Thursday, 10 June 2010

This is for Vix - only it isn't eyeliner..Sorry!

Vix (Vintage Vixen) posted in a comment that I must be well-groomed since I do change my polish very frequently and appear to give a damn.

Now this made me laugh my smelly socks off.
How is Vix supposed to know that I'm a scruff of the scruffiest order?
But I started to see myself as some sort of fashion and beauty guru - perhaps in an alternative universe? - and invited you yesterday to state an area of interest where I might regale you with advice and the invaluable knowledge I have gleaned over 54 years. You know - me being an authority on these things.

Vix voted eyeliner but the majority went for shoes.
So you get summer footwear. Summer of 1972.

There will be eyeliner another day. That's a threat promise.

I don't do gladiator sandals.

You want these, don't you? I knew it!
Well, you'll have to buy mine. They don't make them any more. And that, my dears, is a SAD story.

These aren't vintage 1972. They are a company called SWEAR. And they have recently gone out of business in women's shoes. They still do stuff for men. Their stuff is made in Spain not China. It wasn't Primark prices but for the quality they were completely worth it.
Google "swear-alternative" if you know a bloke who likes mad shoes. There is still some stuff out there. They still have some ginza sandals I MUST get.

These are suede with cork soles. The leather is beautifully soft. The soles aren't heavy. Maple leaves. Perfect for Canadians. The stitching is immaculate. The logo is embossed beautifully. Everything about them is of the highest quality. I weep at their demise. (That's not me being facetious.)

And on a fashion note I can GUARANTEE that these will be trendy again within 5 years. That's the way it goes. That's if you care about trends. For my taste you can shove those gladiator sandals up Spartacus' back alley. They are hideous and (probably) bad for your feet.

Next fashion point, purleeze.

So who bought Crocs?
And who still wears them?
And who bought knock-offs?
That's 3 questions.
These are genuine 2nd hand from ebay. I didn't clean them up for the pic. They're mostly for dog-walking. I like Crocs and I have the big guys too - also in Barbie.
Oh, and will they make a comeback?? Q4.

A new Jessica. Something to do with /cabana/ as if I know what that is.
 New Eyeko. Now I have every Eyeko polish. Hurrah.
Essie Alligator Purse - only because I like singing "Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick So she..." - I don't like the colour but it was half-price.

You may compliment me on my taste in shoes now.
And the Crocs questions.
Did you?
Do you now?
Authentic or cheapo?
Do you believe they'll undergo a renaissance?

Not long left in the giveaway.
And I've won a giveaway myself! PELICAN BEAK PURPLE!! More details tres tres soon.



  1. I DO want those! Hell, Jenni, I love 'em! I've sold a few pairs of Swear shoes on eBay 'cos whenever I find them at car boot sales they are never my size, darn it, the perils of having common-sized feet.
    Crocs? Never! They may alledgedly be comfy but no! I had to endure 6 months of sensible footwear after my hip replacement and man, as soon as I had the all clear it was the impractical option all the way.
    Well done on the giveaway win.

  2. I was considering selling them but they are my last pair of Swear. I had red "trucks" which the kids called my clown shoes and I sold 'em. I should not have done that.

    I have to go the comfy route. Dodgy back. Cruddy knees. And high heels give me the most outrageously muscular calves. Like a wrestler.

  3. Wow, now those are some shoes! I'm glad you said the soles were cork--all I could think of was sponges, and that didn't seem right. :)

    I have not done Crocs. They do have some cute styles, though.

  4. Sponge soles. That would be even better, Karen.

  5. My mom buys me crocs every year, the fake ones (with rhinestones, she knows my style ;). I still wear them in the summer since they are water proof and we do a lot of swimming/tubing/canoeing and they are more comfortable and in my opinion not as ugly as typical water shoes. As for a comeback, they haven't gone out of style here yet. A lot of people make fun of them but 1 out of 5 people are still wearing them.

    But then again, I still wear my huge wedge sneakers ala the Spice Girls so what do I know.

  6. Yes, I have Jibbitz on my other pair aka rhinestones!
    They are so easy and you can wash them and everything. I'm a confirmed Croccie.
    What is tubing, please?

  7. Crazy shoes! I totally agree with you about things coming back into fashion after 5 or so years though!

  8. Hi

    I'm li lian and a follwer and would love to be part of your giveaway. My answers are below =)

    I saw the maple leaves of your sweet sandals and kind of want them. I think that being from vancouver and all the olympics I want anything with a maple leaf on it right now.

    1 Your fave pink polish? I know pink can be considered beneath the notice of the serious nail-fanatic sometimes.
    -China Glaze innocence. I just bought it and love love love it. I guess maybe I love the application more. I find that I have a lot of trouble with pink polish and the application..well sheer pink polish

    2 The polish you most looked forward to but disappointed you in reality.
    -Color club revvvolution. I love it but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It just wasn’t as holographic as I wanted it to be

    3 The best contest/competition/whatever that you have ever won. Gave you the most pleasure - not necessarily the greatest in financial terms.
    -I won a chocolate rooster for an Easter coloring contest…but guess what? It was a peanut butter chocolate flavored rooster! How awesome is that?

    4 For what polish, if any, would you (or have you) paid over £15? I don't know what that is in your currency! Hmm. Essie starry starry night. Sigh~ I think it was on ebay for $100 usd. =(

    5 Tell me about your pets or thoughts on pets.
    -I would love to have a pet but I have severe allergies on furry things. I guess I could get a fish but I would really like something to snuggle with.

    6 Do you have a charity you particularly favour? What is it?
    -Cancer research. Any charity that focuses on cancer research. I have many family members that have been affected by cancer.

    7 Say something positive about yourself.
    -I’m starting to believe in myself more and doubting myself less

    8 I have a slight preoccupation with the letters that one has to enter to verify a comment. Here are some recent favourites: entub, normip, sestorta. Do you take any notice of these? Do you have any that have made you laugh? What do you think /sestorta/ might mean????
    I’m always curious if these words are recycled around the internet with different people. I’m sure they are recycled but has anyone had the same words twice or 3 or 4 times? Maybe they are anagrams where you have to scramble the words? Sestorta = toasters. =)
    when I was submitting this comment I got = teratn = at rent

    9 Is mental health a subject that concerns you?
    Yes. I used to suffer from severe panic attacks and anxiety that resulted in me having to take medication. I’ve slowly reduced my dosage as I am coping with it better.

    10 Say something positive about your workplace.
    I don’t work there anymore but everyone at my workplace was so welcoming..even when I had no idea what I was doing. They were concerned when I looked stress and exhausted.

  9. Li Lian:
    I didn't think of anagrams. And I do think the words are recycled.
    Good luck with panic attacks. It runs in my family too. But get all the help you need.
    You did actually buy the Essie? WOW!
    What a shame you have allergies. That's a real pity as pets are so calming and loving and good for us.
    I didn't even know you could get peanut-butter-chocolate! Whatever next??