Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It had to happen...NYC Starry Silver Glitter

What had to happen?
I ran out of hands. So that leaves only......a foot.

But you have time to look away because the bottle-shot comes 1st.

This is one of the 1st polishes I bought when I started this game in September. I am a glitter-sucker. A coupla squid from Superdrug as I recall. They always have plenty. You have to layer it over something. It's full of pink and blue circular glitter in a speckled base.

I didn't want to change my mani - even something simple like putting GOSH Rainbow over it. That's how much I love BB Couture.

Now for the foot.

I started with a coat of BB Incognito but it wasn't working so I grabbed the glitter. Slosh slosh.

Obligatory blurry pic to show the spectacular glitz of this under-appreciated varnish.

I'm such a child. I love glitter and I don't have to worry about all that work-appropriate b0ll0cks. I do work btw! But nobody's telling me what to wear on my nails. Or if they did dare they might live to regret it. Ha!

2 questions
A - How much do you love glitter? I'm giving myself 95%.
B - How much do you love feet? I even thought of retraining as a podiatrist but it would entail a large loss of earnings so I passed on that one. Foot-love - 90%.



  1. I love glitter! It's only a bitch to clean off. That's why, before I go for my mani'pedi at the shop, I always paint the worst colours to remove. :P Might as well get my money's worth. Prob bout 85% love. Clean up kills some love.

    I dislike my feet. I don't mind feet in general but, I live in a tropical country. Nuff said. ^^

  2. As someone from a non-tropical country...what is the problem with feet and the tropics?
    I now have a vision of feet overgrown with lush vegetation but I'm sure that can't be right!

  3. What grrovy glitter and I salute your attitude, anyone who commented about my taste in green nail polish and mad attire when I was a wage slave soon got short shrift!
    As a frequent visitor to a tropical country my trotters are always shameful when I return to blighty, too much walking barefoot and wearing flip-flops in dusty cities!

  4. I get it, Vix! It's the hard skin thing.
    I am always barefoot in the house. I thought it was the natural way but the chiropodist says it makes my hard skin worse. Crazy.

    OK, maybe you didn't want to know that..... ;o)

  5. That's a gorgeous glitter, I'll have to go on a hunt to Superdrug!
    I love glitter, I just dread taking it off again :)
    Feet don't bother me, socks do! I hate them, I'm always bare foot or flip flops, I know it's meant to be bad for posture, but nevermind!
    Also yay for work that you can wear what you like on your nails :) I worked in a supermarket the last few years, I had to have plain, short nails and had to dye my hair, so sad!

  6. I'm lucky I don't work in catering. My daughters work in burger-joints and I know there are rules.
    I am lucky I'm not subject to legislation.

    Glitter on toes is good though because (hm, guilty admission) I don't remove nail polish on toes for weeeeeeeeeks...