Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Layering with Bourjois 1 Seconde

I am liking my Sinful Mint Apple, BB Couture Bassins Bleu II and Nicole SotP far too much to change them today.

So here's one I prepared earlier.

And again

I loved the Essie Mauve-ing Along (still maintain that it's totally misnamed) so dearly that I didn't want to rid myself of it so added the Bourjois. The Bourjois has only a number to distinguish it from any other Bourjois but surely it deserves a splendid title! Bourjois are without exception (almost) great polishes. Can't they have some crackin' names bestowed upon them? For a small fee I'd do it. I would!

I layered with something that isn't GOSH Rainbow. How out-there is that?


  • I've resuscitated my CG Fairy Dust with my big bottle of Restore so that's back in service.
  • I found CG Cowardly Lyin' for £2.35 in the Sally shop yesterday. Wouldn't have bought it for any more than that but it was on its own! Like a foundling. Abandoned. Lonely. Neglected. Just shoved in a box with some lotions and potions. What was I to do? I've just put that over 3 nails of Mint Apple and it hasn't spoiled it so Cowardly is now elevated to the status of go-to layering polish.

Do you think £20 per week (hence £80 per month) is way too much or just about OK? I may go cold-turkey sometime. Can't do it yet. *shivers in horror at thought of no-buy*

How much do you put into your pastimes? Maybe not in figures - more a percentage of your income? Are you disciplined or impulsive?



  1. Right now I am buying bargains only - things that are on sale or things that I find at dollar stores in my town.

    Imposing a 'no-buy' is a lot of discipline to impose so I am just trying to only buy things that are inexpensive.

    Some moths only pick up a few bottles and others I end up with like 30 more..... so it's hard to say how much $$$ I spend.

    I do not want to negatively influence anyone - but nail polish lasts, and lasts for years and years. It's not like a 9 dollar bottle of lotion, I will still have the bottle of polish 10 years from now.

    I am tying to focus more on looks and nail art, then actually acquiring more polish colours. Using readily available products and for nail art.

    Which brings me to answering your question you posted about mailing labels or using blue painters tape. I had to try 3 different brands of mailing labels before I found one that did not leave a lot of gummy residue and actually stuck to my nail. It was alot of trial and error.

    I know that doesnt help much but hopefully something will work out for you♥.

  2. Thanks, Deez! I'll look for some better labels.

  3. I'm impulsive, for sure. So impulsive that I made my last two online orders without checking for coupon codes and thus paid for shipping when I might not have had to. At some point I will slow down; my obesessions run in cycles and right now nail polish is high, very high.

  4. KarenD: You and I? Could be peas in a pod?

  5. I know, isn't that mint apple fun to look at when it's on!? And yay for reviving the Fairy Dust and good job on the find of Cowardly Lyin!

    I think I maybe spend about 1%-2% of my total income on my nail habit which is really good but also my hubby doesn't approve of me having more than one color from the basic: red, blue, yellow, orange, green...etc. so me having anything that is even close at all he has fit and that means that he gets to buy more ammo and stuff for his guns (which I don't approve of). haha, when I write it out it is amazing that we have been together as long as we have! =]

  6. I'm exceeding 2%. I know that. AP, I have a partner who isn't very keen on my pastime either!

  7. Eeek! How much? At least you're trying! I'd love to know how many polishes you own, you bad woman.
    I've still got Bourjois from the last century, it's so good.

  8. I feel guilty. Don't be too hard on me. It's partly a distraction. I gave up alcohol at Christmas!

  9. I'm VERY impulsive. When I start new hobbies I go whole hog with them. LOL.
    Oh and I'm having a brand new giveaway on my blog. I just started it yesterday.

  10. That looks really gorgeous over the Essie,in fact, it is just fantabulous!

  11. This is going to sound so geeky - but I have a spreadsheet of my finance situation that I stick to religiously. I have on it basically all my outgoings and then I allow myself a certain amount each week/weekend for spends. If I'm having a quiet weekend then I know I can spend that money on polish instead :)

    I think this month I'm going to order a few BB Coutures and then I'll keep an eye on any ebay bargains, but apart from that, there's nothing I'm wanting too bad atm!

  12. Tilly: Not geeky. Sensible. Organised. My trouble is that I prefer not to know!
    Thank you, Starlight.

  13. That's why I've stopped smoking! hahaha no that's a joke, but now I've stopped smoking i treat myself with some extra polishes or other nail stuff. I think I buy 4 polishes each month, mostly 2 of them are from OPI. So I think that's quite fair.

  14. LOVE all your colors!!

    lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa