Thursday, 17 June 2010

GUEST DotD + ABOP win + Pop Beauty Radioactive

2 coats plus topcoat. Neon but doesn't dry especially matte. Matte-ish.
Well named. It is a positive screamer! 

It is a great deal brighter than this. With a blue shimmer in the bottle. That shimmer does translate to the nail in a fairly low-key way. I think you can detect a bit of the shimmer in the 1st pic. And maybe in the 2nd pic. Honestly I really am losing the plot here. It    has    blue    shimmer    full    stop. 

I never buy a whole collection of anything. No, I WON one! From "ANOTHER bottle of polish" (see sidebar). Plus a Finger Paints and a Dark Pleasures. I promise to tell you more but I'm so rushed!
Diamond Cosmetics are fab. Get them in the UK from BUT the range isn't as up-to-date as the US nailaholics have access to. And THANK YOU to ABOP.

GUEST DotD with a forthcoming DotD at the rear.
This gentleman is Australian. He comes to stay for a visit when his family make a return visit to the land at the bottom of the earth.
He is indomitably self-confident - not to say downright  bumptious. No jokes about Australians, please. They are very fine cricketers. Damn them!
This gentleman is getting on a bit but an example to us all in terms of optimism, spunk and energy.

More later if time permits.

Question of the day.
Do you watch Dr Who?
Was the Van Gogh episode a stinker or not? (Oops, just noticed that the card from ABOP isn't a Van Gogh - it's a Monet...)



  1. I watch it after my brother has told me it's not too scary !

    It was ok i think, not much really happened action wise it was all just flirty nonsense between Amy and Van :)

  2. I like that glittery polish on your nail & the dog is adorable :) x

  3. Mmmm, love the glitter and the Aussie dog's rather a sweetheart. I do like a well-travelled man.
    I have a big thing for Christopher Eccleston and after he passed on the Doctor's mantle I boycotted the show.

  4. Oh, Vix. Matt Smith is brilliant. DT was far too knowing/theatrical for me. Matt Smith is a young man with the confidence and impatience of an old one. It works brilliantly. He does. Not necessarily the writing though.

    Danielle: I'm liking my nails at present. Glitter is good.

    Veg: Scary! It USED to be scary. Probably about 1968. ;o)

  5. I don't watch Dr Who but my sis does. I did see that episode a little bit though, enough to note that Van Gogh was Scottish. Hmmm.
    Such a cute doggy! And I love the neon green, I'll keep my eye out for that as I would like a green neon.

  6. This is a great green. I really like Nail Glam. They don't do many colours but the ones they do produce are terrific.

  7. Back again! I've tagged you on my blog! If you want you can join in the fun by showing us the contents of your bag. You can ask other bloggers to do the same.
    PS Can't believe I missed the lime green polish! Only lush! I painted mine Barry M "Spring Green" earlier, me likey!

  8. OK, Vix. What a treat you have in store! Ha ha ha. I used to be crazy for lime green in the late 60/early 70s. Particularly knickers.

  9. Great green!

    How nice to have a guest dog; I'd love to reach out and pat him.

  10. I think i just get scared easily. I didnt like those weeping angel ones and it kinda put me off. My brother watches all the old ones too

  11. The weeping angels were good. I agree. But the bumbling monster in the Van Gogh ep. was just paffetick!
    Yes, Karen. My dog-of-the-day feature is proving popular!

  12. Aaaw GUEST DOTD! That is so cute! lol. This is going to sound weird but it does look like you've asked if he would mind being a guest on your blog and he's said "yeah sure...take my picture!" lol. I am quite tired right now, so if that does sound too weird, that's why...oh dear. And no I don't watch Doctor Who. I don't really get it!

  13. Unfortunately the dog photo predates my blogging exploits but he was a total flirt.
    Get some rest then, Tilly.