Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Eyeko Liptastik Loudmouth + Baby Bonus/Bonus Baby

I failed with 2 of my 3 TK Maxx purchases. Nails Inc polishes not so good. Ditto OPI. The Eyeko however was another story....

All these for a fiver! Loudmouth is the one in the middle.

  • Lasts for ages.
  • Feels good.
  • Not too sticky.
  • Good value at 3 for a fiver.
  • Very highly pigmented.
  • So easy to apply. Foolproof actually. 
  • Don't need a sharpener. Just twist the base (see pic).
(Oh, sharpeners for jumbo crayons! Do I have to buy a pen-knife and learn to whittle whilst humming "Ol' Man River" in order to sharpen my Barry M Lip Lacquers or is there a jumbo sharpener I can buy?)
    UNfortunately made in China. I did not realise this because there was a label stuck over country of origin and I just tend to assume (bloody fool) that British companies get their stuff made in Britain. Or how about Europe even? Once I had broken the seal I couldn't return them.

    My latest Illamasqua polishes are made in Australia! What's that all about?! I have to stop buying Illamasqua now. OK, the Australians aren't employing slave labour and beating people but the carbon-footprint implications are just plain intolerable to me.

    I won't start on trade, the global economy and jobs for local people. But I SO COULD! And probably should.

    On a lighter note, the next post will feature LIP WARS!

    Plus a "baby bonus" pic. Granddaughter. 9 days.



    1. What a beautiful baby! You must be so proud xx

    2. What a cutie! Congratulations to all of you.
      That lip stuff is gorgeous. The biggest sharpener I've come across is the Body Shop one, I had to buy it specifically to sharpen my Bobby Brown blush stick. x

    3. Looks lovely on you. You can definately get jumbo sharperners. ELF does one that fits my Barry M pencils :)

    4. Aw, congrats on the grandaughter, she's a sweetie. Ref Illamasqua, they might ship by sea? nail polish being pretty heavy (fingers crossed).

    5. Aha. @ recommendations for sharpeners. Excellent.

    6. There is sharpener you can buy: the nyx jumbo pencil sharpener. I thought i had some jumbo sharpeners at home but none would fit the nyx jumbo crayons xx