Friday, 2 September 2011

Essence The Only Chance!

  • This is after 2 days of wear.
  • 2 coats and that's plenty! RESULT!
  • This was a gift. Double ++ result.
  • You forget how useful brown shades are. I think they suit everyone.
  • This is perhaps a tad lighter IRL. Lovely and milk-chocolatey. Not yer average chocolate either. A really yummy milk chocolate.
  • Oh, and it's really glossy but my shit-camera-work doesn't show that. Dammit.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Catrice Dirty Berry - you have to love that name...

I nearly didn't get this one. The air-con in the shop was such a blessed relief that I couldn't concentrate on the cosmetics. But I'm jolly glad I took a better look. 2 coats of very subtle holo. And it applies like a dream. The kind of dream with meadows and a gentle stream - not the dream I usually have about school or exams or being in a room with someone lurking outside or doing the same thing over and over and over again. 

Catrice is a super brand. Really cheap. Round the £2 mark. Watch out for this in Croatia (if you ever go - I love it there) and Central Europe and wherever else it's sold. I like the bottle design and everything about Catrice.


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Essence Choose Me - and I did...

3 coats of a quick-dry polish that cost about £2 in Hrvatska (Croatia). I think it's a glass fleck. Pretty vibrant and doesn't smurfify the nails to any great extent. Phew. There weren't many polishes in the little town where we stay but I don't go there to cosmetic-shop. Ignore the little finger. That's an experiment.

This stuff lasts really well. But wouldn't you know it - I only noticed a chip on the last morning when we were due to leave at 9am?! Could do nothing about it. All packed.

In the forthcoming days there will be :
  • my mini-haul from Hrvatska
  • my holiday snaps (you can skip over them, that's understood)
  • my amazing gift from Glam Nails
  • some moaning about having to go back to work on Monday - boo, hiss...
  • nail swatches

Oo, Radio 4 is just broadcasting a trail for a programme about caves in Croatia! What are the chances, huh?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Nail Art "Competition" that isn't a competition - PLEASE participate

There used to be quite a few blogs a while back that invited photos. Haven't noticed it for a while so I thought I'd have a go moi-meme and launch an initiative. Idea is that we all have a go at doing some nail art along these lines and you send me your pix and I publish 'em. No prizes. Sorry.

Here's the inspiration. Atsuko Tanaka. 1932 - 2005.

There's an exhibition at the Ikon in Birmingham. Found this card in my library. How hard can this be? Even for me. Mind you, I haven't tried it yet.

If you have a go then email your effort to nutty teacher at gmail dot com. I'll do it too and we'll have a sell-by date of September 4th. Please do have a go. I have lots of ideas/inspirations that are better than this one but thought this would be an easy start (for me).


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nail art (allegedly)

A blast from the past. This was my very first post. Two years ago now. I was inspired by Leanne at DoNotRefreeze. Do ya know what it's meant to be yet? (That reference only makes sense if you were brought up with Rolf Harris - life isn't all a bowl of cherries...)

Didn't even know how to take a non-blurry photo. Pipe down at the back there! What d'you mean: You still can't!? Cheeky.

I do like those bendy, jelly, rubbery rings you got with Hard Candy polishes. Pity the precious stone falls out after a couple of hand-washes or they might be worth something!

And, if you hadn't guessed, it's a tiger mani. Frankly that's my best nail art ever. It all went sadly pear-shaped after that. But I have a cunning plan. All will be revealed. Ta da DA.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

The embarrassing story of a frog...

2009 - went to Canada on holiday. Stayed first in Montreal and then Mont Tremblant.

Hotel in Tremblant had its own little lake. Cue frog. This was a big frog. Just bear that in mind.

Now what does this frog have that's a little unusual? A very long tail. I was convinced I'd discovered a mutant frog at the least or a new species at best. When I got home I emailed lots of Canadian universities with my discovery. Anura Jenniferiana I thought it might be known as. I'd be hailed as the Linnaeus/Attenborough of my generation! I did get Biology 'O' level, after all. That makes me a naturalist, right? Also a naturist (but that's another story).

Er, no. It was not to be. I received very kind responses which did not treat me like a moron (for which I am grateful to the native politeness of the Canadian) that informed me it's a froglet. The tail was soon to disappear. I think it absorbs into the body rather than just falls off. Freaky.

I tell you something for nothing. You don't get baby frogs that size in the UK!

Any road up - in my researches I found out a lot about frogs. All of which I have subsequently forgotten. But one thing I do know. There are some really cute ones out there.

Unnamed Canadian lake. They have so many they don't even bother to name them all! So cool.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

GONE FISHING + bonus CUTE animal and Dobar Dan from Croatia

Not really. Don't fancy fishing. Love eating fish though....

If you need me I'll be here.

Now here's someone who does excel at fishing.  Adorable sea otter. I have not seen one here. Not sure if they hang out in the Adriatic.


Sunday, 21 August 2011

...buttercups our gold...

Children's hymn theme continued...

 Same rules as the silvers. I have fewer gold because I'm not a 'gold' person. You're either silver or gold, aren't you? It's a Marmite thing.

  • 2 coats
  • The Edge Egyptian Gold - could do with a 3rd coat but I do like this
  • Misa Disco Queen which has a sulphurous, greenish tinge to it - devilish!
  • Leighton Denny Golden Girl with Mavala Gold Diamond (got a hair on the nail I couldn't dislodge)
  • Boots 17 Sphinx (well, it looked gold in the bottle - er, gold-ISH) - the maxi-brush on this is HUUUUGE
Obviously the Boots 17 just doesn't belong. Nothing wrong with it. It's just batting for another side.

Are you silver or gold?


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Daisies are our silver...

(It's a children's hymn.)

Pathetic, I know, but I'm running out of ideas. I have quite a few silvers so here are four I just grabbed.

  • 2 coats of each for fairness
  • Little: Leighton Denny Diamond Diva
  • Ring: Models Own Sterling Silver
  • Marks and Spencer Rainbow (a bit holo)
  • Misa Dance Fever
  • I like them all and they're all good and they don't need further coats (unlike the golds I grabbed - see tomorrow's post)
You get to the point where you're looking for silver with a twist. D'you know any silvers with added oomph?


Friday, 19 August 2011

Nails Inc Barnsbury Road

Not going to revolutionise the nail-polish world, is it? Plus it's suede finish (I'd say satin). Perfectly pleasant 2 coats with a top coat. Don't know why I bothered. No, I do. One of a cheap set of 4 from TK Maxx. That's why I bothered.

And this is Barnsbury Road, N1. For what it's worth.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Frozen Jelly (a Jessica Red Tint and beauty uk Frozen Kingdom hybrid)

Oh, dear. It's a bit blurry. I used red whereas I really wanted pink but couldn't find it and had no patience or perseverance to look harder. Typical lazy-bones. 

It took me ages to paint my nails today though what with ridge-filler and top coat and layers PLUS the Missguided Misstique left me with Super-Smurf nails and fingers. Honestly, I don't even like blue that much. Why did I bother? Almost enough to make me utter the 'never again' phrase. Never again will I wear blue polish. For now....

Is there any blue that doesn't smurfify the nails?


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Elemis...and why not!

A home housing two highly untidy women may yield a multitude of riches. Particularly in the summer holiday when our cleaner doesn't come. Theory being that I've time to do the cleaning myself! Time I have. Inclination? No.

So I was just rooting for something in my bathroom when I found some forgotten bits and pieces. I do have more Elemis products than these but a quick scout-round revealed the above.

The cleansing wash smells particularly delightful to me. Lady's Mantle in a unique milk protein base! (From the back of the bottle.) Serum I always love and will use on my hair/hands/the lot. The best of all though is the bottom left Frangipani Monoi Moisture melt. The glass bottle is too cute with that little silver top that unscrews and the contents moreover are solid at normal temperature. So I take it in the shower to warm it and then spread it over my face. A very powerful fragrance is frangipani. It doesn't appeal universally i.e. to she who must be obeyed. But I only slather it on at night before retiring.

And better yet! This stuff is made in England! Which means jobs!

Downside? Elemis is expensive but you need to watch ebay for bargains and they can occasionally be found. The quality is excellent. I haven't even pictured their hand and nail cream. Now that is tremendously effective.

Anybody have any Elemis recommendations?


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Missguided Misstique - misnamed

No mystique about this. It's a lovely, creamy 2-coat polish. Even covers up my ridges. I do like this brand. Pity there are so few colours. Got this as a freebie just like the rest of you probably did with some magazine or other. But I'd recommend it even at full price. Not sure this aqua-turquoise usually suits me but this doesn't seem to give me "lobsters" so......result. Nowt special colour-wise but a darned good formula.


Monday, 15 August 2011

How it all began..Fairy Dust (Sally Hansen Fairy Dust Pink)

I've painted my nails on and off since about 1969 but I haven't in recent times had a day of naked nails since August 2009. Had time and dollars to spare at Montreal airport in August 09 so I had a mani. Great Turkish-Canadian girl. Very friendly. The concession was OPI-fied so I had a coupla greens. That got me hooked again. (I think they may have been Electric Eel and Green-wich - something like that.)

That developed into buying more polish and reading blogs. Finally I got my own blog going.

One of the first polishes I ebay-ed in 09 or 10 was this Sally Hansen. I'd seen something similar on a blog and just took a punt on it. I checked the prices on ebay today and they are mega-silly. I'm sure I didn't spend more than a coupla quid though. So there's no point stimulating demand for these "magical" polishes. (That's what they're called by Sally Hansen btw.) Was minded to wear this because I just got £14.50 for GOSH Holographic on ebay so had holos in my head. This applies better than quite a lot of holos which I find almost invariably patchy. Pity SH don't do this range any longer. The prices demonstrate it was highly-regarded.

Ah, well. Just a pretty polish for a sunny day.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Colour blocking, anyone?

Nothing new under the sun. You have no idea how radical these fashion images were in the 60s! Unless you're my age! I loved Mary Quant stuff. Up until then teenagers dressed like their mums and their grandmothers. Nearly 50 years has gone by since this photoshoot. Not saying you'd want to dress exactly like that now but......

See this next one? Original Sixties ad. Is this not gorgeous even now? I think so. I had that lipstick and nail polish. *sighs* This is one of my all-time favourite/evocative ads. The fact that I am crazy for black cherries really doesn't harm its cause. Black-forest gateau. Nom nom nom.

And you've guessed right. I have no personal inspiration today. I tried the Sleek Pout Paint in Peachy Keen. So little did it suit me that I felt it OBSCENE to take a photo. That's how bad it was. Not my colour. Not in this lifetime anyway....


Saturday, 13 August 2011

No drama, just good stuff....Models Own Mystic Mauve

I spend too much time lusting after collections that are either too expensive or simply unavailable that I forget we have a great brand of our own here in the UK. I refer to Models Own.

Their foil polishes are simply magnificent and, thinking back, I have never had a bad Models Own. So there. Sorry, Models Own. I will try to appreciate you better.

Mystic Mauve. 2 coats. Foil. Would look better on younger (unridged) nails but I have what I have.
(That was easy...)

My left hand now sports short nails but I'm letting the nails on my right grow. They look OK.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Oh, dear..... sad face.....Illamasqua Raindrops

It's all very well. Looks quite nice. A very pretty polish. But application? Blimey.

3 coats. Then I just couldn't help myself. I had to apply another. 
4 coats! I can live with that but I had to be so careful.

Too little polish on the brush and I got fearful drag.
Too much polish and I had a puddle.
It's a jelly. I love jelly polishes usually and have never found them difficult to apply but this baby...? Whoa.

The photo makes it look a tad blue whereas it is a genuine grey.
Tricky. Coming to a verdict - tricky. I do love it but it is in my top 10 of silly buggers as regards behaviour. Maybe top 5.

Funnily enough this is one of the 'suggest a colour' polishes. I got in the top 50 in that competition. Or DID I? I've read a lot of bloggers who've had that particular email. D'you think it possible that Illamasqua flattered us in order to foster brand-loyalty/sales? I'd love to know how many of those emails went out! Allegedly. Just insert 'allegedly' in every sentence in this paragraph. *fingers crossed*


Thursday, 11 August 2011

LIP WARS! Sleek Pout Paint v OCC Lip Tar

This is smudgy because I didn't mess with it for the photo. I tidied it up with a brush afterwards!
I don't suggest these colours are dupes. They are obviously not. But they were compatible to be worn together.
Top lip: Sleek Mauve On
Lower lip: OCC Katricia

Not peppermint-y, neutral flavour
Maybe a little drier in the tube and more reluctant to squeeze out
Seems a lot glossier on the lip (which is odd considering the point immediately above)
May need a smidgen more product to achieve coverage - but quantities are so small it's irrelevant really
Seems less likely to transfer onto the teeth which can be a big problem with the OCC
It did quickly transfer onto the lower lip - is it more highly pigmented/stronger than the OCC? Maybe

Dries matte on the lip
Pigments seem from the photo to be less evenly distributed - I've had the OCC longer but didn't notice any problem in the tube - I have heard that some separation can occur in Lip Tars
Does have a sharp minty tang - less so than some of the other shades though - I know some people quite dislike it

Yes, I applied with sponges. I have found it works quite well with these. It's hard to keep lip-brushes clean and remove product whereas the sponges are ten-a-penny and you can easily keep them and match them to the correct shade at a later date.
  • Quantities are identical.
  • OCC tube marginally more workable because of the 'gradient' but you have to use brushes (or sponges) for these anyway - do not apply directly
Have to award the laurel wreath to Sleek. I do think it's a better product at a lower price (normally a fiver but currently 3 for £10 at the moment) and it's readily available from Superdrug or online in the UK. A clear knock-out win for Sleek. Not even a victory on points. Knock-out. OCC however do more colours and were initially aimed at the professional make-up artist (I think) who does a lot of blending. So if you are super-creative/innovative with your cosmetics then I'd suggest you get lots of the Sleek and supplement any blending shades from the OCC range.

I really rate the Sleek so I had better reiterate that I bought these myself and I've never had a product given to me for review by anyone. Lest you think I am too ardent in my support!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Eyeko Liptastik Loudmouth + Baby Bonus/Bonus Baby

I failed with 2 of my 3 TK Maxx purchases. Nails Inc polishes not so good. Ditto OPI. The Eyeko however was another story....

All these for a fiver! Loudmouth is the one in the middle.

  • Lasts for ages.
  • Feels good.
  • Not too sticky.
  • Good value at 3 for a fiver.
  • Very highly pigmented.
  • So easy to apply. Foolproof actually. 
  • Don't need a sharpener. Just twist the base (see pic).
(Oh, sharpeners for jumbo crayons! Do I have to buy a pen-knife and learn to whittle whilst humming "Ol' Man River" in order to sharpen my Barry M Lip Lacquers or is there a jumbo sharpener I can buy?)
    UNfortunately made in China. I did not realise this because there was a label stuck over country of origin and I just tend to assume (bloody fool) that British companies get their stuff made in Britain. Or how about Europe even? Once I had broken the seal I couldn't return them.

    My latest Illamasqua polishes are made in Australia! What's that all about?! I have to stop buying Illamasqua now. OK, the Australians aren't employing slave labour and beating people but the carbon-footprint implications are just plain intolerable to me.

    I won't start on trade, the global economy and jobs for local people. But I SO COULD! And probably should.

    On a lighter note, the next post will feature LIP WARS!

    Plus a "baby bonus" pic. Granddaughter. 9 days.


    Tuesday, 9 August 2011

    Couleur du jour?

    Maybe even couleur du mois/ de l'annee!

    Illamasqua Insanity. Even WITH a bubble it's simply the best orange there is and moreover the best polish I've bought for a long time. £5 in the sale! Superb result. How chuffed am I.
    3 coats is plenty. 2

    So what d'you reckon is the genuine, current couleur du jour?

    And would that be a creme formula?

    Oh, a little pointer for those who weren't sure. The large square cap on Illamasqua is MEANT to be removable. In fact you SHOULD remove it and leave the smaller cap for proper control. I have heard some say Illamasqua polishes are unwieldy. That need not be the case.


    Monday, 8 August 2011

    BLOG SALE - over 60 polishes

    The Revlon is Silver (actually a grey)

    OPI (2) Miami Beet & Fiercely Fiona £4 each
    China Glaze MINI First Mate £2
    Barielle (2) June Bug & Myrza's Meadow (Barielles tend to separate out in storage but these ARE new) £3.75 each
    Models Own (7) Concrete Mixer & Lemon Meringue & Sterling Silver & Baby Blues &Blue Moon & Champagne & Mystic Mauve £3.25 each

    Illamasqua Rampage (in box) £6
    Color Club Electronica £3.75
    Finger Paints Blissfully Blue £3.75
    Nails Inc The Hurlingham & Hays Mews & Chester Terrace £3.50 each (the latter 2 are suede)
    Barry M Instant Nail Effects Black & Blue £2 each
    Bourjois Orange Creation £2.50
    Mavala Pure Diamond & Daring Pink & Milky £2.25 each
    Revlon Silver £1

    USED ONCE (probably only on one hand)
    OPI (4) DS Coronation £7 & Hopelessly In Love £3.50 & Samoan Sand £3.50 & My Private Jet (new version) £6.50
    Illamasqua (2) Purity and a red one that may be Ruthless £5 each

    Models Own (3) Nyla Nude & Utopia & Lili's Pink £3 each
    China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea £3
    Essie (4) Alligator Purse & Nutcracker Sweet & Gladioli & Lily Pond
    Confetti Happy Birthday £3.50 each
    BB Couture (3) Santa's Sak & Tuxedo Night & Bullfighter £3.50 each
    Leighton Denny Golden Girl £5

    missguided (3)  Misschievous & Missdemeanour & Missunderstood £2.50 each
    RMK Holographic Blue Pink £4
    Bourjois (2) Bleu model & Fuchsia provoc' £2 each
    Pop Beauty (2) Violetta & Pinkest £2.50 each

    Hard Candy (see photo for colour) £3.75
    Sinful Colors Out of this World £2
    Barry M Nail Effects Pink £2
    Accessorize (2) Purple Dream & Pin-Up £2.50
    Nails Inc Drury Lane £3

    • P&P within the UK is £1.60 for a single polish. For the 2nd and subsequent polishes add 20p each (example: 4 polishes would be the price of the individual items + £2.20 P&P)  You're not in the UK? Please indicate this in your comment and I'll calculate a price for you.
    • This is ordinary 2nd class post. I get proof of posting but if you want recorded or whatever then please ask.
    • Paypal only - gift to friend (see next point)
    • On ebay I have 100% feedback as jayannlay. I buy and sell on ebay and I have 289 transactions to my name. If you don't feel you can trust me and don't want to do the 'paypal friend' thing then I'm afraid we have no deal. I just don't want to pay the extra charges!

    Sunday, 7 August 2011

    OPI pink-astrophe gradient

    Pictures first.

    • VNL? No problem with VNL in THIS house.
    • 3 coats and still streaky? Now that IS cack.
    • On goes plenty FlorMar to attempt to rectify matters. Hm, tolerable.
    • But I shouldn't even have bought this mini-set. Seduced by cheapitude at Tk Maxx. Serves me right, huh?
    • The colours (!) are Alpine White, Bubble Bath and something along the lines of Pink-ing or Pink-est (frankly I don't care) + a RapiDry
    • I'm sure the box said 'Princess Rule' but I chucked the box and I'm not going through my recycling bin just for that!

    Oh, yeah. Princesses. As the mother of two daughters and grandmother of very small grand-daughter plus I'm a woman myself (yeah!) I deplore the whole girlie-princess thing. Ladies, if your idea of success is marrying some ghastly chap and sponging off him then you're welcome but I don't share your ambition and never have. Girls don't need heels as much as the ability to run fast and deal a knockout blow if absolutely necessary. Girls don't need tiaras (leave that to Elton John) as much as brains and education. Girls don't need petticoats as much as they need gumption.

    In short, pink polish is fine. Pink/fluffy attitudes and aspirations? No.

    Blog sale tomorrow. Best time?

    Saturday, 6 August 2011

    Nails Inc Augustus Street - not so august

    Well, I googled it and I can't say I was impressed. Looks a bit shabby to me. The street in Camden. Ya get wot am sayin', blood? OK, that's enough of me getting down with the kids.


    The polish ain't no better. Looks good in the bottle. Not so much on the nail. And it's suede-effect! Bah. I've put RapiDry over it and it still isn't glossy. So I tried Top Rock. I'm new to RapiDry and I'm guessing it isn't even meant to provide shine. Does anyone know? The Top Rock improves it a little.

    AND worse yet it's one of a set of 4 I got cheapo from TK Maxx and they are ALL suede!

    Never mind.


    Friday, 5 August 2011

    I can't believe it's not better! AND BLOG SALE NEWS

    The photo. It's no good at all. Can't get this to show up nearly as well as it looks IRL.
     Mavala Pure Diamond over beauty uk Gun Metal.

    And one in the sun.

    Ah, well. 

    BLOG SALE - launch tomorrow (Saturday) or wait until Monday? Your thoughts, please.

    What's your go-to item to revive or rescue a mani or an outfit or a "face"?
    I tend to slop this Mavala over pretty much anything. And a new bottle of it will be featured in the sale.


    Thursday, 4 August 2011

    Reports of my demise greatly exaggerated...BFF BIG FAT FAIL

    The OH observed I looked dead.

    The spiffing plan was to execute a funky-glitter French with OPI Extravagance. The outcome was nails that merely look grubby. Hey, you live and learn.


    Wednesday, 3 August 2011

    beauty uk Gun Metal

    A regulation shimmer/frost gunmetal but it has a tiny hint of glitz, I'd say. 2 coats are more than adequate. I have a Revlon like this - only not so good. Another impressive polish from beauty uk. Well done to them.

    I'm very anti-colour these days. Couldn't bear the thought of another coral/green/yellow/blue. A little jaded.


    Monday, 1 August 2011

    Leighton Denny Natural White

    If ever I had any nail-blogger credibility I think I may be losing it. I am now starting to adore pale, natural colours beyond all reason. Time to lay up the old polish brush and retire. Oh, I can't during the long school hols because I have to have a hobby (hated word, makes me sound like someone who collects stamps and knits) to keep me off the streets.

    The index finger has 4 coats of lusciousness. The others have an extra layer of FlorMar goodness. LD is a top-class brand. Thank-you TK Maxx for selling this stuff. And can you please get some more stock in.

    Enjoying your summer?


    Sunday, 31 July 2011

    W7 mega matte lips

    Ugh, you say, who wants matte lips? We want glossy lips. Seductive, kissable lips.

    That's as maybe but...
    1 What if you don't like the gloopy feel of glossy lips?
    2 What if you have old lips which have lost outline and pigmentation and want your lips to look fuller and not have shine distracting the eye and minimising the area?
    3 What if you have thin lips and want to enhance them (see above)?
    4 What if you are after a fairly natural look that's easy to maintain?
    5 And other stuff...

    Anyway, I found these in TJ Hughes (closing down, get there fast) and got 2 for under £3.

    I love this, I do. Can't find a number or name on it but the print is fearfully tiny so it may be there somewhere. They do a variety but they're all pretty much of a muchness. Didn't prevent me from buying 2 though. Feels so velvety. Love matte lips.

    (See how good beauty uk shatter polish is? Yes?)
    Oh, and the cap is itself matte. How cool is that? I do love the feel of matte rubber tops and lids to beauty products. Like Orly polishes. Fab.

    My lips used to be fuller and plumper and so forth. Shine on the lips just gives the effect of lustre but doesn't really suit the *ahem* more mature woman. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Forgive hideous grey.


    Saturday, 30 July 2011

    Giveaway - GOSH Holographic

    It is but a humble bottle of polish I offer. Somewhat careworn and tattered (probably due to having been languishing in the back of my local NotSoSuperDrug for aeons) but unopened, unused, untried nonetheless. A virgin bottle of holo goodness. Although, I have to admit, I have never managed to make it work for me. It has never agreed with any base coat I use. I know some people prefer to apply it to unprepared nails to avoid streaks but I can't bear not to prep my nails. Be warned. The results can be spectacular but it is temperamental.

    • Open to my first 300 followers only. This isn't a desperate gambit to acquire new followers. This includes Trixx who appears to be 301 but I stupidly managed to follow myself in the early days so 301 is the cut-off point.
    • Open internationally as it's just 1 ickle bockle.
    • 1 entry each for leaving your contact details in comments below and stating a. which polish in your collection you'd be MOST reluctant to giveaway b. which polish in the whole, wide world you wish you could have c. whether or not you already have this polish.
    • If you don't have it then you get an extra entry as I'd prefer it to find a home with someone who doesn't have it already as it's one of those HTF/rare/niche/Holy Grail polishes. So I'm enhancing the odds for those who don't have it. And if you're a blogger I can check! Sneaky and suspicious,  moi?
    • Closes (hm, now let me think) 9th August.
    If I've forgotten anything then please let me know.

    Bonne chance!


    Friday, 29 July 2011

    Mavala Milky

    My new favourite coral-peach. 2 coats of Mavala-lousness. *It just never gets old!* Just maybe could take a 3rd coat. Application as easy as (insert here your personally-favoured dubious analogy referring to a woman's sexual availability) ...... anything.

    Next up in the Mavala-fest will be Daring Pink.


    Thursday, 28 July 2011

    beauty uk shatter polish night fever (THEIR lack of caps - not mine)

    1. Top class packaging - me likey
    2. Top class product - I have a few shatter polishes and this is the best by far, more predictable application than others, doesn't go gloopy or streaky, excellent
    3. The gold is properly gold - not drab like the Boots 17 I have
    4. It was a poor decision to layer it over Mavala Vanilla - needs a more striking base
    5. 'dix points' on the Eurovision scale - might even stretch to 'onze'!