Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pop Beauty Nail Glam Twinkle - glitter + DotD

Now I don't like to boast...(not a lot and not too often anyway)
But in buying this particular polish I scored a goal more spectacular than you have yet seen in World Cup 2010. This is a polish I haven't seen on the blogs. I venture to state this is the best glitter polish - bar none.


Yes, I've been wearing this on a single finger for days but today I decided it was worth a full 5 fingers! Nothing ever gets 10 whole fingers.
The forecast in these here parts is for sunshine for a few days and this will last a few days and more. I'm not going to test it to destruction as I'm within 16 years of my three score and ten so I'd better get a move on and use some of my untrieds. This is one of those "sorry-officer-I-didn't-mean-to-drive-in-the-back-of-that-Mini-only-I-was-gazing-at-my-nails" polishes. And then some.

And now for the DotD. The b!tch makes a return visit to the blog. She was very well-received on her first appearance.

She was asked to pose by the hall mats she had been trashing. She scratches at them because she likes the rough texture. It's a spaniel ear-drying technique. One descends the stairs to find the mats in a heap with a positively orgasmic spaniel rolling around. She sat for her photo but was distracted by one of the dog-chaps and is looking at him. She has been quite annoying on her walk today having disappeared twice and failed to respond to clear (and loud) instructions. Hm. She is however unspeakably adorable and one can't be cross with her for long - mostly because she would sulk and shun one and it isn't pleasant to be cold-shouldered by the dog!

Which polish distracts YOU from your driving? Rebecca only just passed her test so I hope she's taking PARTICULAR care to concentrate.   ;o)



  1. Well i don't drive yet, but Absolutely Alice has been distracting me quite a bit during exams. I love your glitter polish though

  2. OMG! I love this glitter and the B!tch is cute too! hahaha! I luv u!

  3. I am posing my fingers the whole time. This is so cool.
    Finished exams yet, Veg? Good luck with that.
    Thanks, Kitty-kins. I'd have thought felines would be more your animal of choice!

  4. Is there any polish at all on your nails? Seriously, all I can see is glitter. That's it. If I stare at them too long I might get a migraine or something :P Great polish. And cute dog!

  5. Lurve that glitter just slightly less than I do the crazy pooch!
    Driving? Pah! Never mastered it. I have the attention span of a gnat and was always far too busy rubber-necking into folks' living rooms and checking out the cute guys than concentrating on the road.

  6. Ms Student: It is a great polish. Goes with anything. This is going in my neutral section.
    Vix: I expect you have a chauffeur. I can't see you doing anything as mundane as driving.... ;o) That's for ordinary mortals.

  7. LOL, well I passed my test with bright pink polish on! :D And I think I had on a different colour for every lesson. Such a cute doggie and a cute polish :D

  8. China Glaze OMG is totally distracting!

  9. I don't have OMG, April. Yet.....
    Keep your eyes on the road, Rebecca. Try to keep up your driving until you get your own car or you may lose confidence.
    B&tB: Thank you.