Monday, 1 August 2011

Leighton Denny Natural White

If ever I had any nail-blogger credibility I think I may be losing it. I am now starting to adore pale, natural colours beyond all reason. Time to lay up the old polish brush and retire. Oh, I can't during the long school hols because I have to have a hobby (hated word, makes me sound like someone who collects stamps and knits) to keep me off the streets.

The index finger has 4 coats of lusciousness. The others have an extra layer of FlorMar goodness. LD is a top-class brand. Thank-you TK Maxx for selling this stuff. And can you please get some more stock in.

Enjoying your summer?



  1. Your nails are looking nice and long!

    Bring back the brightsssss. I joke, I joke. Wear whatever makes you happy.

    Don't think I could be arsed to sit around for four coats, though :L

  2. Hey, there's nothing wrong with quiet nails--and nothing wrong with knitting, either, if it floats your boat. :)