Saturday, 12 June 2010

Eyeko Cosmic - black glitter

I ended up loving the coral but you have to move on.....In nails as in life...

Just noticed I messed up the clean-up on my little finger. Went too far. Story of my life.
This is great. 2 coats over my new Boots ridge-filler.
That's it. 2 coats. In ordinary light (think grey day) it's basically black.
But I decided to take pix under halogen in my bathroom as they seem to come out fairly well and - Crikey O'Reilly - we had lift off.
Now we get the glitter.

With glitters my camera behaves like a nuclear missile honing in on target. It swoops, it locks on, it wavers, it hovers, it gets a fix, it veers away, it wobbles. I'm thinking Top Gun here. You may be able to tell that's how close I've ever got to armaments. A seat at the cinema.
Anyway the blurry pic is good. In a way.

Great polish by Eyeko. Again. They don't pay me and have given me precisely nothing but I still love them. This isn't hype btw.

And while I'm at it.

I ordered an Eyeko mascara and eyeliner for £10 and they sent me a lippie too.

The mascara has pretty stones on. The lippie has a mirror and a light! You press the base and it lights up. You can sort-of see that above. Tee hee. Pretty things. Child in a sweet shop. The eyeliner is good too.

Happy with Eyeko. Not happy with my dry hands.

What is your favourite CHEAP brand/brands? Of anything really. Soap. Hand cream. Tights.

You know - amazingly cheap and surprisingly good.

Don't mention the match. Shhh!



  1. This polish looks amazing! & very appropriately named :P

  2. Wow that polish looks gorgeous on you!

    Cheap brands you can't get much better than Aldis Lacuna range. The face wipes are not much different to ones double the price elsewhere. Also Barry M nail paints are cheap and cheerful, so many colours :)

  3. Thanks, peeps. I think vampy is always good on short nails.
    I have got another Cosmic that is sparkly pink!
    Yes, I too have some of the Aldi gubbins.

  4. Fave cheap brand for makeup has to be BarryM or 17. For other stuff, just go to Aldi! Everything there is cheapo and decent quality. Love their face wipes.

  5. Lol I think I share a psychic connection with Gem. I didn't read her comment and wrote almost exactly the same thing!

  6. Match, waht match?!!!!

    I love the black nails, gorgeous. Embrace your inner goth, I say!
    Cheapo brands? Mmmm... I love "Pure" the skincare range from Poundland, it's Boots Botantics with a different label. Trouble is it sells out super quick.
    Oh, yep..Collection 2000's waterproof mascara is ace,too.

  7. Dammit, I'm always forgetting Poundland. Aldi and Barry M it is.
    Rebecca and Gem - soulmates.

  8. There are quite a few cheap-o brands I love ;)
    p2- their range is divine and I love, love their pigmentation and everything that comes with it :P

    sometimes essence but their le-spam (yes, really a spam, because who likes to hunt down 2 limited editions for at least 3 months?!) has been unfalttering

    alverde- it's a natural cosmetics brand, I love their facials and a few of their LE products and their prices too which is uncommon for natural cosmetic

    wet'n'wild- I love their shades and even though the us&european permanent display are two different things their polishes kick ass ;)

  9. Thanks, aP. Lots of things I haven't heard of there. le-spam - I shall google it!

  10. That glitter is gorgeous!

    Out of focus pics always capture glitter at it's best... it's like looking at fairy lights on your christmas tree with your eyes crossed! FAB!

  11. The top pic isn't quite right. I didn't mean it to be quite as naff. But the glitter is fab. Turns it from being a boring black to a fun one.

  12. Lol @Rebecca, great minds and all that! :)

    And those pictures of the cosmic polish have nudged me into buying it for myself, the glitter is just too pretty!

  13. Yay, Gemx. At Eyeko prices you can't go wrong.

  14. The liparazzi gloss is amazing!!!It has tiny glitter in it!And can be used as a flash light in emergencies as where in the bag are my mints :p
    Hmmm cheap brands...Some maybelline products are quite cheap and cute as well as some bourjois.