Sunday, 14 August 2011

Colour blocking, anyone?

Nothing new under the sun. You have no idea how radical these fashion images were in the 60s! Unless you're my age! I loved Mary Quant stuff. Up until then teenagers dressed like their mums and their grandmothers. Nearly 50 years has gone by since this photoshoot. Not saying you'd want to dress exactly like that now but......

See this next one? Original Sixties ad. Is this not gorgeous even now? I think so. I had that lipstick and nail polish. *sighs* This is one of my all-time favourite/evocative ads. The fact that I am crazy for black cherries really doesn't harm its cause. Black-forest gateau. Nom nom nom.

And you've guessed right. I have no personal inspiration today. I tried the Sleek Pout Paint in Peachy Keen. So little did it suit me that I felt it OBSCENE to take a photo. That's how bad it was. Not my colour. Not in this lifetime anyway....



  1. You're right, they are both absolutely blinking gorgeous. Modern adverts never inspire me. These would have me reaching for my purse and running to the shops. x

  2. Mmm black cherry glossy lips and nails. I was obsessed with a Revlon Black Cherry lipstick as a little gothy teenager. I probably (definitely) looked ridiculous, but the colour is so classic and vampy.

    I'm loving the new Sleek Pout Paints. At least you can mix the colours if the look a little scary on their own. I picked up Milkshake, it's nice, but a little too pale, but mixed with a the darker Port colour, it's much nicer :) xx