Friday, 12 August 2011

Oh, dear..... sad face.....Illamasqua Raindrops

It's all very well. Looks quite nice. A very pretty polish. But application? Blimey.

3 coats. Then I just couldn't help myself. I had to apply another. 
4 coats! I can live with that but I had to be so careful.

Too little polish on the brush and I got fearful drag.
Too much polish and I had a puddle.
It's a jelly. I love jelly polishes usually and have never found them difficult to apply but this baby...? Whoa.

The photo makes it look a tad blue whereas it is a genuine grey.
Tricky. Coming to a verdict - tricky. I do love it but it is in my top 10 of silly buggers as regards behaviour. Maybe top 5.

Funnily enough this is one of the 'suggest a colour' polishes. I got in the top 50 in that competition. Or DID I? I've read a lot of bloggers who've had that particular email. D'you think it possible that Illamasqua flattered us in order to foster brand-loyalty/sales? I'd love to know how many of those emails went out! Allegedly. Just insert 'allegedly' in every sentence in this paragraph. *fingers crossed*



  1. I guess the difficulty level may be part of the downside of making a bespoke colour to a theme. Interestingly this appears to be the only one of the 3 left on sale at Illamasqua. It's in the £5 sale - so the application probs might be a little more bearable for that price.

  2. why not try China Glaze Sea Spray/Pelican Gray for similar color, not jelly, but 2 coats work fine

  3. this looks soo nice on though, this has been such a huge lemming of mine for months now and now its on sale i really want it, and if it looks this gorgeous i might be able to take the poor application( i say that now loll) btw i love your nails long : )

  4. It is worth it for a fiver. Definitely get it!

    Funnily enough I tried Pelican on one nail as a base but the whole thing got a bit thick and lumpy so I had to go back to square one!

  5. I just picked it up in the sale but haven't used it yet. I hope it goes smoother on me, it's such a cool colour!

  6. Wow, aren't your nails getting long - any tips or treatments to recommend? I like this colour, shame about the application woes.

  7. This so beautiful Nails for womens very amazing . Thanks for sharing us.

  8. Hi, I bought it in the sale and yes like you had to layer many coats(5 i reckon) to get opacity. My DH commented that my nails looked grubby with it on ;-(( Was a beatch to remove and had to resort to the tinfoil method to get it off. Looking forward to layering over something else, I have a calky grey by ASDA called raincloud?? Will let you know how I get on.