Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Elemis...and why not!

A home housing two highly untidy women may yield a multitude of riches. Particularly in the summer holiday when our cleaner doesn't come. Theory being that I've time to do the cleaning myself! Time I have. Inclination? No.

So I was just rooting for something in my bathroom when I found some forgotten bits and pieces. I do have more Elemis products than these but a quick scout-round revealed the above.

The cleansing wash smells particularly delightful to me. Lady's Mantle in a unique milk protein base! (From the back of the bottle.) Serum I always love and will use on my hair/hands/the lot. The best of all though is the bottom left Frangipani Monoi Moisture melt. The glass bottle is too cute with that little silver top that unscrews and the contents moreover are solid at normal temperature. So I take it in the shower to warm it and then spread it over my face. A very powerful fragrance is frangipani. It doesn't appeal universally i.e. to she who must be obeyed. But I only slather it on at night before retiring.

And better yet! This stuff is made in England! Which means jobs!

Downside? Elemis is expensive but you need to watch ebay for bargains and they can occasionally be found. The quality is excellent. I haven't even pictured their hand and nail cream. Now that is tremendously effective.

Anybody have any Elemis recommendations?



  1. I love the scent of frangipani, it reminds me of exotic holidays.
    I've never tried Elemis, brilliant that it's made in the UK. x

  2. Love their Lime and Ginger range, I use shower get then body lotion and the scent is strong enough not to wear any other perfumed products, but not so stong it will knock my OH out. Watch QVC for amazing deals, especially TSVs. Otherwise I buy mine from Timetospa website