Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Claire's Dreamcatcher (from SilverDiva swap) and dog-of-the-day

I requested this specifically from Sam because I've seen such great pix of DC. Swaps - do you not just love them?
My pic is not a great pic.
It is nonetheless a great polish.

This clearly shows the twinkle in this polish.
That's what differentiates it from yer standard mint creme.
Very streaky to apply but it makes all my other mints redundant.

And I KNOW it gives me lobster claws. Do I look as if I care? No.
The oiliness around my nails is......oil. Well, drying drops. They are so oily. And I usually just take my pix as soon as the stuff is on the nail. I do a clean-up but...Oh, why am I rabbiting on like this. Just ignore the ring nail. I generally do.

If you can get Dreamcatcher then do so. If you like it. Those of you however who possess Chanel Jade will doubtless be content with that. So be it.

I took his ball from him and made him sit for a snap. So he is shouting at me to give him his ball. He is thoroughly obsessed and generally collects a ball per walk. The record is 6.
For a cocker he has quite a number of "faults" but his feathers are quite good. The curls that many of you admired yesterday on Her Majesty are not desirable in show-cockers but this lot are family pets. They all enjoy swimming. Hence the wet feathers. One doesn't have a pool. One takes them down to the river. Yesterday's dog took like a duck (dog) to water on a visit to Dorset. We had to shout at her to come back before she made it to France.

Sunny Wednesday


  1. Dream-catcher is very pretty, love it :o)

  2. Dreamcatcher is ridiculously pretty, love it! Lobster claws? What, where, how?
    Adore today's dog, soooo cute. Wonder how far she'd have got before you made her come back? Spoilsport!

  3. It is a pretty polish. I wasn't too worried about the Channel bid but my OH was getting a wee bit frantic. "Make her come back. Make her come back!!!"

  4. DOTD! Ha ha! You really make me laugh! Love the "review" of him!
    An absolutely gorgeous nail colour, really does stand out against the other minty greens out there at the moment, which I'm not so keen on.x

  5. Pretty Polish. My claires has the most terrible range of polishes ever :(

    Love all the dogs i wish i could have a dog (my dad and brother are both terrified of dogs)

  6. On your stash page is it any of them you're exchanging ?

  7. Just tell me what you fancy, Veg. From the stash. I need to update it.
    I feel generous at the moment. Take advantage while my good mood lasts!
    There may be the odd one that I'll be reluctant to part with but just ask me. I'll try to be magnanimous.
    That Claire's isn't from the UK!

  8. LOL at your DOTD review!
    (your comment thing is being very stubborn today, this is my 7th attempt to comment on this post :P)

  9. Oh, dear.
    Btw, Rhea, you got most right in the *What is it?" quiz.
    Looks like DotD may prove popular.

    I thought FotD meant FOOT of the day! Until I scrolled down.

    There will be a couple more DotDs coming up....

  10. Oh, yay!!!! :-) & rofl, foot of the day!!!!!

  11. Your puppies are just precious!!

  12. Thanks :) That explains it lol

    It's the China Glaze For Audrey and Watermelon Rind

    email me details ?

  13. I love the DotD, maybe I should start it too?

    By the way, Dreamcatcher is a really fun minty color.

  14. Dog, cat, tortoise of the day. Go for it, Aggie.
    Thanks, Sarah. Actually the 2 dogs of the day did have puppies. But that's another story!

  15. Very pretty. I've heard a lot about this polish. Many love it.
    Looks great on you,