Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Essence Choose Me - and I did...

3 coats of a quick-dry polish that cost about £2 in Hrvatska (Croatia). I think it's a glass fleck. Pretty vibrant and doesn't smurfify the nails to any great extent. Phew. There weren't many polishes in the little town where we stay but I don't go there to cosmetic-shop. Ignore the little finger. That's an experiment.

This stuff lasts really well. But wouldn't you know it - I only noticed a chip on the last morning when we were due to leave at 9am?! Could do nothing about it. All packed.

In the forthcoming days there will be :
  • my mini-haul from Hrvatska
  • my holiday snaps (you can skip over them, that's understood)
  • my amazing gift from Glam Nails
  • some moaning about having to go back to work on Monday - boo, hiss...
  • nail swatches

Oo, Radio 4 is just broadcasting a trail for a programme about caves in Croatia! What are the chances, huh?


  1. Seriously, how fast do your nails grow? Will you be chopping them for school?

  2. It's a great color - and yay Croatia, I'd love to see that program!

  3. I love this nails - it is such a rich colour and looks perfect on you! :)

  4. Wow! it's lovely colors in nails. i like it. Thanks for sharing us.