Monday, 15 August 2011

How it all began..Fairy Dust (Sally Hansen Fairy Dust Pink)

I've painted my nails on and off since about 1969 but I haven't in recent times had a day of naked nails since August 2009. Had time and dollars to spare at Montreal airport in August 09 so I had a mani. Great Turkish-Canadian girl. Very friendly. The concession was OPI-fied so I had a coupla greens. That got me hooked again. (I think they may have been Electric Eel and Green-wich - something like that.)

That developed into buying more polish and reading blogs. Finally I got my own blog going.

One of the first polishes I ebay-ed in 09 or 10 was this Sally Hansen. I'd seen something similar on a blog and just took a punt on it. I checked the prices on ebay today and they are mega-silly. I'm sure I didn't spend more than a coupla quid though. So there's no point stimulating demand for these "magical" polishes. (That's what they're called by Sally Hansen btw.) Was minded to wear this because I just got £14.50 for GOSH Holographic on ebay so had holos in my head. This applies better than quite a lot of holos which I find almost invariably patchy. Pity SH don't do this range any longer. The prices demonstrate it was highly-regarded.

Ah, well. Just a pretty polish for a sunny day.



  1. So pretty! I only have one of these got it from ebay. The prices on ebay are so ridiculously outrageous nowadays. I haven't seen anymore listed though. Hopeful I can find more at a decent price :D

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I need more holos.

  3. The polish looks gorgeous. I like SH products. Some of the prices on eBay though are ridiculous!

  4. Very nice look IN nines so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. this one is a stunner, one of the most gorgeous holos i've ever seen. now why why why do they have to discontinue the good stuff? :( x