Friday, 25 June 2010

Models Own haul - gang of 5

Less than 48 hours
Free P&P
You'd better hope Eng-er-land beat Germany on Sunday if you want 20% off a little bundle of beauties under the Models Own "Surely that sorry bunch'll never win anything so we can offer loads of discounts to punters safe in the knowledge that we won't have to make good on our promise" WE SUPPORT ENGLAND campaign.

Cr@ppy pic of:
Dusty Mauve
Nude Beige
Pink Lady
Blue Moon

These look way better IRL.
I'm going to pick 2 now to do a mani with but won't post until tomorrow.
Short of time today, I fear.

KarenD of Frazzle and Aniploish ( me with one of these - for which I thank her.

I have to nominate 5 others and I'm going to devote some time to that before launching in. I also have to write about 5 other things but more of that anon.

OK, I can't leave you without a pic so for a LAUGH (a LAUGH) I am posting my beyond-feeble isn't-this-the-lamest-nailart-ever photo of my cherry blossom effort from February (?).

Actually that blue looks OK but the alleged flower (!) is beyond words cruddy.
Just shows I have more confidence now. I had about 2 followers when I did this and didn't dare expose it to public view but ........well, it's in the public domain. Oh, and the cuticles and.......

Bet Karen wouldn't have tagged me if she'd seen THAT!

Vow to self - must do better.

Onwards and upwards


  1. I was hoping my 5 would come today too, but they didn't :(

    Great choices Jen. X

  2. I wanted mine to come today :( I ordered champagne too :)

  3. Of course I still would have tagged you; wait 'til I start posting my nail art and we'll can laugh together. :)

  4. oo blue moon looks nice.. I am making a "to get" list lol have decided I do not need to buy any polish again for a while...eeer..sure that wont last long lol

  5. Very pretty. Nice haul.

  6. w00t, cherry blossoms! Also, those polishes are really nice. I love the one that you're wearing on your fingers!

  7. I can't even remember what the blue is. It's so long ago!!!

  8. Wow, quick delivery! No sign of mine yet. I ordered champagne too, looks really nice in your pic, wish I'd picked blue moon as well now! Yout nail art is far better than I could do! Very sweet colours, love the blue. :)

  9. My tiger stripes were way better. I think I should have another go.

  10. I'd love to see! :) I had a go before removing my polish a couple of times. Just a cocktail stick and nail was so poor it was wiped off before it was even dry!