Monday, 14 June 2010

Pop Beauty nail glam - Xmas

PLUS an announcement in the sidebar - please check out the giveaway results there.

Xmas? On June the thingyeth? Yes.

A good pic of the bottle.
Followed by a bad pic of the polish on the nail.

I cannot claim that this pic is colour-accurate. It is more blue-red IRL.
I'm sure you'd like to see a good pic of this but you can't because it wouldn't happen for me.
This is like having fairy-lights embedded in your nails or even your skin!
This is like falling down a twinkling tunnel of rubies and diamonds.
This is like losing yourself in a palace of blood and crystal. (Maybe not that because that doesn't actually sound too attractive a prospect).

Sunlight. 2 coats. 
I'm a huge sucker for red and glitter so this is my joy and delight.

In conclusion - and what a conclusion!!!!!

This is the box I got from  Silver Diva. Click here for her blog.
This has polish in. It is HUGE.
I am so frightened to open this. We did a swap and I sent 6 polishes. In a jiffy bag thing.
And I know Sam (for it is she) had trouble with the post office in the US.
But this is huge. And I only sent her some stuff in a bag.
Frightened and ASHAMED.
I just blithely sent her a few polishes.
And she sent me THIS.

So a huge shout-out to Sam.
You all probably follow her already but once again.

I will summon the courage to open this but I feel rather humbled at the moment.

And to Rebecca.


I won her giveaway and it's a BIG ONE!!!
I am the luckiest bunny in the nailiverse at the moment.
And I'm closing on 100 followers. Not that I need any more because the ones I already have are the best!
So I'll sort out some stuff and have another giveaway soon.
An "I love you all" giveaway....



  1. Oooh pretty colour :) where'd you get POP from

  2. Website, Veg. (May I call you Veg?)
    Google POP beauty.
    There's a code to get 30% off until June 20th. POPSummer.

    Not many colours but the 3 I have are stupendous.I have ordered 3 more.

  3. Well done on the win and congratulations to the giveaway winners, too!!
    Loving the pooch, can we have more on him/her?
    That box looks so exciting, I love getting stuff through the post.

  4. maybe you can raok(random act of kindness) silver diva after some time?

    and congratulations on winning :)

  5. Vix: More dogs coming up. That's easy!!!
    aP: Absolutely right. And thank you for explaining because that's one I didn't know. There'll be a raok for sure.

  6. wooohooooo prizes rock :-)

    I am frankening up some jellies, thought of you!!

  7. Nice manicure. :)
    Congrats on the win and thanks for putting my photo and blog link on your sidebar. :)

  8. Awe! I love the colors that you got from POP beauty, and I totally cannot wait until you open that box -- I feel bad because I could only send you five (even though I really tried hard to send all of them). So don't feel bad about the size of the box. ;) I also wanted to thank you for the shoutout to me.

  9. Rebekah: Jellies. Oooooo!
    Susie: Some guys at work were talking about Harleys today. Some Harley meet they went to. I thought about your trip! They said how sweet the engines sound.
    SD: Thank goodness I can open the box now! Phew! So excited.

  10. open the box, open the box!!!

  11. I have. I have. Details to come!