Friday, 18 June 2010

Tag a bag

I have such a lot to do.
First I will discharge an obligation (tag) to reveal details of my bag.
Tagged by Vix (Vintage Vixen). Too rushed to do a link at the mo.

This is my one and only bag. Recently acquired because I believe there to be little tea-leaves at large at my workplace. Usually I leave my wallet in the pocket of a jacket on the back of a chair. My mobile goes in the pocket of my shorts and that's me. But due to reports of things going missing I have had to take extreme action and get a bag. I HATE bags. I like to travel light.

In it. Some money. A wallet with a broken zip that Daughter 1 bought for me and I can't discard for that reason. Grubby tissue. Poo bags. Dogs, silly! Not for me. Sundry receipts. Cash. Less than £10. Mobile.


When I go out I go back to pockets. Bags just aren't me. I got a tinder pouch because it's small and I sling it over my body so I can't lose it. It's a lovely bag but I'm still not a bag-lady. Except in the sense that I'm scruffy.

Later - another tag (Rebekah). A DotD. Maybe even nails.



  1. Aww, I love bags, except for when I'm going to a nightclub or concert. I've noticed a lot of people are doing posts like this. Maybe it'd be a good idea to get me back into blogging...

  2. Yes, Simone. Do it.
    I'm not sticking to my original remit.
    Go where the mood takes you.
    I'm now offically tagging you.

    Simone, what's your bag?

  3. Love that bag especially with the green fingernails!! You sure do travel light, hon!

  4. Whenever I use a bag i end with so much random things in it. Stuff i really dont need so I usually go with phone & keys shoved in a pocket :)

  5. Your bag is so small... I look like I am going away for the weekend everytime I leve the house!!! LOL

  6. Vix: Yeah, I don't like to be encumbered.
    Veg: Pockets are the best.
    Rebekah: I prefer NO bag best of all.

  7. I really like your bag, it's a nice purple. :)

    I'm not a fan of handbags, I can never find anything in them and they encourage to carry around rubbish I don't need but put in "just in case"! Most of the time I have my backpack though, for my student-like rubbish I carry around.

  8. A backpack is serious, Gemx. A backpack is doable. A handbag is prissy.

  9. I might do this tag! I love my bag but occasionally I like to go unburdened and just take my cash and card out with me.