Sunday, 6 June 2010

Jessica jellies - Aqua and Coral

Aqua and coral - they ought to go well together, yes?

Hark at me! As if I go diving in the lucid waters off the Great Barrier Reef every morning before breaking my fast with a grilled sea-trout and papaya.
I did go to Blackpool once...

Lots of coats. In sun.
No base coat and no top coat.
A I'm getting lazy
B I'm somewhat thrifty
C I'm desperately impatient and I just wanted to get on with it and it took an age to remove the glitter plus I knocked a brush on the carpet, made the mistake of squealing involuntarily and thus alerted the OH to the catastrophe, hastily swabbed carpet, assured OH (still downstairs) that no bones were broken and no further intervention was required and got on with it...

I love these even though Coral is too orange for my taste. But it does speak to the Aqua (a genuine aqua IMO) and so I will graciously accept it.

In shade.

Bottles. You can see how clear the Coral and Red are. The Pink appears essentially creme which it emphatically is not. The Emerald is far left and the other dark one is the Violet (my fave so far).

They are so GLOSSY. I smooch them.

Btw I hate real jelly (I hesitate to say edible food-item as it is neither palatable nor of any value to the human body). Does anyone like it?

What about jelly? (Not jam.)
What ABOUT jelly?

Fave flavour? Fave combinations? Do you loathe it? Best jelly mould?



  1. I like vegetarian those Hartley jelly pots!

    Great for a snack..since I am on my bride diet lol.. its nice to have something to chew on with very little calories!!

  2. Maybe it's the consistency I don't like.
    When's the wedding Rebekah?

  3. I love jelly! Especially lemon lime ones. Any shape as long as it's mine all mine!

    I do love jelly nailpolishes. But they are have VNL. A trick I read somewhere is to put not white, but a nude nailpolish first. Then paint on and it doesn't show anymore! I have tried it and it works wonders for me. ^^

  4. Right now its gonna be a longg engagement, but in the meantime I want to drop another stone! ..its a drag!!

    mm.. I think its got to be very chilled, otherwise it can be a bit slimy..ewww

    Jelly polish... I does bother me seeing my nail line..mine are quite low down too..which annoys me

  5. So, Green Fairy, that makes you a VNL-hatah! I'm in the opposite camp. I like holding my hands up to the light and looking through the free edge.

    You probably think I'm crazy. In winter though I might easily put a nude on as a base so thank you! And you can have my jelly.

  6. Off topic - but do you have any uk based blogs (nails) you really recommend?

  7. Charlie:
    Nails Etc
    For the love of nails
    Just Nice Things
    Do Not Refreeze
    Pretty Perfect Beauty
    Polish and Powder

    Off the top of my head..

    Good idea for a post.
    I'll write something about the blogs I read before I began my own and still read now because, although I'm keen and I have more time than most, I am rather a slow-learner....and fearfully impractical, unartistic and downright cack-handed.

  8. Primp and Preen.
    Nikky's Nails.
    Student's Guide to Nail Polish.

    These are all nail-centric.

  9. I really like the aqua, it's very pretty and suits the coral really nicely.
    As for jelly, it's lovely! I'm just bad at waiting for it to set! I used to eat jelly with squirty cream all the time when I was little :)

  10. Jelly is evidently more popular than I thought!
    And now the weather has turned darker here these varnishes have got a new personality. They're great. (Frosties voice).

  11. Those polishes are uber cool. They're translucent! I like the blues on you :D

    And I hate jelly. Don't understand it's appeal, at all :P

  12. Jelly to you is gelatin or Jell-O to me, I think. If so, I like it okay but won't go out of my way to make it (and do not like it purchased ready made because store bought always seems to have a more rubbery texture).

    This color combination reminds me of the Howard Johnson's motel/restaurants of my youth--aqua and orange were their colors then. :)

  13. I'm a veggie so no jelly for my belly! Jam-wise I love the sour stuff, blackcurrant's my current fave!
    Love those jelly varnishes - are they expensive? Where can I buy them if they aren't too dear?

  14. When i was younger i hated jelly then after i become a vegetarian i tried vegetarian jelly and it's even worse :)

  15. I love the aqua the best, so pretty, don't mind the VNL, I think it makes it look pretty (uh oh, I better watch my back!) I absolutely love Jell-O! Sugar-free is by far the best, absolutely no nutritional value, very few calories and tasty tasty, I like the strawberry the best. When I was younger we had these Easter egg molds and they were my absolute fav, now my favorite mold is little paper cups cause they are the best/cheapest Jell-O shot, the only palatable way to consume vodka IMO.

  16. Jelly is yummy...on the nails. Gelatin is mostly meh to me. Guava jelly in toast...that's yum. Aqua reminds of Kleancolor Neon Sapphire, one of my faves.

    Oh I almost forgot! (See, you distracted me with food and nailpolish) The link for Rebecca's giveaway isn't working properly.

  17. OMG so many comments! Thank you.
    Ms Student: "Uber cool." I'm your biggest fan. (Probably literally).
    Karen: Aqua and mocha is obviously better but I'm just working through my set!
    Vix: Ebay. 6 for for £6.50 including P&P. Just search for Jessica polish. Damned bargain.
    Vegesauras: What replaces gelatin for vegetarians? And why bother? I'm mostly veggie. I think it's the way forward. Animals consume way too much food and make a lot of waste.
    Aggie: Welcome! Jelly does look good in little cups and I do remember once having a few vodka ones at a party. Didn't seem to dislike those!
    Kitty: I should try guava jam. It sounds good. I'll try to fix the link now.

  18. One of my biggest treats as a child (very sad) was to be allowed to eat the jelly cubes before my mum melted them all - I used to love them, especially the strawberry flavour! But they were basically pure sugar... What on earth are jelly nail polishes though? Is the consistency different? I've never tried any...! Don't know if those questions were silly, but I literally have no idea! x

  19. Jelly polish is just translucent (intentionally).
    Well-known example? Dammit, I can't think.
    Often they have glitter in.
    Yes, the consistency is different a bit. They can be highly pigmented but still not opaque.

  20. 1 I love Lucky, Lucky Lavender by OPI - it's pink-ish

    2 Haven't actually been disappointed yet

    3 We didn't actually win, but my high school band did their best ever in my senior year...that is the best contest or competition for me.

    4 Woah, I definitely haven't spent that much on polish!

    5 I have 2 - I shih-tzupoo and a westie. My grandmother has a shih-tzu, and she's like my own dog too.

    6 I favor the American Cancer Society

    7 I am smart

    8 Haha, I always hate those letters - I always mess them up! I have no idea what they mean, but sometimes I think they're rude! Sometimes they just sound like they're mocking you.

    9 Yes - I'm studying to be a licensed professional mental health counselor

    10 They let me do whatever I want as long as the job gets done

  21. Heroba: Great name. Sounds very classical. Like a nymph. What do you play in band? I like places that let you exercise your initiative. Poodles get crossed with everything, don't they? They're great.

  22. It's still gelatin just made out of seaweed :)