Monday, 8 August 2011

BLOG SALE - over 60 polishes

The Revlon is Silver (actually a grey)

OPI (2) Miami Beet & Fiercely Fiona £4 each
China Glaze MINI First Mate £2
Barielle (2) June Bug & Myrza's Meadow (Barielles tend to separate out in storage but these ARE new) £3.75 each
Models Own (7) Concrete Mixer & Lemon Meringue & Sterling Silver & Baby Blues &Blue Moon & Champagne & Mystic Mauve £3.25 each

Illamasqua Rampage (in box) £6
Color Club Electronica £3.75
Finger Paints Blissfully Blue £3.75
Nails Inc The Hurlingham & Hays Mews & Chester Terrace £3.50 each (the latter 2 are suede)
Barry M Instant Nail Effects Black & Blue £2 each
Bourjois Orange Creation £2.50
Mavala Pure Diamond & Daring Pink & Milky £2.25 each
Revlon Silver £1

USED ONCE (probably only on one hand)
OPI (4) DS Coronation £7 & Hopelessly In Love £3.50 & Samoan Sand £3.50 & My Private Jet (new version) £6.50
Illamasqua (2) Purity and a red one that may be Ruthless £5 each

Models Own (3) Nyla Nude & Utopia & Lili's Pink £3 each
China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea £3
Essie (4) Alligator Purse & Nutcracker Sweet & Gladioli & Lily Pond
Confetti Happy Birthday £3.50 each
BB Couture (3) Santa's Sak & Tuxedo Night & Bullfighter £3.50 each
Leighton Denny Golden Girl £5

missguided (3)  Misschievous & Missdemeanour & Missunderstood £2.50 each
RMK Holographic Blue Pink £4
Bourjois (2) Bleu model & Fuchsia provoc' £2 each
Pop Beauty (2) Violetta & Pinkest £2.50 each

Hard Candy (see photo for colour) £3.75
Sinful Colors Out of this World £2
Barry M Nail Effects Pink £2
Accessorize (2) Purple Dream & Pin-Up £2.50
Nails Inc Drury Lane £3

  • P&P within the UK is £1.60 for a single polish. For the 2nd and subsequent polishes add 20p each (example: 4 polishes would be the price of the individual items + £2.20 P&P)  You're not in the UK? Please indicate this in your comment and I'll calculate a price for you.
  • This is ordinary 2nd class post. I get proof of posting but if you want recorded or whatever then please ask.
  • Paypal only - gift to friend (see next point)
  • On ebay I have 100% feedback as jayannlay. I buy and sell on ebay and I have 289 transactions to my name. If you don't feel you can trust me and don't want to do the 'paypal friend' thing then I'm afraid we have no deal. I just don't want to pay the extra charges!


  1. If there's anything left after I'm back from Italy, I'll shop then x

  2. Oooh! Okay Jen, if you can do me Barielle Myrza's Meadow, Illamasqua Purity and RMK Holo Blue Pink for £13.50 inc P&P, we have a deal! Hit me up with an email :) leanne at donotrefreeze dot com

  3. Could I please have Illamasqua Purity?

  4. Maybe you have some more colors?

  5. Could I have both the Accessorizes and Mavala Pure Diamonds please?

    helen_louise_is at yahoo dot co dot uk


  6. Could I get
    OPI Miami Beet
    Illamasqua Rampage
    Mavala Daring Pink & Milky
    China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea
    Essie Alligator Purse & Gladioli


    Thanks xx

  7. oh no, daring pink is gone. booo
    please could i have the models own utopia and barry m pink shatter please?
    thank you

  8. Hi,Can i take sinful colours out of this world and models own concrete mixer please.
    pamela dot lord at btinternet dot com
    i'm in the uk.

  9. Hi Jen,
    I just read your comment over at ALU's about the Essence nail polishes. I live in Germany and if you would like, I can go and buy you some. Essence is changing their coreline colors for this Fall, so some stores like Rossmann and dm are marking many of the nailpolishes down to only 99 Eurocents instead of 1.25 Euro or 1.75 Euro, I'm not sure which ones will go and which ones will appear, but I can mail you that, I saw a posting about that in my forum some days ago ...

    If you are interested, please mail me ;)
    caitlyn77 at gmx dot de

    Umm, while I'm at it - I somehow got interested in SpaRitual polishes. Since it's quite difficult to get them in Germany, maybe we could kinda swap, you tell me which Essence Polishes you like and I tell you which Sparitual polishes I like and I buy the Essences and you the sparituals and we exchange them? :)

  10. Doh I forgot my email and I see Leanne beat me to it. Just incase it falls though i'm

  11. Hi
    I think this is a total long shot but I was googling for barille june bug and your blog sale popped up. by any super rare chance do you still have it for sale? my email address to contact me is : (US)