Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Untrieds...more than I thought...

Before we start. Any guesses as to the number of untrieds? What about yours? Do you know to the very bottle? Do you keep them all together? Do you group according to brand and "lose" new acquisitions?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

CG Lasso My Heart next???

Barielle June Bug soon?

Eyeko Vampira? Red glitter in the sun??

Hard to pick from these. Hard Candy Hick? I don't know..

Second left is much more of a pinky-red IRL. Witches Brew. That sounds like me!

Again - not sure. Rubbish pic anyway!

Probably the BB Couture Napa Valley Red. We're up to 35 now. How many more?

Absolutely Alice perhaps...

Barielle Belly Dance (in the middle) could be my next mani.

Those Sinfuls look well groovy but they will thoroughly st!nk on me. But they are dramatic and they have interesting formulae. But I will hate them. But they'll be great for autumn. But...

50 untrieds. With 10 on order. I may just be able to call a temporary halt. 

Now tell me about your untrieds. Do you keep a spreadsheet? I started to. Do they have a special place? Do you work through them in order of purchase?

Thanks to everyone who has commented since I started this blog. Everyone has been very kind and I love reading your thoughts.



  1. I keep a speadsheet with everything on it but I don't mark whether it's tried or untried. I swatch everything on nail wheels and then wear it when the desire strikes.

    I'd love to see Barielle June Bug. I love that polish, it's so unique.

  2. Ooh, I wish I had just 50 untrieds...

  3. I hate opening them until I actually wear them, Alisa. Don't know why. Some atavistic fear that they'll dry out.

    ABOP, I know 50 is but a very modest untried selection for a lot of nailatics. But it seems a lot to me...Although I'd rather have more, clearly!

  4. I change my polish everyday so I try to use untrieds first but I have a lot of backed up polish- probably 30-50? I sort by brand so I forget what I've purchased!

  5. Yes, I found that sorting them by brand means you can "lose" things. Unless you keep a list. I don't.

  6. oooo I love these

    I must have maybe 5 untrieds, I use it once, then put them in the tried box..I rarely wear them twice...erk... hazard of blogging!!

  7. I should have taken better pix but I expect they'll turn up in full in due course. I just don't want to get rid of these BB babies at the moment.

  8. I vote for the glittery purple barry m! it looks so pretty. I have used all of mine because as soon as I get them I have to put it on. Even if it's over my existing polish! But I've probably got about 20 or so that I've not done a full mani with.

  9. Lol! I'm loving all the Barry M glitters, I never see those in Boots or Superdrug :( 50 untrieds - you're so lucky! Have fun!

  10. The glitters are from a giveaway I won! GiveTheJewGirlToys. Check her out!

  11. You've got a lot of good ones there!

    I'm like Alisa; I have a speadsheet but don't keep track of which ones I've tried. I am sure I have more untried than tried at this point.

  12. Funnily enough I want to go back and wear some previous polishes rather than try the "virgins". Daft.

  13. Wow, I thought I was organised, but keeping a spreadsheet of all of your nail varnishes - that's amazing Alisa! I think I only have about 10 untrieds, I change mine 2-3 times per week so I normally get through them. I'd try the one in the forth picture from the top, the one on the far right - what one's that? x

  14. The blue one? That's Miss Sporty. Small bottle. No name.
    I actually did a challenge mani today but I'm not happy with it...

  15. Oh...what is that blue Barry M colour in the fourth picture?

    I don't really know what I have that's tried or untried. I have everything organised in little boxes by colour and everything's on nail wheels by colour and the bottles are numbered so I know what's what.

  16. Allie B: Sorry, didn't pick up this comment. I need to check this one. I'll get back to it.