Sunday, 21 August 2011

...buttercups our gold...

Children's hymn theme continued...

 Same rules as the silvers. I have fewer gold because I'm not a 'gold' person. You're either silver or gold, aren't you? It's a Marmite thing.

  • 2 coats
  • The Edge Egyptian Gold - could do with a 3rd coat but I do like this
  • Misa Disco Queen which has a sulphurous, greenish tinge to it - devilish!
  • Leighton Denny Golden Girl with Mavala Gold Diamond (got a hair on the nail I couldn't dislodge)
  • Boots 17 Sphinx (well, it looked gold in the bottle - er, gold-ISH) - the maxi-brush on this is HUUUUGE
Obviously the Boots 17 just doesn't belong. Nothing wrong with it. It's just batting for another side.

Are you silver or gold?



  1. the first finger and the third one rule
    the rest: not my style at all.
    i love love love love gold polishes but i am very fussy xx

  2. I'm silver and boo to maxi brushes! I think 2nd or 3rd would get my vote...

  3. ooh I really love Disco Queen! The green tinge is so cool. I don't like gold for jewellery much but I actuallly love it for makeup or clothes.

  4. I am a silver girl as its hard to find a gold I like! xo

  5. I'm definitely a silver but the middle finger is lovely!

  6. I am silver. This does not keep me from buying and wearing gold, of course.