Saturday, 20 August 2011

Daisies are our silver...

(It's a children's hymn.)

Pathetic, I know, but I'm running out of ideas. I have quite a few silvers so here are four I just grabbed.

  • 2 coats of each for fairness
  • Little: Leighton Denny Diamond Diva
  • Ring: Models Own Sterling Silver
  • Marks and Spencer Rainbow (a bit holo)
  • Misa Dance Fever
  • I like them all and they're all good and they don't need further coats (unlike the golds I grabbed - see tomorrow's post)
You get to the point where you're looking for silver with a twist. D'you know any silvers with added oomph?



  1. oooo that rainbow holo is a stunner!

  2. Stirling Silver is lovely and Rainbow is cool, I like the fact that it's just got a hint of holo. I dont have it but I love the look of Deborah Lippmann Marquee Moon, it's silver with huge glitter sequins in.

  3. Very cute Neale so amazing i like it. Thanks for sharing for us.

  4. I'm wearing Rainbow right now. It's a really cool holo, noticeable yet wearable enough.