Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nail art (allegedly)

A blast from the past. This was my very first post. Two years ago now. I was inspired by Leanne at DoNotRefreeze. Do ya know what it's meant to be yet? (That reference only makes sense if you were brought up with Rolf Harris - life isn't all a bowl of cherries...)

Didn't even know how to take a non-blurry photo. Pipe down at the back there! What d'you mean: You still can't!? Cheeky.

I do like those bendy, jelly, rubbery rings you got with Hard Candy polishes. Pity the precious stone falls out after a couple of hand-washes or they might be worth something!

And, if you hadn't guessed, it's a tiger mani. Frankly that's my best nail art ever. It all went sadly pear-shaped after that. But I have a cunning plan. All will be revealed. Ta da DA.



  1. Oh man I love Rolf <3
    Lovely tiger stripes. I miss Hard Candy and those rings :(

  2. I remember this perfectly :D