this..

Jessica Violet Tint

I got 6 of these for £6.50 all inclusive. 
This is probably 4 coats but it goes on without any effort so who cares? I actually enjoy ladling it on with a trowel. 

These are true jellies. If you hate VNL then you'll loathe these.
I have always loved this kind of translucent finish so I am in 7th heaven with these.
I have emerald, aqua, pink, red and coral to try.
Because it isn't opaque it doesn't verge on that tedious "looks-like-black-all-the-bleedin'-time" territory. Looks black in the bottle to be sure but not on the nail.
Hurrah, say I. And at that price I've ordered another 6 as back-up. Now that is a rarity!

And here's the Belly Dance with Mavala Pink Diamond attempting to distract the eye from a c0ck-up. It's a lovely taupe but it simply didn't suit my mood.

"What larks, Pip!"
(In honour of elder daughter's 22nd birthday today - not that she reads this)

Happy Friday


  1. That is indeed a lovely taupe--though I like the purple jelly you changed to very much as well.

  2. What you said...jelly + purple = LOVE!

    And for your contest (hope I'm putting this in the right spot, I can comment on any post right?) enter me please! blog is email is lunatikitty[at]gmail[dot]com and question answers are:
    1. Just one? I love all colors, but hmmm...favorite pink...Color Club Lazer Pink.
    2. OPI My Private Jet non-holo version...only because I was seriously wanting the holo version. Since I found the holo version I've come to love poor non-holo too.
    3. Never won a contest. Sad, yes? lol.
    4. I can't quite bring myself to spend that much. Most was $13 on OPI My Private Jet (holo)
    5. *glances around at 6 cats and 3 dogs*
    6. I don't have a particular favorite charity. I stuff money in the collection boxes for local animal shelters when I can.
    7. Ummm...*facepalm*
    8. Those things make me giggle. I sometimes live in the gutter.
    9. Mental health is very important.
    10. Libraries are awesome! Everyone should use them.

    Wow, long comment. Heh. My verify word was devnter.

  3. Kitty, you're in! I put a comment on your blog about NOT answering Q7.
    And you never won anything? Aw. I thought I was a bit unlucky. About 3 things in 54 years...

  4. I didn't enter your contest before now because I didn't see where to post. If this isn't right, let me know.
    1 I have only used a few pinks but the Rimmel "Posh Pink" is my fav. It is so durn pretty. You can see it here:
    2 I was looking forward to the Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure" and it was such a disappointment to me. I mean I am so sorry I dished out the most money ever for a polish and it was that. I only tried it once so maybe I could change my mind if I try it again.

    3 I would say I love the nail polish one's I've won but I just won from and it is Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing (heart, flower, or circle shaped) and •Oreo Truffles - I can add peanut butter. Can't wait to get them. YUM.

    4 I never would pay that much for polish but I could. I won't. :)

    5 I've had two pets that were black lab mixes. The first we had 13 years and the second we had 17 and 1/2. It was heart breaking to lose them both and I vowed never to have another. It is good that we don't have pets at least for now as we take off and ride the Harley a lot. Both of our sons have moved out almost 8 years ago and we are free to go. Maybe when we can't do much anymore we will get a pet again.

    6 Do you have a charity you particularly favour? What is it?

    7 Say something positive about yourself.

    8 I have had a few verify comment funnies like "winner", "forreal" and that is all I can remember.

    9 My daughter in law has depression issues and my oldest grandson ADHDA so sometimes it is hard to understand what goes on.

    10 I work VERY part time and I have no boss that is there ever when I work because I take her place on her day off. LOL.

  5. I should have explained better. You did the right thing, Susie. Just post it anywhere in Comments.
    I should have made Q7 compulsory. Say something positive about YOU! No, it's fine. I can think of plenty of positive things about you. I read your blog.

    Posh Pink. Good recommendation.
    Dogs are a tie. We say we might have a gap when they're no longer with us so we can get away more but who knows?

  6. I love the purple! It really suits you :) I think I'll ditch my current beige for a lovely purple like that

  7. I am loving taupes but sometimes you just have to have colour, Gem, dontcha!

  8. Actually I put your questions in the comment box by copying and pasting and then I had them available to answer. I actually MISSED question 7. :)
    I would say that I'm very funny and pretty durn talented if I do say so myself. I macramé, quilt, purse making, bread baking, graphic design, html, hand knitting, machine knitting, machine embroidery, cake and cookie decorating, Rachael Ray Cooking, Heat Press Transfer, nail polishing, konading and love vacations on the Harley!

  9. Oh heck, I'll enter! Also, I love love that purple jelly!
    1 Your fave pink polish? I know pink can be considered beneath the notice of the serious nail-fanatic sometimes.
    I love pinks for my toes so very much. I tend to use a lot of other colors on my tips, but my toes are nearly always pink, or red. Now as to my favorite pink... I'd say Milani Pink Hottie.

    2 The polish you most looked forward to but disappointed you in reality.
    Hmmm, I don't know that I've ever been REALLY disappointed in a polish. I guess Essie Jackie Oh My.

    3 The best contest/competition/whatever that you have ever won. Gave you the most pleasure - not necessarily the greatest in financial terms.
    Well, since the last contest I entered and won disqualified me... and the only thing I can think of beyond that I have won, I guess my Sierra Mist t-shirt. I'm just unlucky in contest, I suppose.

    4 For what polish, if any, would you (or have you) paid over £15? I don't know what that is in your currency!
    The only polish I actually spent that much on is Essie Dominica Green, after wanting it for YEARS. I'm glad I did it.

    5 Tell me about your pets or thoughts on pets.
    Well, we have 4 dogs and 14 cats, so my thoughts on pets is that they are wonderful! I post about them on my blog at times.

    6 Do you have a charity you particularly favour? What is it?
    Right now I am fairly involved with I try to sponsor cats as often as I can, and one of our dogs came from there.

    7 Say something positive about yourself.
    I can do my nails beautifully. I'm reasonably intelligent most of the time. I can manage to find things that make me happy even in bad/sad times.

    8 I have a slight preoccupation with the letters that one has to enter to verify a comment. Here are some recent favourites: entub, normip, sestorta. Do you take any notice of these? Do you have any that have made you laugh? What do you think /sestorta/ might mean????
    Hmmm, sestorta could be a sesame tortilla? Hahaha. Sometimes I do pay attention to the verifications, but more often I hurry up and enter the letters without paying a lot of attention so I can go back to reading whatever I was joining.

    9 Is mental health a subject that concerns you?
    Very much so, it's an issue for many people in my family, as well as myself.

    10 Say something positive about your workplace.
    Oh gosh, I work at home as The Mate's caretaker, so it's the best workplace EVER. I can often work in my pajamas, I'm generally surrounded by our critters while I work, and I get to spend pretty much all of my time with the love of my life. How much more positive than that can you get?

    Oooh, and my email is original[dot]wacky[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. Hi, WO. I'm your follower now!
    So many animals. So much love.
    Sesame tortilla. Yuk.

    And Susie, thanks for completing your questionnaire. When do you find time to sleep??? Or do your nails? Talk about energy!

  11. I'm a nut. :) I get to have a lot of time on the computer or doing nails as my kids are grown and gone. We do get the grandkids some though. I only work a few hours a week and it is seasonal. LOL.
    I do have lots of energy I guess for a 54 year old. LOL.

  12. Oh and thanks for following. :)

  13. VNL bothers me.. this is why I have a lot of creme polishes

    hmm..with a nude under I bet it would be nearly invisible!!

    I love jellys..but.. that does get on my tits after a day lol

  14. I love the purple jelly :)

    1. I love pink nail polishes! I'm still searching for the perfect pink creme, but so far I really like Color Club Vintage Couture!

    2. I was really looking forward to Chanel Nouvelle Vague, but I hear application isn't the I won't be purchasing it.

    3. I haven't really won any competitions, but I have won a necklace from an etsy shop that I quite like :)

    4.Oh my ! That's a lot...I don't think I would spend that much on just one polish...we'll see when the time comes :P

    5.I don't have any pets at the moment, but I really like dogs! I don't have the time at the moment, but I may get a dog in the future :)

    6. Make A Wish Foundation. I've seen how happy it can make children who are growing through a hard time, whether it be cancer or something that is just as traumatizing.

    7. I'm known to be very optimistic.

    8. Haha, sestorta sounds like a yummy dessert. I haven't come across any funny ones yet.

    9. Yes, definitely! I used to suffer from clinical depression myself, and I know the impact it can have on an individual and the people around them.

    10. Lots of great enthusiastic people :)

    Lastly, I'm from Canada and my email is : jo.tee35(at)gmail(dot)com