Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Orly Peridot Courage + Finger Paints Blissfully Blue + more Nails Etc haul

Got home. No post. Upstairs to first landing.
What's this?
Torn paper. Bubble wrap.
That'll be my nail varnish then.
Thanks, dog 3.

I only had one Orly. Now I have 3. Admittedly 2 are somewhat butchered about the rubber handle but hi de hi.
This is Peridot Courage. My b'day is in August and this is one of the "months" range.
3 coats. It's OK. It's yellow. Well, it's a rather greenish yellow and it isn't as foully streaky as most yellows so I'm not displeased.
The accent is the Finger Paints I got from Silver Diva and that went on well for a pastel creme. I think the trick with these is to use a lot of polish and let it settle onto the nail.

Can you see the green? Yes?
It's just not substantial enough so I may China Glaze Fairy Dust it or find a way to zhuzh it up.

Little devil had a good chew at this cap. It's one of the best caps out there and he desecrates it for me. Grrr.

More pix from Rebecca's giveaway as requested. My first/sole Ciate!!!
Isn't the orange MO pretty?

Atrocious shot of the NYC West Village making it look black (see yesterday).

Do they not look heart-rendingly cute?

Which polishes have the best/worst caps?
Orly = best
Nails Inc = worst (they are so big for my puddy-paws)

Hot day. Headache.
We got through to the next round of the WC. Hurrah.

Yes, but we scored an astronomical 2 goals in 3 games and have had to acknowledge that the US has a better side than we do. And (not criticising England now) I am appalled by the play-acting that's going on. It always has but it's so blatant now. All that "Ref, my face! He kicked me in the face. He has obliterated my face, ref!" rubbish. Get 'em off!

Evenin' all


  1. Pretty colours :) The match was actually alright even though i was cheering for the wrong team for 10 minutes!

    Now your lid is unique ;) I agree the nails inc ones are too big i always end up dropping it.

    Got your package today, was slightly opened as my mother thought it was her's (we have the same initial)

  2. Yeah, look on the bright side. I now have a customised Orly bottle! Hm. Confusing shirts today. I only came in in the last 7 mins.

  3. The Orly caps are good. I also like Revlon Streetwear; they're hard plastic, but faceted and not too thick to grab.

    Also, if I may hijack your comments thread, did you get my e-mail from a couple days ago?

  4. Dammit. Must go and check. I haven't been checking my gmail so I'm guessing that's where it went. My fault. Sorry, KarenD.