Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rimmel 60 seconds Coralicious

That was an easy title....

The Orly yellow was...yellow. No, actually it wasn't. It was very green-leaning. So now that I have a yellow I can move on. It's not the greatest yellow but it's OK. I got one.

Had to go though. Aha, thought I, coral!!!
Now then - what is coral exactly? I wouldn't know it if I stubbed my toe on it anyway.
But what makes a coral polish coral?

If you get something called Coralicious you think you must be there or thereabouts. But what about that shades that aren't called Coral Delight, Coral Surprise or Don't forget to coral me.....?

Cor, I really like this. It goes well with the blue accent. 2 coats but I added a 3rd for some bizarre reason. No top coat on this. A really easy polish to work with. Not streaky.

I luuuuuuuuuuuurve the little, fat brush. Little and fat is good and I should know!!! The brush is a lot stubbier than it look on the cap.

I'm going to have to get some more in this range.

BUT I still don't know what coral is. I mean - this is orangey red. Yes?

One pic seems insufficient so..

Bullfinches from the bottom of our garden.
Do THEY have coral breasts?
Do you have any thoughts on coral?



  1. I nearly bought Coralicious when I was in Boots yesterday, but I had a bad experience with a Rimmel polish called Orange Bliss recently that really put me off. It was the Professional Finish one though, so maybe this 60 seconds one is better, it is a fabulous colour. Why do you always have one finger different though?!x

  2. I have so many colours it's one way to use them.
    But really I get bored so I like a bit of contrast.
    It's not unknown as a mani. It's called accent finger and people mostly do the ring finger different but my ring nail is horrid so I don't emphasise it.

    Kind of - why not??? If you have a lot of polishes then flaunt them!

  3. I think i have this one. I went to asda with my mum and we decided to pick a car a buy nail polish of the same colour.

    What's the blue, it's nice.

    Andddd on the subject of coral i'm not sure what colour it's suppost to be. I like the bird feeder though :)

  4. The blue is Finger Paints Blissfully Blue.

    If I matched my car to my nails that would be white. Not flattering.

  5. Love the birdfeeder photo! Do you have problems with squirrels trying to break into the seed? At my house, we've finally got a feeder the squirrels haven't managed to get into or destroy, but they're still thinking about how they might defeat it. I see them sitting in the tree nearby with scheming looks on their furry little faces.

    Coral? Yes, orangey red, and bright rather than muted or dark.

    Lastly, I tagged you with the Cherry on Top award; see here for the scoop:

  6. I have this polish! It's probably my fave coral shade. I also think that the bullfinches are coral as well, but it's hard to get the perfect tone in this shade.

  7. This is really nice. I love corals in summer. I'd say coral is a pinky-orange/orangey-pink. I've got one of these Rimmels and love the brushes too. They're so quick to work with!

  8. I think you're onto something, Tilly. I think there's red in this but maybe I'm mistaking the orange for red. Hmm.
    I'm getting more of these. I just love the brush. It's perfect for me.