Friday, 5 August 2011

I can't believe it's not better! AND BLOG SALE NEWS

The photo. It's no good at all. Can't get this to show up nearly as well as it looks IRL.
 Mavala Pure Diamond over beauty uk Gun Metal.

And one in the sun.

Ah, well. 

BLOG SALE - launch tomorrow (Saturday) or wait until Monday? Your thoughts, please.

What's your go-to item to revive or rescue a mani or an outfit or a "face"?
I tend to slop this Mavala over pretty much anything. And a new bottle of it will be featured in the sale.



  1. love the rings especially the heart one x

  2. Purely because I'm getting paid on Tuesday I'd say put it up on Monday (selfish, moi?) but many people might be paid today so today/tomorrow might be better. Then again, people might wait to see what money they have left after the weekend anyway...

  3. I say Monday. I say why not start the week off with a great sale!

  4. The Mavala is glorious!

    I vote Monday--I'm practically chained to a computer on weekdays but not so much on weekends.

  5. Oooh that is beautiful! Mmm holographic gunmetal.

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